What If I Can’t Die?

Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Going Home For Free Is Not Bad

“Young Master, you seem to be very smart. Back then, when Xue’er had an elder to protect her, it took her a long time to draw Qi into her body.”

Liu Ruxue burst with joy. She was worried that Song Shi, who had never come into contact with cultivation knowledge, would take a long time to get started. But the other party had given her another pleasant surprise.

“Tsk, do you think having a Dao heart is for nothing?”

Song Shi laughed in his heart. Even though his spiritual root could not be compared to the top cultivation geniuses, his Comprehension would definitely surpass them. Moreover, so what if he got Qi Deviation? In any case, he would not die. If anything, he would just be sent home.

The beautiful woman in front of him was trembling, her curves rising and falling, making Song Shi feel even hotter. He rubbed his hands and said, “Let’s relax first before cultivating.”

“If you relax, I’ll pluck you dry.”

Liu Ruxue smiled mischievously, “Don’t worry. This time, I won’t let your legs go weak.”

At this point, she thought of something serious and said, “Young Master often hurts your body like this. Xue’er has a health-nourishing prescription here. Young Master, take one every day to strengthen your foundation and nurture your energy.”

Song Shi glanced at the other piece of paper. It was probably an aphrodisiac. He said indignantly, “It’s not certain yet who will be the one weak in the knees!”

He pounced over like a hungry tiger.


Xue’er smiled happily and greedily absorbed Song Shi’s Yang energy.

This power could not be compared to the purity of Spiritual Energy, but it was gentle and nourishing. It was very suitable for her cold physique such as her Ice Spirit Root. Moreover her Moon Invitation Skill also needed Yang Stats to help her cultivate rapidly.

“His Yang energy is much more abundant now. How did he do it? Could it be that he managed to stimulate the potential of his spiritual root?”

Liu Ruxue sensed the surging Yang energy in Song Shi’s body and her beautiful eyes widened.

This time, she greedily absorbed it but did not deplete everything. For the first time, she felt that this man was not simple.

In the end, she couldn’t take it anymore and begged, “Please stop. I’ve absorbed too much Yang energy. I have to go and cultivate.”

Song Shi was still full of energy. He finally regained his dignity and said proudly, “Go.”

Liu Ruxue put on her clothes and left with a red face.

Seeing that this woman’s legs were also weak, Song Shi felt proud. He sat cross-legged on the bed and opened the system interface.

There were only 7 points of Yang energy left out of the 37 points. Liu Ruxue should have absorbed 30 points before she left.

“Does it mean that the power in her body won’t be much more than 30 points?”

Song Shi was deep in thought as he continued to practice the Yang Refining Technique.

He closed his eyes and easily entered the ethereal state that Normal cultivators could only dream of in a few breaths.

Then, he could clearly sense wisps of fire-like light around him.

Other than the flames, he could also vaguely sense the other light spots. They were all different colors and were very dim. They did not resonate with him much.

“It seems that this is the Fire Spiritual Qi.”

With this thought, as he circulated according to the cultivation technique, these lights slowly surged towards his body and were absorbed then refined bit by bit.

In addition to the Spiritual Qi, there was also fire-like energy gathering in his Dantian. It quickly transformed into Fire Spiritual Qi, and transformed faster and more easily than the Fire Spiritual Qi from the external world.

“As expected, this Yang energy is good for cultivation, no wonder Big Smart does not want to lose his virginity even if he is beaten to death.”

Song Shi noticed the difference. This Yang energy was not as domineering as theFire Spiritual Energy, but it was extremely easy to refine, causing his cultivation level to rise.

When he was cultivating, some of the True Qi left in his lower Dantian was also absorbed and assimilated by the Spiritual Energy, becoming nourishment for the Yang Cultivation Technique.

Sensing the benefits of refining the Yang energy, Song Shi no longer hesitated and went all out to refine the Yang energy in his body.

With Yang energy as cultivation resources, Song Shi’s Spiritual power increased very quickly.

Wisps of pure Spiritual Energy appeared. When the refinement was completed, a fist-sized ball of fire fog appeared in the space of his Dantian.

“This is Spiritual Energy. I seem to have reached the first level of Qi Refinement.”

Song Shi opened the system interface to check his situation.

