Weapon Master

Chapter 3

Tang Huan was extremely familiar with these three people. The tall and sturdy teenager that was so close to him was called Tang Hong, the teenager in black was called Tang Jiang, and the skinny teenager was called Tang Junjie.

There were three great families in Nu Lang (Furious Waves) City, and the Tang family was one of them.

The Tang Family's Patriarch Tang Tianren had two younger brothers, Tang Tianshi and Tang Tianfeng. Amongst them, Tang Hong was Tang Tianshi's youngest son, while Tang Jiang was Tang Tianfeng's second son.

As for Tang Junjie, he was also a Disciples of the Tang family.

Tang Huan's identity as an illegitimate child was not a secret in the Tang Family. Since he was young, Disciples of the Tang Family would often humiliate and bully him.

Tang Hong, Tang Jiang and Tang Junjie were only three out of them.

Tang Huan had swore to make everyone who bullied him pay, and because of this, even if he did not succeed in ten years, he had never given up on cultivating.

"You dog, you still dare to glare at me? Fine, let this old man help you relax your bones again!"

Seeing Tang Huan staring at him fiercely, Tang Hong felt like a shark smelling the smell of blood, he grinned, and then smashed his palm onto Tang Huan's shoulder.

This morning, they met Tang Huan on the road and didn't pay attention to the severity of the attack. Beating him to death made Tang Hong and the others feel a little guilty, so they came over to take a look at the situation in the evening.

Seeing that Tang Huan was looking down on him, Tang Hong immediately became fearless.

The moment the palm touched Tang Huan's shoulder, Tang Hong snickered. Using his five fingers, he prepared to use the same method to lift Tang Huan up and throw him out, throwing him into the mud like a dog.

But after a moment, the smile on Tang Hong's face froze, although his claws were gripping Tang Huan's shoulders, Tang Huan's body did not move at all.


Immediately after, Tang Hong felt as if his abdomen was struck by a thousand kilogram boulder, and all of his intestines seemed to have been broken into countless pieces. After letting out a miserable howl, he clutched his stomach and bent down like a cooked shrimp, his ferocious face immediately wrinkling into a chrysanthemum.

"You, you … This dog … "Ah …"

Tang Hong found it hard to believe the fist that just left his abdomen, but before he could even curse out loud, he was replaced by a sharp cry from his throat. He then floated up and spun a few rounds in the air, then was thrown away like a cloud.


Tang Hong's burly body landed heavily on the road outside of the smithy, and started to chew on the mud.

"This... "What's going on?"

"Are my eyes playing tricks on me?"

Tang Jiang and Tang Junjie were originally standing to the side, waiting to watch a good show, but they didn't expect to see such a scene in the end. For a moment, the two were so shocked that their eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets.

Tang Huan stood under the roof and looked at his right hand with surprise and joy.

That Tang Hong was the same age as the youth Tang Huan, but the only difference was that Tang Hong had already opened five spirit veins.

In the past, when he had met Tang Hong, he had only been beaten up;

This time, Tang Huan had actually intended to risk being beaten black and blue in order to make Tang Hong suffer.

Although he had opened three spirit veins today and become a first stage Martial Disciples, there was still a gap of two spirit veins between him and Tang Hong, and he did not feel that he could defeat Tang Hong. However, he never thought that he would be able to make Tang Hong into such a miserable state with just a single punch.

"Pui!" "Bah!"

Tang Hong finally regained his senses, he spat out the sand in his mouth, and rolled over as he climbed back up. Not only was he bleeding from his nose, even two of his incisors were broken.

"You're courting death, you dog!"

Tang Hong shouted out angrily from the embarrassment. With a keng qiang sound, the sword at his waist was unsheathed.

He had thought that Tang Huan would resist, but he didn't care at all. The counterattack of an ordinary person was completely unable to threaten him, who was about to be promoted to Martial Disciples. However, the sudden turn of events had given him a hard time. He had actually been beaten up by a fellow who had bullied him for so many years.

At this moment, Tang Hong felt a burning sensation on his face, and his pair of angry eyes seemed to spew fire. He almost wanted to punch the face in front of him into pieces.

In just a few steps, Tang Hong was able to endure the pain in his stomach, and with a wave of the sword, he arrived in front of Tang Huan.

"Meteor hammer!"

Tang Hong roared out with red eyes, he waved his hand and the sword in his hand was like an iron hammer that was thrown straight at Tang Huan's face, it was actually as fast as a meteor, bringing about a burst of sound.

Although this "meteor hammer" had the word "hammer", it was not a hammer technique. Instead, it was a sword art.

Amongst the low rank combat skills of the Tang Clan, the "meteor hammer" could be considered quite good.

Its most striking features were the word "heavy" and the word "fast." Sword was as heavy as a hammer, and the speed of the sword was as fast as a shooting star. Tang Hong had practiced the "Meteor Hammer" for many years now, and had learnt the essence of this low level battle skill.

