Way of the Devil

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Night Watch (2)

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The second night.

Lu Sheng once again went in to stay at the Lily Flower Room. This time, he went there when it was still day.

Saber in hand, he searched around the entire room wordlessly.

Then, after he had committed the shape and size of the room as well as the position of all the items within to his memory, he once again sat down inside.

He calmly waited for the dusk to fall.

The Lu Manor had been temporarily subdued by him, with none daring to entertain the thought of fleeing.

After all, Nine Links City was only this big. Their only option would be to escape to Zi Hua City. However, with everyone else on high alert, monitoring the situation, none dared to be the first to try anything funny.

They were all afraid that someone else would secretly blow the whistle on them in front of Young Master—Lu Sheng had established that whoever reported a deserter would be awarded a hundred talents for each person reported!

A hundred talents! If one reported ten people, that would be one thousand talents!

Not many people would be able to earn such a vast sum, not even across their entire lives.

Thus, for the time being, the situation in the Lu Manor was stabilized.

Eldest Uncle had also deployed some soldiers to stand guard at each of the entrances of the Lu Manor, restricting anyone from leaving as they deemed fit.

As for those who had escaped earlier, he also put up wanted posters in order to catch and bring them all back.

After all that spate of busyness, the sky gradually dimmed.


Streams of air constantly circulated inside the house.

Lu Sheng sat within Sister Yu’s room, his hand gripping an unsheathed saber. His eyes were closed as if he were taking forty winks.

He had not rested the entire last night. As he waited here during the day, it was also in this manner that he sat down to rest.

Jade Crane Skill was indeed formidable. Even though he had not slept the whole night, he remained rather energetic.

The rays from the sun slowly faded.

Lu Sheng did not light the room. He sat there in the gloomy darkness, intending to completely recreate the usual conditions of the room.

Light faded gradually as the place became darker and darker.

Lu Sheng slowly adjusted by relying on his sense of hearing and paying attention to the movement of the air currents to observe his surroundings.

Time trickled away in minutes and seconds.

Soon, the sun had fully set and the room was cast in absolute pitch darkness. He could not even see his fingers stretched out in front of him.

Nonetheless, Lu Sheng remained sitting there, stable as a rock.


Suddenly, the sound of clothes ruffling against each other drifted in from the door.

It sounded like the faint swish of clothes, seemingly rubbing against the wooden surface of the wall.

Lu Sheng opened his eyes. A faintly discernible blur of white shadow of a person could be seen in the dark, currently climbing in from the door.

Because it was simply too dark, he could not see the features of the other party in detail. Only the fuzzy outline of a person clad in white could be seen.

This person walked extremely slowly, at the speed of a crawl.

In the dark, Lu Sheng felt as if the other party was smiling. He clearly could not see the facial features, but he could feel that the other party was smiling eerily.

“You finally dare show yourself.”

Lu Sheng stood up, both his eyes glowing ferociously.

Black Fury Skill instantly circulated through his entire body; his body temperature shot up in an instant.


Suddenly, the white shadow flung itself violently at him!


A glint flashed from the blade in Lu Sheng’s hands.

Black Tiger Saber’s Tiger Might viciously slashed outwards to meet the incoming white shadow!

In that moment, as the saber blade collided with the white shadow, his vision blurred and the whole room instantly became silent. There was nothing within earshot.

Currently, the space in front of him was completely empty, with nothing in sight. His stroke had actually cut empty air!

‘Such great speed!’

Without even thinking, Lu Sheng swung his long saber around him, viciously hacking at his surroundings maniacally.


The wooden clothes-rack that had been in the way was slashed in a single stroke, falling to the ground. The back of a chair was also split into two in a similar manner.

He gave a cold snort, about to keep his saber and continue observing.

Suddenly, he felt a cold sensation at the back of his head.

Lu Sheng swung around madly. Unexpectedly, the white-robed figure was just a hair’s breadth right behind him, hurling itself towards him.

“You court death!!”

Black Fury Skill mobilized at its highest capacity all over his body. Qi and blood pulsed wildly through him as his long saber abruptly unleashed the third move of Black Tiger Saber—Tiger Roar.


As the full might of Black Fury Skill rushed through him, the saber blade even clearly emitted the deafening, ear-splitting roar of a tiger.

