Way of the Devil

Chapter 615 - Departure (2)

Chapter 615: Departure (2)

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After dealing with every problem, Lu Sheng carried Tu Jin and De Yun as he shot far away in the skies. Nothing barred his way. He killed anyone he encountered and demolished any building in his way.

Before the city guards reacted and activated the city’s Grand Formation, Lu Sheng had left the city and fled far away.

The Ling Family suffered great losses. The greatest expert in the family, the grand elder, was heavily wounded because his signature move was undone, and his Natal Treasure was destroyed. The second faction which sided with Ling Sicheng also suffered great losses. They were currently powerless to manage the family.

Fortunately, the second elder Ling Chengche woke up on the second day. He saw to the family’s affairs and managed to keep it running.

However, no matter how hard Ling Chengche worked, the outcome was already determined. This immense family which was guarded by a peak Divine Lord quickly went into decline.

This incident resulted in many negative consequences. As Lu Sheng broke through Loop Mountain City, more than 6000 casualties appeared. The Ling Family’s core team of guards was obliterated as well.

About 100 city patrollers were killed when they tried to stop Lu Sheng. Innocent citizens who looked on from the sidelines were also affected, resulting in several hundred casualties.

The effects of this incident were extremely bad.

Loop Mountain City’s master Su He dispatched the Prime Snow Army on the day itself. He gave the order to make doctor Lu Yue a wanted criminal and made efforts to have him captured.

The entire Third Ward was roused. Emergency messages were sent to the Fourth and Second Ward. They began concerted efforts to capture Lu Sheng.


Fourth Ward. Net Dragon Horn.

The grayish-white road winded through the dense forest like a soft ribbon placed on the rising and falling mountain forest.

A pitch-black peculiarly oval-shaped horse carriage was speeding toward a corner of Net Dragon Horn with a uniform speed.

Within the carriage.

Lu Sheng was covered in a thick black cloak. Only his eyes were exposed. He sat upright before the wooden table, holding a hot cup of tea in his hand, and took a sip.

Tu Jin sat opposite him, while De Yun sat beside him. None of them spoke for a while.

“You’ve… really decided to leave?” Tu Jin only spoke after a long while.

When De Yun heard this, he looked at Lu Sheng with a slightly anxious look. He was waiting for his answer.

Lu Sheng fell silent for a while.

“I will never forget all that you’ve done for me, Teacher. At this point, I’ll only bring nothing but trouble to the Tu Style. There won’t be a second outcome. Hence, my departure is the best choice.”

Tu Jin opened his mouth to say something, but the words eluded him. After a while, he could only keep quiet.

“But can you forget about Chenchen?!” De Yun could not help but speak up. “You guys have spent every night together! Other than you, I don’t think Chenchen can find another man for herself!”

Lu Sheng barely held his mouthful of tea in.

He was helping Chenchen removing her fat. There were absolutely no romantic feelings between them.

“You should go back and ask Chenchen about this. There’s nothing between us,” Lu Sheng explained helplessly.

“How many moles does he have on her left buttock?”


Lu Sheng had only realized the terror after he answered the question. It was not because De Yun was leading him, it was because he did not know how De Yun knew about this…

“Yet you say you don’t like her?!” De Yun had no inkling just how shocking of a statement he had made. He was still shouting and glaring at Lu Sheng furiously. He did not notice the more and more peculiar look Tu Jin was giving him from the side.

“I was only removing her fat. Don’t worry, I didn’t see anything important,” Lu Sheng comforted him with gentle words.

“I’d be damned to believe you!” De Yun’s face flushed. He wanted to fight Lu Sheng, but he was worried that he would be humiliated if he was taken out in a flash. He could only sit rigidly on his seat and panted heavily.

“You like her, don’t you?” Lu Sheng suddenly said.

De Yun’s body stiffened. For a moment, he could not say anything.

Come to think of it, after several fat removal surgeries conducted by Lu Sheng, Chenchen had been born anew into a standard beauty who was slightly fleshy.

Especially after Lu Sheng removed the excess folded skin—Chenchen’s skin was exceptionally smooth and tight now. There was no indication that she had been a super plus-sized maiden with a terrifying body weight before this.

“Alright. I get it now.” Lu Sheng nodded and looked toward his teacher, Tu Jin.

“Teacher, if De Yun is the one with Chenchen, I can rest easy.”

Tu Jin nodded solemnly as well. Actually, he had the same thought before this himself. At this moment, it seemed that it was not such a wild dream after all.

“Little Yue, you know, I always had a question for you.” Tu Jin wavered. It seemed as if he did not know how he should organize his words.

Lu Sheng knew what he wanted to ask. He smiled and spoke up first.

“Back at the Ling Manor, I was only using Tu Style Healing Art’s spirit-prompting threads.” Lu Sheng displayed a reminiscing expression.

“Truth be told, the reason why I didn’t choose any other path and cultivated Tu Style Healing Art to the very end is because I realized that I have a shocking talent when it comes to healing arts.”

He shook his head slightly as if he was filled with emotion.

Tu Jin and De Yun nodded as well. Lu Sheng was able to push the Tu Style Healing Art to heights they could not comprehend in such a short span of time. He indeed had a shocking talent.

Lu Sheng continued, “Hence, from that day on, I decided to cultivate healing arts alone. Then, I realized that my progress surpassed De Yun’s before I knew it. However, because of the swift improvements I’ve made, I felt slightly insecure. That’s why I went to observe you in secret, Teacher. What surprised me was that I have also surpassed your skills, Teacher. At that time, I felt even more flustered. I’ve only managed to get used to this condition after a long time.”

“I want to know. Can we really attain the ultimate tier, the Hollow Spirit Transformation, by cultivating our Tu Style Healing Art?” Tu Jin could not help but pose the question.

