What If I Can’t Die?

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Cultivating Randomly Will Kill You

“It is going to be quite difficult to deal with this guy. Not only do I have to be fast enough to dodge it’s tentacles, I also have to find its main body in order to kill it.”

After Song Shi revived, he looked at the river and pondered.

He decided to raise the threat level of this monster to a higher level and temporarily considered it as a powerful as a Connate practitioner.

He continued to charge forward. After dying eight times in the hands of this water monster, he turned around and left.

He could recover to his peak state after death. This trait could be used well such as through resolving his injuries and restoring his condition.

There were still two chances left. He decided to keep them for now. If necessary, he could use them to refresh his status.

At this point, his physique was still 28.7, his Yang energy had reached 42 points and his Freedom attribute was 22 points. Moreover he had a lucky draw opportunity where he could obtain additional items.

The abundant Yang energy in his body heated up his body. He did not feel cold at all in the autumn wind.

Song Shi hurriedly opened the system and went to the lucky draw page.

Looking at the large wheel, Song Shi rubbed his hands and stared at the Connate Pure Yang Art. He then muttered in his heart, “Please draw a cultivation technique for me. With my current Yang energy, I’ll definitely improve by leaps and bounds after I cultivate.”

He tapped on the lottery wheel mentally.

“Do you want to use one lottery chance to draw the lottery?”

“Of course!”

After getting Song Shi’s confirmation, the wheel quickly spun and the needle quickly changed between the question marks and the six items.

The needle gradually slowed down. Song Shi held his breath, “Please give me the Connate Pure Yang Technique. This is an immortal cultivation technique I need. If it is really not possible, the Nine Yang Divine Technique is not bad too!”

As he muttered, the needle skipped the Connate Pure Yang Art and stopped at a question mark.


Song Shi was speechless. What was this unknown thing?

After the needle stopped, the question mark lit up and a secret manual appeared.

“Ding… congratulations on drawing the Unfettered Hand.”

“Is this a martial art skill?”

Song Shi tapped on it and the manual transformed into a ray of light that surged into his mind. Following which, a large amount of information was infused into him.

After he knew about the context of this martial art skill, He started to look a little disappointed.

The Unfettered Hand was not a cultivation technique but a top-notch skill technique. It was a combination of palm techniques, finger techniques, fist techniques, and grappling techniques. Its characteristic was that it was flexible and varied.

“This is alright too I suppose. After all, I lack such fighting skills to begin with.”

Song Shi accepted it and muttered, ” Right now I should only practice the Iron Sand Palm for the time being. I won’t practice other external martial arts except for the breathing technique.”

He took out the scroll and read it as he walked under the faint moonlight.

As he approached the city gate, there were a few people walking around. Song Shi ignored them and continued to browse the Iron Sand Palm under the moonlight with much satisfaction.

After walking for more than an hour, Song Shi returned to the Song family home.

The sound of a dog barking could be heard.

Song Shi kept the scroll and mumbled, “It’s the middle of the night. Who’s making dogs bark?”

He raised his hand and knocked on the door.

Knock, knock.

The side door opened and a pair of cross-eyed eyes stuck out.

It was actually Big Smart who opened the door.

“Young Master, you’re finally back!”

Big Smart heaved a sigh of relief. Although this young master’s clothes were tattered, from the exuberant essence he gave off, he could tell that Song Shi was not a ghost. Therefore, Song Shi was not dead.

No, the young master was a skinny scholar who had just been wrung so dry by that woman from the New Moon Brothel that his legs went weak. Why did he suddenly look so energetic after disappearing for so long in the middle of the night?

“Why are you guarding the door instead of sleeping?”

Song Shi was surprised.

Big Smart cried, “Young Master, how can I sleep if I don’t wait for you to come back?”

“You don’t have to worry about my safety. Get someone to get me something to eat. I’m starving.”

Song Shi touched his stomach. Although he had been restored to prime condition after being resurrected, killing Dai Dou consumed a lot of energy. After walking for a long time, his stomach was very empty and he could eat a horse.


Big Smart was quite happy that Song Shi was fine. He happily ran to the kitchen to prepare supper for Song Shi.

