What If I Can’t Die?

Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Handing His Neck to the Dogs

Amidst the sizzling sounds, the fire burned the dogs’ fur and emitted an unusual stench.

In the flames, all the dead dogs had opened their eyes.

They stared coldly at everyone present.


As if they were in pain, the dead dogs started crawling while crying out strangely. They then charged at the people around them while engulfed by flames as if they were alive.

“The corpse has changed. Run!”

Seeing the dead dogs suddenly come to life, a maid screamed in fear and fled.

Even the many guards had fear in their eyes. Not even martial artists were unafraid of this strange phenomenon .

When the dead dog opened its eyes, Song Shi sensed that something was wrong and had already pulled Xiao Mei back.

However, this group of dead dogs ran even faster than when they were alive.

The maid who had accidentally fallen to the ground was pounced on by a five-foot-long wolf dog, whose sharp fangs cracked as it sunk it’s teeth into her.

The maid screamed as her neck was bitten off. Blood splattered everywhere and dyed the ground red.

A servant was bitten on the thigh and dragged back. Soon, the sound of bones being bitten off could be heard.

“Help me!”

A servant shouted in despair. No one dared to save him as they could not even take care of themselves. He was quickly torn apart by the dogs.

Seeing that the dead dogs were actually ferocious, Song Jiang was furious. “Why are you running? These dogs might not be dead. All the guards, attack and behead them!”

When Song Shi saw this, he really wanted to run over and be bitten to death by a dog. Then, he would beat the dog to death.

This way, he would be able to farm a lucky draw opportunity.

However, there were so many people here that it was not suitable to be bitten to death here. It was best to lure a dog to a hidden place.

“Xiao Mei, run!”

Song Shi saw a dead dog rushing towards him. He pushed his personal maid, Xiao Mei, and turned around to kick the dead dog, attracting it to run to the other side.

“Young Master!”

Seeing that Song Shi had actually lured the evil dog away for her, Xiao Mei was moved to tears.

Although this young master was a little flirtatious, he was really good to her and even protected her in this dangerous situation.

She ran away with tears streaming down her face. She was one of the few maids who had escaped unscathed.

The other servants and guards were all caught by the dead dogs.


There was a flash of light as the dead dog’s head was cut off by Song Jia’s sword. Black blood spewed out and a stench soared into the sky. In the blood, there were countless worms densely squirming together.

These worms were shaped like a black maggot but it had sharp and thin teeth on its head. The scene of it squirming crazily made Song Jia, who was just feeling smug, turn pale. She couldn’t help but vomit and retreat in fear.

For a woman, these insects were so horrifying that she was too stunned to use her martial arts skills.


A guard at the side who was splashed with the blood suddenly screamed.

The worms that were in the black blood had started to crazily bite and drill into his flesh. No matter how he tried to stop them, he could not do anything. His flesh was bitten up and his face was torn apart in the blink of an eye which made him look especially terrifying.

Song Jia’s face was pale. She covered her mouth and could not stop retching.

“Eldest Young Master, Second Miss, leave quickly. This thing is impossible to deal with!”

Song Jiang’s guard had a solemn expression. He had also cut off a dog’s head but as his saber was very thin, the dog’s head fell slowly and no black blood spewed out.

The others who wanted to behead the dead dog were too scared to do so but it was not easy for them to retreat.

Song Shi specially chose a big wolf dog and led it to a small forest by the small square. After confirming that there were no outsiders, he stopped running.

The big wolf dog was half the height of a human. Its fangs were long and sharp and its eyes moved strangely as if something was swimming inside. The muscles on its body were strangely distorted, making it look like a walking corpse.

“Is there any way to control it?”

Song Shi frowned and glanced at the firewood beside him. He hid and changed his system settings to resurrect on the spot.


The big wolf dog pounced over evilly with a gust of wind. Song Shi felt that it moved very slowly. He casually dodged to the side and grabbed its neck, easily lifting it up.

“You’re nothing much!”

Song Shi looked at it with disdain. He saw that something was squirming through its teeth and was emitting a foul smell.

“I need to hurry up!”

He lay on the ground and gritted his teeth, then he stretched his neck over and placed it in front of the dog’s big mouth.

“Bite me!”

Song Shi grinned. He was already extremely experienced in how to court death!

The latter had no emotions at all and snapped his mouth shut without hesitation.

The big wolf dog’s bite was very terrifying.


Song Shi’s neck was bitten off.

“Ding… You have been bitten to death by a Gu corpse. Physique +1!”

“You have absorbed power from death and obtained 1 Freedom Attribute Points!”

“You will be resurrected in three seconds!”

“Revive on the spot!”

“Ding… congratulations on being killed by a new target. You meet the motivation conditions. The lottery subsystem has been activated. If you kill the target within the specified time, you will be rewarded with one chance to draw the lottery.”

Song Shi woke up on the spot and was curious about what a Gu corpse was. Seeing that he was not dead, the big Wolf Dog beside him bit him again.

“Ding… You have been bitten to death by a Gu corpse. Physique +1!”

The big wolf dog only had its killing instincts left. Every time Song Shi woke up, it would give him a bite.

Song Shi did not resist and let the dog bite him.

One bite every four seconds.

He died every five seconds.

He had never died so quickly before.

In less than a minute, Song Shi had died ten times in a row and obtained 10 Free Stats and 10 Physique points.

On the tenth resurrection, Song Shi’s eyes were cold as he grabbed the dead dog’s neck.

He exerted a little force.


The dead dog’s neck broke and he threw it on the ground.

The latter’s body twitched but it could not stand up again.

Ding… congratulations on killing the target of death. You are rewarded with one chance to draw the lottery!

Song Shi’s eyes lit up. This time, it was much easier for him to get a chance at the lucky draw!

“I should hurry up and farm this situation a few more times. I can’t miss such a good opportunity!”

Song Shi did not have the time to draw the lottery and hurriedly walked out.

Then, he saw a group of guards being chased around by dogs.

“Why don’t these guys kill the dogs?”

Song Shi was surprised.

Then, he realized that Song Jia, who was like a heroine just now had turned pale. Under the protection of the guards, she retreated in a panic and kept retching.

“Something’s wrong!”

Song Shi reacted. At this moment, the nearest dog noticed him and immediately rushed over.

He had no time to look. He turned and ran.

“This trash actually didn’t die?”

Song Jiang, who was protected by the guards, was a little surprised to see that Song Shi was still alive.

He had just seen the other party being chased by a big dog.

“Maybe it’s because Old Liu saved him, but I can’t believe he actually dared to come to watch the show. How stupid!”

Song Jiang’s guard, Tu Fan, snorted. “Young Master, we can’t deal with this thing. It’s better to avoid it first!”

The latter nodded. “Let’s go. Let the others retreat first. Try not to spill any more blood. We’ll think of a way to trap these damn things later!”

The group of people retreated after bearing heavy casualties, only Song Shi, who had a death wish, was hiding in a small forest nearby.

He continued to hold his neck in front of the dog’s mouth.

He felt a sharp pain in his throat, but he didn’t die immediately.

“Damn, my Physique has become too strong and my vitality is even more tenacious. I won’t die for a while even if my neck is bitten off.”

Song Shi realized that his physique had exceeded 30, therefore his death will be slower.

Before he died, Song Shi was speechless as he watched the dog eat his meat.

After being eaten two mouthfuls worth of flesh by the dead dog, Song Shi couldn’t help but want to crush the other party to death. Only then did he stop breathing.

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