“You can.” Lu Sheng nodded solemnly. “As long as you work hard.”

Tu Jin looked at Lu Sheng. He was slightly stunned, but then he seemed to have understood something. He displayed an understanding and comforted smile.

He had worked hard for all his life. There was no way he could not understand these words.

He could translate this simple sentence to “As long as you have enough talent, it’s not a dream to achieve Hollow Spirit Transformation!”.

However, only Lu Sheng, with his terrifying talent, had the right to say the words “as long as you work hard” easily.

Although Tu Jin had given up on that grand dream, at least he understood that his Tu Style Healing Art still belonged to the major path of the Righteous Path. It was still possible for him to reach the peak.

Lu Sheng could see through Tu Jin’s intentions as well. De Yun was the only one who truly believed that it was possible as long as he worked hard. The other two understood the meaning behind the reply.

Lu Sheng said no more. He merely looked at De Yun, sighed, and patted his shoulder.

At his level, he had seen through most of the power system networks in this world.

Practically every system, regardless of its starting point, would ultimately return to the power’s origins.

For example, the golden spirit-prompting threads, Hollow Spirit Transformation, and Cleansing Power were all the spirit-prompting threads’ actual and fundamental power.

The power of this tier was completely unleashed under the Blood Heart’s forced rank-up.

After reaching the origin, understanding and controlling the nature of the power, the cultivator would be said to be at the pseudo-Weapon Grandmaster tier.

In this context, without understanding the origin and nature of the power, no matter how powerful the cultivator was, he would only be able to become a Divine Lord, or below a pseudo-Weapon Grandmaster, at best.

That was the absolute limit threshold.

Purely triggering substantial changes would not be helpful in this case.

Simply put, if an expert did not understand the origin and nature of the power, no matter how much power he accumulated, he would only be able to reach the peak of a Divine Lord. It would be impossible for him to break through to the pseudo-Weapon Grandmaster’s tier.

After understanding the power’s origins and nature, the cultivator would only have the right to open the door to his own heart after gaining complete control over the power and become a Weapon Grandmaster.

This was the sublimation of the tier of life.

Lu Sheng understood this from this recent trip to the Ling Manor. He especially felt this after ranking up his Tu Style Healing Art for several hundred stages. He could barely contain his power right now.

However, if there was no forced rank-up by the Blood Heart, his state of zero understanding of the power’s origin and nature meant it would be impossible to break through the Army Raising tier and reach the Weapon Grandmaster tier.

“I’ll work hard! I’ll catch up to you sooner or later!” De Yun was being serious. He did not seem to be joking.

Lu Sheng made no reply.

The strange black horse with two short wings behind its ribs pulled the carriage along and did not stop. They reached the Tu Style courtyard in the afternoon of the same day.

The Fourth Ward’s patrol team had been waiting for them at the courtyard.

They were here with the wanted list issued by the Third Ward. However, only Tu Jin and De Yun were in the carriage. There was no third person.

Lu Sheng had already disembarked halfway through the journey. He made his way to his underground cavern all alone.

He had already made plans to join the main organization in Libra City.

If he was alone in the wilderness, he could not guarantee his own safety while Arriving in Other Worlds.

However, it would be different if he managed to join a great organization. The resources and personnel available to great organizations could not be compared with those of the likes of the Prime Devil Sect.

Lu Sheng did not regret his outburst in the Ling Manor. He felt that his patience had already been at its limits. The hot-tempered Devil Qi of the Eight-Headed Devil Art within him was already boiling violently.

Although the Yin Flames’ origin was of the Yin attribute, it was still a flame. Hence, Lu Sheng was never known for his good temper.

On top of that, Lu Sheng always had a short fuse back when he’d been a mere mortal. He would face off with a demon with a blade in hand.

This time, he was repeatedly threatened and provoked by another person, hence his outburst. If he had not retained a final sliver of reason, he would have killed Ling Sicheng and Ling Chengche, and the entire Ling Family would have been wiped out on that day.

It was not as if he had not killed off an entire Divine Lord level clan before.

Moreover, the Divine Lords of this world operated on a different power system than their counterparts on the Yellow Springs Planet. The power system here was much simpler.

The Divine Lords here did not have powerful and troublesome regenerative powers. If they were killed by a slap, they would stay dead. On the Yellow Springs Planet, if he was not careful enough to kill the person entirely, he would have to prepare for the event that his opponent would flee.

Naturally, a capital crime might’ve been avoided, but punishment was inevitable. Ling Chengche was fine, but Ling Sicheng was crippled. Lu Sheng would never go easy on anyone who dared to threaten him in his face.

Lu Sheng left Tu Jin and went to his underground cavern. He organized some of the resources and information he’d accumulated and stored them in his Sea-overturning Orb for now. Then, he burned his entire cavern down and went toward the main city.

Although he felt that it was a pity for him to give up on his chronic disease income sources here, he could not hesitate or dally after the accident. He would sever any ties that needed severing.

Lu Sheng disguised himself as an ordinary wanderer and went to Net Dragon City. He saw his own wanted poster at the city gates.

It was apparent that the Fourth Ward’s executives had made their move. However, there did not seem to be much conviction behind this. It was clear that they did not want to provoke a Weapon Grandmaster expert too much. The portrait on the poster was extremely handsome. It was a completely different person compared to him…

Lu Sheng did not make any stops. He safely went past Transport Formation after Transport Formation. On the third day he left the Fourth Ward’s Net Dragon Horn, Lu Sheng stepped into the main city again.

The unbroken chains of yellow buildings were like sculptures from solidified yellow sand. Ancient historical marks were left all around the city. The thick and heavy aura flowed through the streets.

Lu Sheng searched for some time. He quickly found an inconspicuous Ode Tower in the northwestern corner of the main city.

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