What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes?

Chapter 1142 When A Mortal Takes A Glimpse

Chapter 1142 When A Mortal Takes A Glimpse


The girl continued to try again a few more times, only to get slapped by Iris for each time she tried and failed.

It went on long enough that Cai Hong actually woke up from her nap.

"Mnngg… Papa… Papa?" She called out while rubbing her eyes sleepily.

Drawn by the sounds of her waking up, I teleported myself in front of her and picked her up in my arms.

"Had a nice nap, Cai Hong?"

"Mnnn… Cai Hong dream… Papa and Cai Hong eat 'marshy mallows' together…" She muttered drowsily.

"Oh? Well look what I got here?" I asked, materialising a marshmallow in my hand.

MY loli dragon was immediately awake, "'Marshy mallow'! Papa give Cai Hong?"

I chuckled and passed her the treat that she started nibbling on happily.

So cute~

I turned back to look up at the sky, seeing the girl trying and failing to materialise her domain for the hundredth time and also to get slapped for the hundredth time.

She finally decided that was enough and stopped herself, breathing hard from the exertion.

Iris tilted her head slightly, "Ara, ara? You really are an interesting one. To be able to persevere this much despite being an insignificant moving piece of flesh. You certainly have gained my interest. What did you say your name was again?"

The girl glared at Iris, "Ha… Ha… You… You… How dare… You… Mock me… Like this…"

"Ufufufu~ How have I mocked you? I've been completely sincere so far, you know?"

"You Gods… Think you're better than us… Even after we pulled you down… From your stupid thrones… And took your place!"

"Ara? When have we ever said that we were Gods?"

"Who else in this World can humiliate me like this?! Even the Elders of my Family couldn't shatter domains like this! Yet you're doing it as easily as breathing!"

Iris turned back to me and I got a feeling she was asking me for permission to reveal our real identities to the girl.

Considering the fact that we were already thinking of making her our guide around this World, I don't see why not? Even if it turned out to be a bad decision, we could always just fix it later anyway.

Also, it's not like we're trying to hide our identities in the first place either? It's more like no one else here even knows about us so telling them we're Origin and End would have just been met with raised eyebrows.

Iris's smile widened and turned back to her, "Are you not aware that there are existences above Gods?"

The Long Er girl narrowed her eyes at her, "Are you suggesting that you're above even the Gods?"

"Ara, ara? I'm not suggesting it but merely expressing it as fact~ I guess little beings like you who are stuck in this little Worlds aren't yet aware of the greater things beyond it despite reaching Godhood~"

"Do you think I was born yesterday?! Everyone knows that there's no such thing as an existence higher than Gods!"

"Ufufufu~ It doesn't matter whether you believe me I suppose, but we do have a need of you to help us~"

"If you're above Gods, then what kind of help can I even provide you? It's obvious you're lying!"

"Ara? Perhaps showing it to you directly would be a much better idea. Your mind seems to be strong enough to withstand it. And even if you break, I can always just fix you right back up~"

"What are you--"

She didn't get to finish her question before Iris reached up to peel off the face veil I had made for her, allowing the girl in front of her to truly see her for the first time.

The Long Er girl's words died in her mouth as her eyes slowly widened, completely struck by Iris's perfect form.

She was already slowly lowering herself to the ground until the both of them touched down on the earth, the girl not even bothered by the fact that she was touching the 'filthy' ground this time.

In fact, she even started to kneel on the ground before crawling on all fours towards Iris, slowly reaching out with her hands to grasp her leg with the utmost care she could and kissing the tip of her foot with her lips.

Iris then pulled her face veil back to cover her face and the effect was instantly nullified, causing the girl to come back to her senses.

Instead of pulling back in disgust, however, she started hugging Iris's leg with a manic expression on her face.

"Wait! Please! Please do that again!! I saw perfection!! I saw it!! I was even holding and worshipping perfection with my own hands!! I won't ever see anything that perfect again!! Please!! Please!! I'll do anything! Anything!! Do you want my Divinity? You can take it! I don't need it! Or my chastity? It's useless to me! Take me! Please! Just give me that feeling back!"

She started to desperately tear off her clothes as though afraid that she would be rejected if she was too slow, her pride from before completely gone. She was even foaming slightly at the mouth and her eyes were bloodshot too…

Iris took a step back and she chased after her on her knees, tears already spilling out from her eyes.

"Please!! Please!! I will give you anything!! Anything!! I saw it!! I saw perfection!! Please!! Pleaauughh!! Ahrghugh…. Harghh…"

Whoops, looks like her mind's already starting to break down.

Yeah… Looks like she's a lost cause… This is what happens when someone with a weak mind and will witnesses cosmic beings beyond their understanding… Could you fix her up before Cai Hong sees that, Iris?

'Ara, ara? If that's what Master wants~'

Iris snapped her fingers, returning the girl's sanity back to her and waking her up from her trance.

The girl blinked a few times before letting out a scream, trying to cover herself back with the clothes that she had torn off.

"What did you… No… No, no, no… I… This can't be… How could you… I can't… I don't understand!"

Iris tilted her head, "Ara? Looks like this one is still broken, Master~ Do you think we should just use the other one instead? Maybe he would be a better choice than this one? That one might ask less questions and be more compliant~ We can just get rid of this one~"

The girl understood that it was a question of whether we should End her existence and she quickly pressed her head to the ground, "No! Please! I… I understand now!! I understand I was wrong and I knew nothing!! I will prove myself to be useful to you! Just… Just… Are you all… Really above Gods?"

"Ara? If you'd like, I could show you the hellish version instead? But I fear you might really break from that~"

"No, no! I understand already! Please use me as you see fit!"

That's a really big change in attitude as compared to how she was behaving just a few moments ago.

Well, this works for us, time for us to actually do some sight seeing around here~

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