A few minutes later, Song Shi sat at the dining table and ate heartily.

In the past, he would be full after eating two bowls of food at most. Now, he was not full even after eating a whole table worth of food.

Moreover, the food he ate seemed to be digested very quickly.

“My appetite has increased so much.”

Song Shi was deep in thought. He now had a physique that was dozens of times stronger than ordinary people. Not only had his strength increased, his digestive ability was also dozens of times stronger than that of ordinary people.

This was a little terrifying. According to Big Smart, the so-called standard for Postnatal martial artists was mainly strength.

With his physical fitness, other than strength, he was also very strong in other aspects.

“Wait, is my ability in ‘that’ also dozens of times that of an ordinary person…”

Song Shi smiled perversely. “It must be. The last time I slept with Miss Xue’er, it lasted for half a day continuously. It seems that, that is not only because she had tricks up her sleeve but also because of my physique.”

“Young… Young Master, are you alright?”

Big Smart could not help but ask.

“What could possibly happen to me?”

Song Shi retorted.

“You ate so much…”

Big Smart pointed at the table. More than ten plates had been polished clean.

“Ahem, I’m a little hungry tonight.”

Song Shi took a sip of soup and stopped his desire to eat. He picked up a handkerchief and wiped his mouth.

Big Smart had a strange expression and muttered, “He has so much vitality right now. I don’t think he is a hungry ghost…”

“Who’s the hungry ghost? I’ve received guidance from an immortal in the last two days and I have acquired some good fortune. You’ll understand it in the future.”

Song Shi revealed a little bit of information. After all, Big Smart was also quite capable. If he followed him, he would definitely be able to sense that something is wrong.


Big Smart was stunned for a moment. He thought to himself, Which immortal did Young Master meet tonight?

Moreover, there would only be ghosts in the reeds. It did not look like a place that immortals will visit.

Song Shi walked to the door as the barking in his ears became more urgent. He frowned. “Is Dai Dou’s body not found?”

“That’s right. He disappeared after falling into the water.”

Big Smart replied.

“I understand. Hurry up and sleep. Teach me martial arts tomorrow.”

Song Shi made the arrangement. His Physique was now very strong. Some aspects of his physique had probably surpassed Postnatal realm martial artists, but it had not been developed yet.

Therefore, practicing martial arts was a must.

“Yes, Young Master!”

Big Smart sensed some changes in Song Shi. He felt that Song Shi was like a burning furnace and was not simple. This time, he did not say anything to dissuade him.

After Song Shi left, Big Smart came back to his senses. “Eh, how did Young Master know that Dai Dou’s corpse wasn’t found? Not many people know about this.”

“Woof, woof, woof!”


The dog’s barking made Song Shi open his eyes. His eyes were full of spirit and he was not tired at all.

Looking at the position of the moon, he estimated that he had only slept for 15 minutes but now he was still rejuvenated and refreshed.

” So my recovery speed is also dozens of times faster than ordinary people and my sleep time has greatly reduced too.”

Song Shi understood the reason why. He sat on the bed and listened to the sounds outside.

Dog barks, the sound of wind, snoring… All kinds of sounds entered his ears, making him a little frustrated.

“It’s not good to have better hearing.”

Song Shi shook his head and closed his eyes. He calmed his mind and recalled the Internal strength cultivation method of the Iron Sand Palm.

High-tier martial arts were usually cultivated both internally and externally. It was the same for the Iron Sand Palm. Only with special breathing techniques could one master it.

Song Shi did not have any iron sand for him to cultivate externally. Hence he tried to directly cultivate through the mental cultivation method and mobilize the essence energy in his body.

Perhaps because of his strong Spirit, he grasped the trick after exploring for a while. Wisps of white steam appeared in his nostrils and gathered at his chest.

However, the white airflow had only reached the halfway point when it started to run amok. He could not control it at all.

Then, his chest exploded. With a muffled groan, he vomited blood and fell to the ground.

“F*ck, I must have gone too berserk…”

Song Shi widened his eyes and muttered, “As expected, you can’t cultivate martial arts recklessly. It will cause death.”

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