The tiger roar shook all the items within the house, causing them to tremble and jiggle about.

At once, that white shadow gave a miserable shriek similar to the shrill cry of a little girl. With a whoosh, it fled from the window.

Not hesitating for even a moment, Lu Sheng calmed his raging Qi and blood as he sped off in pursuit.


In a stroke, he whacked the wooden window that was in his way, destroying it.

His whole person seemed like a ferocious tiger emerging from its lair as he jumped out of the window into the alley.

The white shadow moved at astonishing speed. With just a few twists and turns, it zoomed down the alley, past the junk that littered the place.

Lu Sheng was in hot pursuit.

“Bam! Bam!!!”

Two piles of junk that were in his way immediately exploded under his two strokes.

“There’s some commotion inside! Is it Young Master?”

Some guards outside were shouting.

Lu sheng’s heart constricted.

Then, he saw some guards on the night watch near the side door.

One of them turned to look in his direction, his face taut with fear as he held onto a saber.

Lu Sheng didn’t even have time to say anything. The white shadow sped forward with terrifying speed and entered the body of one of the guards.

“ALL DISPERSE!” He thundered in rage. The mad rush of his Qi and blood once again caused his saber blade to emit a sound like the immense roar of a massive tiger.


Lu Sheng’s entire person pounced forward forcefully, slashing out with Tiger Roar!


Veins rapidly surfaced all over the skin of the guard whose body the white shadow had entered. He raised his hand to dodge the attack.

Startlingly, he was actually able to precisely block Lu Sheng’s saber move.

Two blades collided at full impact. In that instant, Lu Sheng felt strength not inferior to that of his own resist him furiously.

Looking at the guard again, he saw that both his eyes had already rolled back. Both eyes were without any black, leaving behind but a patch of miserable white.


Lu Sheng extended his saber once again, heading straight for the guard’s neck.


Again, he was blocked.

The guard who had been possessed had drastically grown in might. Lu Sheng traded blows with him with his saber.

Both men dueled back and forth with their sabers, causing a cacophony of clanging sounds as metal hit against each other. It was a deafening din.

The other two guards at the side door were scared beyond their wits, hurriedly fleeing far away with tails between their legs.

The din and commotion attracted the attention of quite a number of other guards and servants, who rushed over.

Under the rush of the Black Fury Qi, Lu Sheng’s strength grew by an entire measure as he continued to duel with the possessed guard for over ten moves.

Gradually, the poison from the Black Fury Skill slowly permeated the guard’s palms, causing his strength to steadily decrease and weaken.

The second level of Black Fury Skill was indeed as powerful as Lu Sheng had expected, poisonous beyond comparison.

“SPEAK! WHO SENT YOU?” Lu Sheng charged forth brutally in a swift saber attack, hacking into the guard’s saber blade.

A massive wave of strength thundered through the possessed guard’s body, making it shake violently. His body turned limp and numb in an instant, causing his movements to slow by a beat.


Lu Sheng’s other hand attacked with a penetrating palm strike to the heart, exploiting the opening to land a blow straight to the guard’s chest.

He had long prepared to strike with Heart-Shattering Palm as a premeditated follow-up move.


The guard shrieked miserably as the attack landed smack on his chest. A mouthful of blood gushed out madly from his mouth as his body was thrown up into the air before falling onto the ground in a heap.

A flash of white shadow flew out from the guard’s body towards the nearest of those who had come to check out the situation.

This time round, it was actually a servant girl.

Perhaps because the shadow was far too near Lu Sheng, it had no other choice, being able to only choose somebody to enter at random.

The servant girl had only just been possessed, her skin turning red, when Lu Sheng rushed over.

With a turn of his hand, he struck with a backhand slash without warning!


The powerful saber blade hacked into the servant girl’s body savagely and her entire body was flung into the air, blood splattering all over the floor.


And yet, it was too late. Once again, a few other guards had dashed over, sabers in hand.

The white shadow flew out in a flash, yet again entering into another body.

“AH!!!” Lu Sheng bellowed in rage, pushing the Black Tiger Saber Technique’s momentum to its maximum under the thrust of Black Fury Skill.

The incensed roar of a mighty tiger once again sounded out around him.