In his previous life, Tang Huan had never fought with anyone, and after his rebirth in this world, he had not had the time to cultivate his battle skills. Although Tang Huan had learned a fist art, it didn't have any power to speak of, and it was basically impossible for him to fight his opponent with his fist.

Seeing that Tang Hong's sword was approaching menacingly, Tang Huan was unavoidably panicking.

However, he had no time to think further. He hastily retreated to the side of the wooden table while Tang Hong quickly took large strides forward. Faintly, Tang Huan could feel the cold Qi that was being emitted from the sword, all the pores on his body stood up.

Tang Hong was currently flustered and exasperated, he had used his weapon, and had not shown any mercy at all.

Glancing at the long blade on the table, Tang Huan became anxious and without hesitation, he grabbed it to block Tang Hong's sword.


The moment he held the blade hilt, Tang Huan felt the True Qi in the three spirit veins in his body circulate, quickly converging into the [Nine Yang Divine Furnace], and then spitting out of the cauldron like a volcanic eruption, in an instant, it flowed through his arm into the blade's body.

In a split-second, the blade slashed down on the blade.


A clear sound of metal clashing rang, the sword immediately swung to the side, Tang Hong also staggered a few steps forward.

"True qi?"

After stabilizing his body, Tang Hong was incomparably shocked as he opened his mouth wide. When the blade and sword clashed, he felt a huge force slam into him, his palm was numb, the sword almost fell out of his hands.

But after a moment of shock, Tang Hong's face became even more unsightly, "No wonder he dared to be so presumptuous, he actually has true energy! It looks like you've broken through your first spirit vein today. However, do you think that you can challenge laozi with just this little bit of true qi?

"You dog, lie down!"

With a shout from his mouth, Tang Hong flicked his wrist and a faint cyan light appeared in his hand as the long sword slashed towards Tang Huan's left waist from an extremely tricky angle. This one strike brought out the full potential of the low-grade combat skill, "Meteor Hammer". Not only was it extremely powerful, it was also as fast as lightning.

Just now, when he successfully blocked the attack, Tang Huan was also rather surprised.

Before he could regain his senses, he saw Tang Hong's extremely fierce sword. Tang Huan's heart skipped a beat, the force of the sword was too fast, almost at the moment of Tang Hong's attack, the sharp sword wind had reached his waist, as though it was going to cut off his clothes.

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When that happened, Tang Huan had no time to think, he roared, and did not dodge Tang Hong's blade, but the blade in his hand had already been raised, and the 1.5m long blade instantly slashed towards Tang Hong's head. In that critical moment, Tang Huan instinctively chose to fight to the death.


Seeing that, Tang Hong scolded loudly.

If he swung his sword over, he would definitely be able to cut a large hole in Tang Huan's waist, but Tang Huan's slash could similarly split his head into two. He was still young, and had boundless prospects, so how could he bear to die together with Tang Huan?

Tang Hong did not hesitate, while dodging, he changed the direction of the sword and slashed towards the blade.


The blade and sword collided once again.

Tang Hong let out an "Ah" sound. His hands were numb and painful, and he could no longer hold on to the longsword, directly falling to the ground. Previously, Tang Huan had hurriedly attacked, but this time, Tang Huan was using his full strength, so the power behind the attack was naturally incomparable.

When they saw this scene, Tang Jiang and Tang Junjie were at a loss for words.

"You … You. "Your zhenqi …"

Tang Hong could not believe his own eyes, he stared at Tang Huan in anger and shock, just now when the blade and sword had clashed, he had once again felt Tang Huan's true qi.

Moreover, the feeling was much clearer than last time.

What made Tang Hong felt even more inconceivable was that Tang Huan's Innate Qi seemed to have reached the limit of a First Order Martial Disciples.

A sixteen year old first stage Martial Disciples was very common, but the strange thing was, although Tang Huan was clearly an ordinary person in the morning, he actually became a very powerful first stage Martial Disciples in the evening?

Tang Huan had cultivated for so many years, but today, he suddenly opened a spirit vein, so it was not surprising. How could he open three spirit veins, or even four or five in a single day?

In just one day, Tang Huan's true qi had become stronger than his, who had been cultivating for many years! The last time was fine, but the second time, when he used all his Qi, not only did he not manage to deflect Tang Huan's blade, but he even sent Tang Huan's sword flying!

"What the hell is going on?"

Tang Hong opened his mouth wide, and this thought uncontrollably flashed through his mind.

In contrast to his shock, Tang Huan was overjoyed. Without even pausing, he took a big step forward and ruthlessly punched Tang Hong in the chest with his fist.

When Tang Hong came back to his senses, he already couldn't dodge in time.


Tang Huan's fist had hit its target and true energy once again surged out. Tang Hong was sent flying by the fist, and then smashed into the ground a few meters away like a kite with its string cut. This time, however, he didn't immediately get up. Lying on the ground, clutching his chest, he kept moaning.

