Weapon Master

Chapter 30

"Kill —"



In the forest, angry roars, wolf howls, and violent clashing sounds rose and fell one after another, echoing through the skies. Tang Huan and the direwolves were frantically killing each other.

Wandering Dragons Spreading Body, Wandering Dragons Xingbo, Wandering Dragons Seizing the Sea … … Soaring Dragons …

When the "Nine Techniques of the Wandering Dragon" was used, Tang Huan used this low level combat skill to its fullest, causing Black Wolf to continuously fall down beside Tang Huan.

However, compared to the casualties in Black Wolf, the wounds on Tang Huan's body were growing.

At this time, he was using a method of exchange for his life through injuries. As long as the Fire Cloud Sword could kill one or two Black Wolf s, he did not care about being bitten a little.

Not long after, Tang Huan's clothes were tattered and his body was covered with wounds. His entire body was dyed red with blood.

Some of this blood came from the wounds on his body, but there were also some that were sprayed out by the Black Wolf.


The sound of clothes ripping rang out once again.

Tang Huan was like an injured wild beast, as he released a hoarse roar from his mouth. However, his movements were not affected in the slightest, as his body slightly bent, and the Fire Cloud Sword in his hand was swung out at a lightning fast speed.


In a split-second, the sharp blade edge landed on the body of Black Wolf, who had been leaping up in the air, bringing along a fierce heat wave. It actually cleaved him apart from the start to the end, and without even pausing for a moment, it whistled across the sky as fresh blood rained down, and splashed onto Tang Huan's head.

"Bang!" "Bam!"

Two pieces of a wolf's body heavily smashed onto the Black Wolf who was biting Tang Huan's thigh. His innards scattered all over the ground and the Black Wolf jumped up in shock as fear filled his eyes.

"Bastards! Even if I die, I will drag you all down with me!"

"Kill —"

Tang Huan's entire body was drenched in blood, his expression sinister. He looked like a god of death that had just charged out from the depths of hell, his body permeated with a thick smell of killing intent and blood.

Up till now, more than half of the Black Wolf s had died to Tang Huan's sword.

Although the surrounding Black Wolf were moving forward, Tang Huan's unafraid of death had long ago caused them to feel fear. It was only because of the lecherous might of the head wolf that they continued to attack.

However, the miserable death of the Black Wolf immediately caused the rest of the Black Wolf to slow down as their eyes wandered.

Seeing Tang Huan rushing over, the few Black Wolf s bent down with their front legs, baring their fangs and brandishing their claws, as though they wanted to jump into the air, but still kept on retreating. Tang Huan laughed sinisterly, his sword striking out like a dragon, once again bringing up a heat wave that seemed to be able to ignite the air, sweeping towards the two Black Wolf s who were blocking the front.

"Woo woo …"

The two Black Wolf s could no longer withstand the threat of death and suddenly scurried to the side. Once they fled, the other Black Wolf s also escaped one after another.


The head wolf let out an angry roar, and Pang Shuo's body dashed forward, charging to the side of the nearest Black Wolf. Lowering his head, he actually bit off the Black Wolf's neck in one bite. Seeing this, the remaining twenty to thirty Black Wolf s were all incomparably terrified.

"Bastard, it's your turn!"

Without waiting for the head wolves to urge the Black Wolf on him again, Tang Huan roared loudly and pounced towards the wolf like a bloody tornado.

The wolf's eyes were filled with ice-cold, bloodthirsty killing intent as it suddenly raised one of its front claws and ruthlessly lashed out.


With a flick of a finger, the wolf claw landed on the sword body, Tang Huan felt a burst of powerful force, the Fire Cloud Sword was immediately flung out, the center of his palm became numb, the broadsword almost slipped out of his hands.

Tang Huan tightly held onto the sword hilt, and was forced to stagger a few steps back before he managed to stabilize his body.

Such great strength!

Tang Huan was startled, he glanced over, only to see that the wolf's front paw had started to tiptoe, and a familiar burnt stench was coming towards him, he could not help but laugh out loud: "An animal is an animal, so many of my underlings have died, or do you not remember, is this sword of mine really that easy to touch?"


The wolf was completely enraged, Pang Shuo's body soared up into the sky, opened his mouth wide and pounced towards Tang Huan, immediately releasing a strong fishy wind.

Seeing that, Tang Huan bellowed, the Fire Cloud Sword cut across with a red light, and directly slashed towards the head of the wolf.

This Head Wolf was not the Black Wolf that had just used a low level battle skill. It might not be as effective as using the simplest and most crude method.

Seeing that, the head wolf turned its head, its left front paw suddenly swept out, looking at Tang Huan with a look of disdain.


Amidst the violent sounds of impact, Tang Huan immediately felt a power that was even stronger than before, as if a gigantic hammer that weighed a thousand kilograms was ruthlessly smashing onto the sword's location. Instantly, Tang Huan's entire arm became sore and numb. He was no longer able to control the sword hilt and the Fire Cloud Sword flew out of his hand.

Almost at the same time, the head wolf's other front paw pierced into Tang Huan's chest.

At this moment, Tang Huan's chest also suffered a heavy blow, the blood Qi in his body churned, and his body flew tens of meters away like he was riding on clouds. The moment he landed, he spat out a mouthful of blood, and Tang Huan also tilted his head, closing his eyes, as if he had fainted.

"Yiya!" "Yiya …"

The meaty little blue beast crawled out from under Tang Huan's neck and ran towards the big tree a few metres away like a wisp of smoke. However, once it reached the big tree, it stopped and quickly returned to Tang Huan's side, screaming anxiously in his ear.

After a while, Tang Huan did not wake up. The wolf instead walked over slowly with its mouth slightly open.

The small blue beast shrunk its body and trembled as tears fell from its eyes.

The head wolf looked at the blue beast with its cold and fierce eyes, then looked at Tang Huan, as if trying to decide which to eat first. Very quickly, it lowered its head and bit towards Tang Huan's neck.

The moment those exceptionally sharp fangs were about to be inserted into its muscles, Tang Huan suddenly opened his eyes without any warning. He turned his head to the side, and with a hug on the huge wolf's neck, he immediately jumped up, and landed on the back of the head wolf. Both of his legs grabbed onto its abdomen, and before even a blink of an eye, Tang Huan's palms, that were pressed tightly against the head wolf's neck, had already ignited into raging flames.

Immediately afterwards, the violent flames spread out, covering the entire head of the wolf.

"Zizi!" The sound of hair, skin, and flesh being burnt was heard, followed by a burnt smell.


The head wolf cried out in pain and tried to shake its head. Seeing that it could not shake Tang Huan, it immediately jumped and somersaulted in the air, then fiercely crashed down to the ground.


The moment he landed, Tang Huan spat out another mouthful of blood, but his hands and legs did not relax in the slightest.

That wolf, under the constant burning of the True Fire, became incomparably berserk, fleeing in all directions while screaming miserably. Not long after, it started to roll on the ground in pain, but as time went by, its movements were getting smaller and smaller.

Not long after, this huge wolf completely stopped moving.

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