What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes?

Chapter 935: Dessert Is Served (*RRR)

Chapter 935: Dessert Is Served (*RRR)


I felt my cock twitch at the sight of five girls bending over the table in front of me, presenting their naked posterior to me without an ounce of shame. A few of them were even shaking their hips in anticipation.

I moved towards one end of the table, reaching my hands down in between Tsuki's and Eris's legs to caress their sex.

"I haven't even done anything yet and you're already wet?" I mused, feeling their love juices clinging against the fingers I was using to rub against them.

"Ahaha! Master! Didja' forget you were sittin' there butt naked for us the entire time? 'Course we'd get wet if we see something tasty like dat!" Bait laughed.

I smirked, "I suppose I'll have to take responsibility for that, don't I?"

Without waiting for a response, I pushed my middle fingers into Eris's and Tsuki's wet folds, causing the two of them to let out gasps of pleasure.

Their walls clenched around my invading digit tightly, trying to suck my fingers deeper inside them.

"Masteeerrr~ That's the spoooot~" Eris moaned as my finger brushed against her g-spot, her hips grinding itself against my hand.

"Aniueee~ Deeper! Go deeper!" Tsuki begged, clenching her walls around my finger tighter.

A chorus of moans came from my right, prompting me to turn and see three girls looking at the scene of me fingering them with anticipation clear on their faces.

Well, can't have them waiting around for their turn, can we?

I took a step back, pulling my fingers out of the pussies that they had been in.

Both Tsuki and Eris let out a disappointed moan as they turned to look back at me, wondering what I had in store for them.

Concentrating for a moment, I created four clones of myself and positioned myself such that there's one of me for every girl.

Eris giggled at the sight, "Ehehe~ Is this a scenario where quadruplets meet quintuplets?"

I responded by kneeling down and diving face first in between her legs, the other copies of me mimicking my actions even as I clamped my mouth over her honeypot.

I did not need to concentrate too much for this since all of them were in the same bent over position, allowing me to simply concentrate on doing one thing and having my other bodies copy my actions.

First, I started with the little love button that was underneath its hood, using my tongue to coax it out of hiding. Then I relentlessly attacked it with my tongue the moment the little nub revealed itself, my hands helping to hold the girls steady as they shuddered.

Moans of pleasure echoed out from each of them while I lapped away at their juices, tasting their nectar with my tongue.

Most likely because I was involved with tasting the food they made earlier, my sense of taste was also amplified. Thus, I could even tell how different each of them tasted.

"Aniue!! Aniue!! Aniuueeee!" Tsuki screamed, her entire body shuddering as she came.

I held on tightly onto her while my mouth clamped over her vulva, sucking it greedily which only served to amplify the intensity of her orgasm.

"Master… Coming…"

I barely registered that voice belonged to Laverna before the taste of her love juices flooded my mouth.

On instinct, I stuck my tongue into her folds to stem the flow which caused the other copies to mimic that action too.

"Master! Cumming!!"

"Ah!! Cummin' Master!!"


Three other voices shouted out at the same time, their juices also squirting out onto my tongue.

Only when I felt the tide had subsided did I move back to see my handiwork.

All five girls were splayed over the table and weak at the knees, trembling as they basked in the feeling of their orgasms.

"Ahn… Aniue… The best…"

"Ehehehe~ This is the best…"


"Nuthin' beats cummin' ma' brains out like Master eatin' me out~"

"This one… Agrees…"

I chuckled, "Why does it sound like all of you thought I was done?"

The girls started to turn their heads to figure out what I meant, but I had taken that moment to step forward and sheathed my manhood into their quivering pussies before they could complete that action.

Without so much as a warning, I began slamming my cock in and out of the girls, my bodies slamming their hips in perfect synchronisation with me.

The girls started moaning in pleasure again, Eris, Bait and Tsuki pushing their hips back in tune with my thrusts while the other two were too lost in their pleasures to move.

I couldn't help but let out a groan of my own, the feeling of five different pussies clenching down on my cock and milking me for all they're worth was quite overwhelming even for me.

"Aniue! Faster! Faster!! Pound me!!" Tsuki screamed, slamming her hips back with the same intensity as I was slamming into her.

I reached down and cupped all of them by their bosoms, pulling them up so that my chest was pressed against their backs.

Laverna and Denna turned their heads to kiss me while Bait started using my hands to knead her tits. Eris and Tsuki, on the other hand, responded by doing both, my little sister especially making me grope her harder than the others.

In this position, I managed to thrust even deeper inside of them, feeling the tip of my cock kissing their deepest parts with every thrust.

"Master!! Fuck meeeeee!! Right dere'!! Oh I'm gonna cum so hard!! I'm gonna--"

Bait didn't manage to finish her words before my cock kissed her cervix again, causing her to shake violently as she came.

Despite that, I did not stop my movements as I continued pistoning myself in and out of her depths to bring the others over the edge as well.

"Master…" Laverna moaned into our kiss, loud enough for everyone to hear as her body shook from her orgasm.

Less than a second later, Denna was also gripping on to my arms for dear life, "This one… This one is cumming!"

The three girls continued to cum as I made no move to slow down my hip thrusts, already knowing Tsuki and Eris were close to the edge themselves by how tightly their pussies were gripping onto my cock.

Needless to say, the feeling of having five pussies massaging my cock was also pushing me very close to the edge, held back only by sure force of will as I wanted to make my girls cum first. 

"Aniue!! Cum!! I'm cumming! Cum inside me!!"

"Master!! Me too! I want your cum!!"

Those words were enough to break my final walls down.

With a final thrust, I felt all of my resistance shatter as my balls contracted, pumping out my seed into all five of my girls at the same time.

The ones that had orgasmed earlier came again, screaming out their pleasures as Tsuki and Eris joined them in their climax.

I shuddered as I pumped every single spurt of my seed inside their waiting, eager womb, flooding it entirely with my cum. The girls screamed even louder and I held on to them tightly while they winded down from their own high.

Slowly, I lowered them back down on the table before pulling myself out of them, watching as my seed spilled out from their pussies to drip down their thighs.

"That… Was perfect, Master…" Denna sighed contentedly.

"I think we can all agree that Master won the cookoff~" Tsuki giggled, dipping her finger between her legs to scoop up some of the spilled cum and bringing it to her lips.

The other four did the same and each of them let out a moan of appreciation, immediately agreeing with Tsuki's verdict.

"With that said… We want seconds~" Eris giggled, flipping herself around so that she could sit on the table to spread her legs wide invitingly.

And just like that, the other girls also adopted the same position, all of them looking at me pleadingly.

Right then… Round two it is.

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