"Brother Hong!"

Seeing that, Tang Jiang and Tang Jun Jie could not help but let out a scream, and quickly rushed to Tang Hong's side, just as they were about to help him up, they realized that something was wrong.

After Tang Huan defeated Tang Hong, he actually rushed towards them.

"Let's attack together!"

Tang Jiang and Tang Junjie were surprised and angry at the same time.

In less than a day, the person who didn't even need to use his True Qi to beat up the person who did have Innate Qi, had become so powerful that even Tang Hong, who had connected to five of his Spirit Veins, laid on the ground miserably after using his weapon. The two of them only had four Spirit Veins, and were not his opponent in a 1v1.

At this moment, only with the two of them working together would they have a chance of winning. But soon, they knew that the odds of victory only existed in their imaginations.



Not long after, two figures fell beside Tang Hong one after the other. "Aiyo!" "Aiyo!" They cried out continuously while their swords fell to the ground.

"You dog, you …"

Tang Hong, who had finally managed to catch his breath, became even more furious when he saw the scene. When he realized that Tang Huan had arrived in front of him, he subconsciously cursed out loud.

But before the words left his throat, a black shoe covered in white stepped on his face. Not only did his face feel pain from the sand stuck to the bottom of his shoes, even his head seemed to be about to explode from the heavy stomp.

"You piece of trash, you really can't spit out anything good from your dog mouth. You dare to be so arrogant!" Tang Huan exerted some strength in his legs and finally let out a mouthful of ill temper.

"You dog, I have the ability to be arrogant, what do you have? "Even if you win, so what? Do you still dare to kill me?" Being humiliated and indignant to such an extent by Tang Hong, his face had swollen to the color of a pig's liver, and he was cursing hysterically.

"That's right. Even if we give him a hundred guts, he wouldn't dare to do anything to us."

"He doesn't have the guts to kill us!"

Tang Jiang and Tang Jun Jie were also glaring at Tang Huan. Their injuries were not as heavy as Tang Hong's, but they did not dare to get up to avoid being smashed again.

"It's true that I don't dare to kill all of you right now. However, there are plenty of ways to punish you."

Tang Huan sneered, his expression becoming rather strange. "For example, first strip all of your clothes, and then tie you all to a female pig. What is this, a Pig Knight? Tsk tsk, the first, second and third pig knight in the history of the Honor Continent, what a resounding title. "

"You dare?"

Tang Hong's face turned pale white, he screamed out loud. Tang Jiang and Tang Junjie also paled, thinking of the scene of themselves riding on a female pig's back, they couldn't help but shiver. If Tang Huan really did that, they would immediately become the laughing stock of the Nu Lang (Furious Waves) City, and in the future, what face would they have to face others?

"Do you think I dare?"

Tang Huan squatted down and patted Tang Hong's face with a smile.

Tang Hong could not help but raise his head and look. Although Tang Huan was smiling all over, there was no trace of a smile in his eyes.

He really dared!

Tang Hong could not help but shiver, the curses that rushed to his mouth could no longer be said. He forcibly swallowed them back, fear leaking out of his eyes.

"Tang Huan, we are all brothers, why must you be so ruthless?" Tang Jiang came back to his senses. He swallowed his saliva with difficulty and laughed dryly.

"Brother? I don't have a useless brother like you. "

Tang Huan laughed in disdain, then stood up and patted Tang Hong's face, "Let's begin, do you want to take it off yourselves, or should I?"

"Tang Huan, we can talk this out, you …"

Tang Jiang forced out a smile on his face and indistinctly looked at Tang Junjie and Tang Hong.

However, before he could finish speaking, Tang Hong was suddenly lifted up. "chi la", "chi la", a few sounds later, Tang Hong was already smooth and clean. Feeling a cold breeze on his body, Tang Hong realized what had happened. Like a young girl who had been raped, he clutched his vitals and screamed.

Tang Huan laughed as his hands continued to move. Not long after, Tang Jiang and Tang Junjie became like Tang Hong.

The three of them huddled together, their faces red with shame and indignation.

Two pairs of eyes swept across the three of them. Tang Huan curled his lips in disdain, his long blade slapping the three of them on their white bottoms, and teased: "Alright, you guys can scram now. With just your little peanuts, getting you guys to ride the sows is simply an insult to the sows."

"Tang Huan, wo … I'm not done with you! "

Tang Hong's self-esteem was once again hurt. His face was green and red, and he could no longer care about anything else as he clenched his teeth and roared angrily.

Tang Huan acted as if he hadn't heard her, and mumbled to himself, "Not good enough, the hens should still be okay. Or else, I'll go find three hens and tie one up there.

"Hurry up!"

When Tang Jiang and Tang Junjie heard it, their faces immediately turned ashen. They did not bother hiding their vital parts and dragged Tang Hong to their left and right, fleeing into the distance.

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