His long saber slashed out at full strength like a giant boulder smashing into the ground, carrying with it the intense howling of the wind.

The guard who had been possessed instantly turned in the direction beyond the side door, as if thinking of escaping.


Lu Sheng actually destroyed the walls of the yard near the side door in one ferocious stroke.

Blade in hand, he charged through the broken wall and, in one vicious stroke, struck the skull of the possessed guard who had been caught off guard.

“AH, AH, AHHH!!!”

A woman’s shrill, tragic cries rang out.

The guard’s skull had been butchered into two, with bits of red and white splattered all over. Yet, he was still able to extend his hand and land a forceful blow with his palm onto Lu Sheng’s lower abdomen.


Lu Sheng fell back two steps, breathing heavily like an ox. A dense demonic aura permeated his whole body as an eerie blush flashed across his face.

A bit of blood could be seen oozing from the corners of his mouth.

Lu Sheng once again raised his saber, but heard a clanging sound as the saber blade broke apart and fell to the ground.

He decided that he might as well throw the saber away, instead lunging forth to deliver two consecutive palm strikes.

This time round, the middle of his palms actually turned into a faint black under the activation of Black Fury Skill as he used Heart-Shattering Palm to strike.


Two thuds sounded out before the white shadow once again floated out from the guard’s body.

She still wanted to run.

However, Lu Sheng moved his Black Fury Skill-infused palm to grab onto her clothes. Immediately, he felt as if he had grasped onto a block of ice.

However, Qi, blood, and the Black Fury Qi that were coursing wildly through his entire body made him unafraid of this icy coldness in the least.

The second level of the Black Fury Qi within him rushed madly towards the white shadow’s clothes in his hands.


Lu Sheng exploded with all his power and hit out with abandon in that palm strike.

All the Black Fury Qi in his body seemed desperate to be released in this palm strike.



Eventually, the white shadow let out a high-pitched scream as it was hit on the chest, causing her whole shape to instantly distort. With a ‘chi’ sound like that of shredding a piece of cloth into countless pieces, it exploded in an instant and vanished.

Lu Sheng’s eyes bore great killing intent. With a plop, he fell into a half-kneeling position on the ground.

He promptly spat out a mouthful of black blood.

Hands still shaking, he grabbed onto the broken saber on the floor and stabbed it into the ground unsteadily to support himself.

Jade Crane Skill and Black Fury Skill were spinning madly within him in an attempt to heal the injuries his body had suffered.

Because he had taken a blow earlier and over-exerted his strength, his meridians were unable to bear the pressure and became covered with a number of small cracks.

With both these serious injuries stacked on top of the other, Lu Sheng was unable to support himself any longer now that he relaxed his Qi and blood.

After a long time had passed, the guards and housemen who had scurried far into the distance finally dared to come near. By then, Lu Quanan and the rest of the people had also rushed to the scene.

Everyone was in a spate of shock when they saw the utter chaos at the scene.

Then, they saw that Lu Sheng was half-kneeling on the ground, some blood on the corners with his mouth and another patch on the floor; clearly, he had just spat it out.

Lu Quanan ran over hastily.

“Little Sheng! Are you alright? Call the physician, quick!!!” Anxiety could be seen on his face. He held onto Lu Sheng as he turned around and bellowed, “What are you standing there for! COME HELP!!”

The others seemed to finally awaken from their stupor and hurried forward to help lift Lu Sheng.

Eldest Uncle looked over the broken saber on the ground, the corpses, as well as the wall that had been broken through.

Then, he turned to look at Lu Sheng, who was still billowing with killing intent as he panted badly. A slight shudder shook in his heart.

How could his nephew of just ten over years old have caused this scene? In fact, it was comparable to the work of the ferocious beasts from the mountain forests!

He had once chanced upon a black bear roaming the mountains and personally witnessed its might when it barged into a house. It had then caused a scene of devastation that was not unlike the one before his eyes.

“About what happened tonight, no one is to spread it beyond these walls! Otherwise…” Eldest Uncle Lu Anping glared coldly at the group of people around.

“Come, clean up the mess. Do your best not to leave behind any traces.”

The guards and housemen felt a chill down their spine as he glared at them. Moreover, with the corpses before them as deterrence, none of them dared to dispute his words.

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