Weapon Master

Chapter 26

At noon, the guest ship docked at an island.

The island was not big, but there were hotels, restaurants, and even inns and other facilities. Around them, there were many ships stopping by to rest. After everyone finished their lunch, they got on the boat and continued towards the Origin Continent.

Before the passenger ship left, he switched seats with someone else and sat beside Tang Huan.

Most of the time, it was Tang Huan listening and talking.

Tang Huan realized that his new friend had heard a lot about him, many things he had never heard of before, but he knew how to read and read.

From his mouth, Tang Huan had gained quite a bit of knowledge.

Unknowingly, more and more boats passed by, the surface of the sea was extremely busy, it was obvious that they were almost at Origin Continent.

"Brother Tang Huan, what are you doing in Origin Continent this time?" Qiu Jian could not help but ask as he looked into the distance.

"I intend to train and gain experience at the edge of the maze realm."

Tang Huan laughed, "Big brother Qiu Jian, what about you?"

"I want to go to the Plain between Two Continents and join the Tang Dynasty's army. According to my uncle, although there was a truce over there, the occasional skirmishes happened quite often. If we were to go there, there was no need to worry about having no opponents. We would be able to break through even faster if we went through many life and death battles. "Go to my room and tell me. AiqUxs.Com."

"Then, I will first wish that big brother can successfully advance to become a Martial Master."

When he was eighteen years old, he had opened up nine meridians, and became a Martial Disciples of the third step. Now that he was twenty years old, even though his foundation was extremely stable, he was still unable to break through, and only then did he decide to go to the "Plain between Two Continents" to join the army.

"It will definitely succeed."

"After I break through, I'll go back to Nu Lang (Furious Waves) City to look for you. At that time, you'd better not be a Martial Disciples of the Second Order!"

"At that time, I will definitely be a rank 3 Martial Disciples. If I accidentally become a rank 4 Martial Master, I might be able to catch up to you." Ignoring the looks of despise from the surroundings, Tang Huan boasted and laughed shamelessly.

"Catch up to me? "None at all!"

"To tell you the truth, I came to Plain between Two Continents this time to see if I could find that mysterious Ranker. "If I find him, then I'll be rich. When I become his disciple, he will just casually point his fingers at me. I might even be a rank 5 Martial Master."

Tang Huan was speechless, how could he find that person so easily? Even if he found the person, he might not even be willing to accept him as a disciple.

"Big brother Qiu Jian, since that expert is able to injure Devil Lord Fen Tian, he must be extremely powerful. Do you know what cultivation realm he is in? Stage Nine Martial Saint? " With that thought, Tang Huan couldn't help but to ask curiously. A Seventh Stage Martial Grand Master and a Eighth Stage Martial Sect, while the Stage Nine was a Martial Saint.

"I do not know whether he is a Stage Nine Martial Saint or not, but I heard my uncle say that he has a Divine Armament named Wan Yu! For him to be able to defeat Devil Lord Fen Tian, that Divine Armament Wan Yu must have played a huge role. " The sound of the broom was very low, like a gnat.

"Wan Yu? Divine Armament? "

Tang Huan's heart skipped a beat, he immediately associated this with a high level weapon. After the low level weapon, middle level weapon, high level weapon, and the high level weapon was the Heavenly Grade Armament, the sacred level weapon, and even the legendary Divine Armament.

"That's a Divine Armament forged from a 'Divine Tools Catalogue'!" Qiu Jian's eyes were filled with envy.

"Divine Tools Catalogue?"

Tang Huan's mind was in turmoil again, but just as he was about to ask more clearly, he felt the boat suddenly stop, and its body leaning forward, following that, a loud voice sounded from the bow of the ship: "Everyone, Origin Continent's' Crescent Moon City 'has arrived, it's time to disembark! "Time to disembark."

It was the owner of the boat shouting!

Tang Huan looked over in a blink of an eye, only to realize that the passenger ship had stopped at the pier. The passengers on their seats all picked up their luggage and stood up.

"Let's go down as well."

Bushwood also stood up.

Tang Huan could only restrain himself from asking the Divine Tools Catalogue s, and also stood up.

"Brother Tang Huan, I shall take my leave now." With a leap, Qiu Jian jumped onto the wharf, raised his hand and slapped Tang Huan's shoulder heavily.

"Big brother, be careful." Tang Huan also laughed.

"I don't have to worry, my uncle will be returning to the Plain between Two Continents soon. With him there, nothing will happen to me, but you need to be extra careful while training in the maze realm. Don't try to be brave." With regards to Tang Huan, whom he had only known for a day, he already treated him as a real friend.

"Understood, I will be careful."


Seeing Hu Jian took big steps and left, Tang Huan couldn't help but feel a little regretful. However, after a short while, he collected his thoughts and quickly walked towards the city.

The Crescent Moon City was in a rather special location.

The city was built on the shore, so it was called the Crescent Moon City, and most of the people that lived in the city were Martial Warriors. Although this Crescent Moon City wasn't very big, it had a large population and many shops. It was bustling with noise and excitement.

To avoid leaving any more traces, Tang Huan did not stay in the city any longer. He only bought some rations and other necessities and left the city on his own.

To the north of Crescent Moon City was the direction of Feng Ming Mountain, and to the south was the exceptionally vast area of the Maze Realm Forest.

It was said that the entire forest had a circumference of nearly ten thousand miles.

On the road, many Martial Warriors were rushing towards the city. Some of them were carrying huge bags, looking extremely excited, while some of them were being supported by their companions whose bodies were covered with scars; it was obvious that they had suffered injuries in the forest.

It was already the evening, so there weren't many people like Tang Huan who headed towards the maze forest.

The deeper he went, the narrower the road became. Tang Huan followed the road and only walked a few kilometers. When the sky had almost completely darkened, he dove into the dense forest.

Almost at the same time, a passenger ship was leaning against the brightly lit pier of the Crescent Moon City.

The passengers filed out of the boat. Five of the young men came out of the dock and began searching for something in the shops on the side of the road. They then entered the Crescent Moon City.

"Five idiots!"

Just as their figures disappeared, another young man with a longsword on his waist slowly walked over from the direction of the dock. He looked at the city gate and sneered. This man had a slender body and a handsome face. However, his lips were extremely thin. His overly white skin made him seem a bit feminine.

"You want to find someone just by scaring the grass and alerting the snake like that?"

The effeminate man curled his lips in ridicule. After entering the Crescent Moon City, he did not linger and directly left the city for the south, his figure soon blending into the darkness of the night.

After a long time, on another passenger ship that had just stopped, a plump and robust old man practically slipped off without touching the ground ….

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