Weapon Master

Chapter 24

Tang Huan said helplessly: "How can a dozen of them be enough, I want to quickly obtain the power of a middle stage blacksmith, at least a hundred low grade gems."

Refiners were a profession that burned through money.

Five hundred gold coins seemed like a lot, enough for ordinary people to live for a few years. To be able to buy gems was like a drop in the bucket.

When Fat Old Man heard this, he unconsciously furrowed his brows. "There are a large number of low-grade gems here and the closest place is the 'maze realm forest'."

"The maze realm forest?"

Hearing this, Tang Huan could not help but be startled.

Of course he'd heard of the maze realm forest.

The Maze Realm Forest was located on the western coast of Origin Continent. Starting from the Nu Lang (Furious Waves) City's coast, they crossed the ocean of anger by boat. The first place they arrived at was the Maze Realm Forest of Origin Continent.

"We humans are currently fighting with the Devil Clan in the Origin Continent. Isn't it very dangerous to go there?" Suddenly, Tang Huan couldn't help but ask.

"The battle zone between humans and Devil Clan is deep within the Origin Continent. The maze realm forest and us Honor Continent are extremely far apart and are only separated by a single channel. It's still relatively safe."

The Fat Old Man smiled and said, "Our Nu Lang (Furious Waves) City has a large number of Martial Disciples training in the maze realm every day, and a large number of Martial Disciples have also returned from the maze realm. You've already advanced to the second level of Martial Disciples. If you really want to go to the maze realm, then you can go as well. "

"Alright, old fatty, you actually saw through my cultivation level. It seems that you really are a martial master."

Tang Huan sized up Fat Old Man and chuckled, "Can you tell me whether you are a fourth stage Martial Master, a fifth stage Martial Master or a sixth stage Martial Master?"

"If anyone else were to ask, I would say that I am a rank 4 Martial Master. If you were to ask, I would be a rank 5 Martial Master."

Fat Old Man smiled craftily.

Hearing that, Tang Huan was startled at first, but after that he could not help but scold, "You old fox! "It seems like you are at least a Sixth Martial Master!"

"How could that be? No one would be fooled by me, the fat grandpa. He really is a rank 5 Martial Master."

Fat Old Man was stunned for a moment before he quickly denied it with a wave of his hand.

Tang Huan was surprised that he would believe it. He rolled his eyes at the Fat Old Man and said: "Old Fatty, then I'll be going to the maze realm forest today. If you're free, help me look after my shop.

"Right now? "Why are you in such a hurry?" Fat Old Man asked in surprise.

"If it's slow, then it's fast. Our Nu Lang (Furious Waves) City isn't that far from the forest, it's only a day's journey anyway. "Love, love, love, love, love … love … love … love … love … love …" Tang Huan said with a smile.

"It's not far, but the forest is so wide, and you can't go into the depths of it. There are so many people moving around every day, so even if you go there, you won't necessarily be able to find low-ranked gems." Fat Old Man could not resist persuading him, "Why don't we wait a few more days. I'll help you ask about the situation of the Maze Realm Forest and see which areas on the edge of the forest are easier to find low-ranked gems."

"Old fatty, how could you get this information out?" As for the place where the gems were produced, who wouldn't keep them hidden? They didn't want others to find out. Forget it, I'll go take a look first. If I don't try, how would I know if I really can't find the gem?

Tang Huan smiled casually, sheathed his Fire Cloud Sword onto his shoulder, and walked out of the weapon store in large strides. "I'm leaving, don't forget what I said."

"So fast."

"When the Fat Old Man went around the counter and chased out of the shop, Tang Huan's figure had already disappeared. He couldn't help but shake his head and sigh," The Fat Grandpa is just a laborer, this kid just merged with his True Fire and is already able to pass the low level Refiner's assessment of 'Divine Armament Hall'. He's a complete refining genius, if something were to happen to him while he was in the maze realm, wouldn't that old bastard, Old Man Ou, be willing to fight with me? "

… ….