Race: Human

Spirit: 28.1

Physique: 40.5

Comprehension: 21.4

Talent: Fire Spirit Root, Innate Divine Strength, Dao Heart Illumination, Invincible Vajra

Ability: Iron Sand Palm (Beginner), Prajna Art (Beginner), Yang Refinement Technique (First Level)

Energy: Genuine Qi 4, Fire Spiritual Energy 3

Freedom Attribute Points: 18

Lottery Chance: 0

“If I run out of Yang energy, will I still have it after dying once? If I do, I’ll continue to use it to cultivate. My speed will then be much faster.”

Song Shi was a little curious. At the same time, he understood that Yang energy was different from Spiritual Qi and Genuine Qi.

So this should be the so-called Connate Qi!

Which is associated with the foundation of life!

Now that it had fused with Spiritual Qi, it had formed a better version of the Fire Spiritual Energy and directly merged with it.

“Normal people wouldn’t be able to recover this kind of power so casually. I’ve been sucked dry by Liu Ruxue a few times and had suffered a huge loss. However, she gave me an immortal cultivation technique, so I won’t deal with her for the time being. I’ll see what she is up to.”

Song Shi shook his head and sighed as he looked at the morning light outside.

He did not expect to come into contact with immortal cultivators this way. Other than relying on the system to draw the lottery, he had also thought of being chosen by an old Daoist master or picking up some immortal cultivation technique along the way in order to enter the cultivation world.

He even thought of killing the guy who secretly targeted the Song family to see if he could obtain an immortal cultivation technique.

“It’s time to go back. I’ll come back tonight.”

Song Shi prepared to eat, then decided to get Big Smart to teach him martial arts when he went back.

Just as he was about to ask the maid to deliver some food, he was surprised to find that he was not that hungry after a night of sex.

“Eh, cultivation indeed doesn’t have much demand for food. If I were practicing martial arts, I would have been starving.”

Song Shi realized the difference between practicing martial arts and cultivating immortality.

The former focused on cultivating the Essence Qi in his body, while the latter focused on cultivating the Spiritual Qi in the outside world.

How could the energy provided by a single person compare to the vast spiritual energy of heaven and earth in the outside world?

If it were an ordinary person, they would definitely give up on practicing martial arts and focus on cultivating. However, Song Shi did not.

With one more channel, there would be many more chances for him to seek death. He could not waste this opportunity.

“What will happen if I cultivate both the Prajna Art and the Yang Refining Technique together?”

Song Shi suddenly had an idea and immediately started to circulate the two cultivation techniques at the same time.

Soon, Song Shi’s meridians broke apart and his Spiritual Energy and Genuine Qi mixed together. He died smoothly.

“Ding… congratulations on dying from Qi Deviation. Comprehension +1!”

“Ding… congratulations on dying from cultivating a new cultivation technique. You meet the conditions for motivation. If you cultivate the Prajna Art to perfection within the stipulated time, you will be rewarded with a lucky draw chance.”

After the notification, Song Shi appeared under his bed.

Song Shi crawled out from under the bed and chuckled. “It’s not bad to go home for free!”

He could not help but think of a game he liked to play in his previous life where he would instantly return to the city after dying. It was almost the same as what he was doing now.

He felt that his condition was a little different. He hurriedly opened the system interface. There was still no Yang energy, but his Fire Spiritual Energy had changed from 3 points to 18 points.

One point of Spiritual Energy was equivalent to two points of Yang energy.

The Spiritual Energy in his Dantian expanded. According to the description of the cultivation technique, he had directly reached the second level of Qi Refinement!

“It seems that about ten points of Spiritual Energy in the early stage is the first level of Qi Refinement.”

After Song Shi figured out the new points system, he habitually said, “Xiao Mei, get ready to wash up.”

It was pitch silent outside. There was no response.

Song Shi frowned. Xiao Mei was his personal maid. She should be outside waiting to serve him at this time.

“Big Smart?”

He called out again but there was still no response.

A sense of unease welled up in his heart. It was too terrifyingly quiet outside.

Even if all the dogs were dead, there should still be sounds of breathing, footsteps and discussions by people.

Now, with his powerful hearing, there was nothing except the sound of the wind.

He could faintly smell the stench of blood and an unusual stench. His expression could not help but change drastically as he strode out.

He pushed open the door.

The first thing he saw were two dead corpses with eyes full of grievances.

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