As soon as Tang Huan left the weapon shop of Fat Old Man, he went straight to the eastern pier of Nu Lang (Furious Waves) City.

On the slightly rippling sea surface, there were all sorts of densely packed ships. On the left side of the dock were mostly passenger ships, while on the right side were cargo ships of all sizes.

Tang Huan quickly boarded a passenger boat heading to Origin Continent.

The boat was almost full, and soon, it entered the vast ocean. When the big ship left, Tang Huan noticed that there were two figures looking out from the pier.

One of them felt somewhat familiar to Tang Huan. Just by recalling it, Tang Huan understood that it was the Tang Clan Disciples.

Regarding this discovery, Tang Huan wasn't surprised at all.

He was very clear that when Tang Chao and Tang Hong were beaten to such a state, the Tang Clan, especially his brothers' father, Tang Tianshi, would definitely not let this go. Even if Tang Tianhao died, the Tang Clan would still blame him. Right now, they were afraid of the "Divine Armament Hall" and did not dare to act rashly. However, as long as they found the opportunity, they would definitely make their move.

These days, although the blacksmith shop was calm and undisturbed, Tang Huan often noticed that there were people sneaking around the blacksmith shop to spy on them.

Today, he left in such a hurry because he wanted to catch the Tang Clan off guard.

As long as the Tang Family was one step slower, by the time they send people to catch up, Tang Huan would have already entered the maze realm of the forest. That place was extremely vast, and it would be extremely difficult to find him.

Of course, he could still rely on his status as a low level Refiner to stay in the Nu Lang (Furious Waves) City and not go out.

This way, as long as the "Divine Armament Hall" did not fall, he would never have to worry about encountering danger. However, if the Tang Clan were to allow him to be so cowardly, he would never have any future prospects. As for taking revenge on the Tang Clan, that would be something he could forget about doing.

Tang Huan once again had limitless glory in his previous life, and once he arrived at Honor Continent, he definitely would not want to be mediocre like that.


The passenger boat rode the wind and waves, rapidly advancing forward. Not long later, the Nu Lang (Furious Waves) City disappeared from the horizon.

"Good!" Good! He has finally left the Nu Lang (Furious Waves) City! "

At this moment, Tang Tianshi's excited voice rang out in the Tang Clan's Procedural Hall. "Big brother, I will personally set off and capture that little bastard for punishment!" Before he could finish his words, Tang Tianshi stood up from his seat like a spring board and strode out.

"Second Brother, you can't!" Upon seeing this, the tanned faced Tang Tianfeng hurriedly shouted out.

"Brother, come back."

Tang Tianren also called out for Tang Tianshi, "If you act, it will be too conspicuous. If that little bastard is in an accident in the Origin Continent, the 'Divine Armament Hall' will definitely suspect our Tang Clan!"

"Then what should I do?" Tang Tian Si said anxiously.

"That little scoundrel, is only a Martial Disciples of the first step, then send a few clan Disciples s who rarely show themselves, hmm, your cultivation should not be too high, and also not too low, then Martial Disciples of the third step will be enough. That little b * stard, if he could capture her alive, then he would capture her alive. If he couldn't capture her, then … "Kill him!" The moment the last two words came out of his mouth, Tang Tianren's face twitched slightly, and his eyes became stern and cold.

"Alright, I'll do it right away."


Almost at the same time, in a quiet courtyard of the Tang Clan, a gloomy female voice rang out, "Since that little bastard has left, things will be much easier." Uncle Lin, is your nephew reliable? If he can be relied on, then let him make a trip to Origin Continent. "

"If that little bastard had been mediocre all the time, then it would have been fine. But I never thought that he would have become a refiner without a care in the world. Not only that, but his talent is astonishing, actually using his metal element constitution to ignite a twelve meter long totem flame."

"This old servant understands!"


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