What If I Can’t Die?

Chapter 28

Chapter 28

Connate Pill and the Background of the Great Qian Empire

Big Smart, who had witnessed Song Shi’s growth with his own eyes, was in a daze for the entire day. He felt a little out of touch with reality.

His decades of combat experience was actually learned by his young master in a day!

What kind of monstrous learning speed was this?

It made him look as stupid as a pig.

He estimated that in another day at most, Young Master would be able to learn all his trump cards.

“Eat something and rest!”

Seeing that it was already midnight, Song Shi stopped and said.

“Well… Is the food at home edible? There might be Gu worms in it.”

Big Smart hesitated.

Song Shi was stunned for a moment. It was not because of the so-called Gu, but because he remembered that the maids and servants in charge of his daily necessities were all dead and there was no one to prepare food for him.

“It should be fine if it’s cooked. Let’s do it ourselves.”

He went to the kitchen in silence and took out the meat dishes he had stockpiled to cut himself.

The sound of cutting vegetables echoed in the exceptionally quiet kitchen. Big Smart was surprised, “I didn’t expect Young Master to know how to cut vegetables and cook.”

“Do you think I can’t just because I don’t? You’re in charge of the fire, let’s eat something cooked with fire today.”

Song Shi used the saber technique he had just learned to cut vegetables and his movements became more and more proficient.

Amidst the crackling flames, the water in the pot boiled. Song Shi’s powerful vision could detect wisps of black gas floating out.

He was expressionless as he added the meat, vegetables and seasonings. “Didn’t you say that you had a breakthrough? How’s the situation?”

“It was just a small checkpoint. I have overcome it already.”

Big Smart chuckled and said, “I’m also considered a perfected Postnatal expert now. I now possess Herculean strength, similar to those Black Iron Guards.”

“That’s great!”

Song Shi couldn’t help but think of the Connate Pill. It should be useful to Big Smart.

“Actually, if those with some potential cultivate diligently they can all reach the perfected Postnatal realm. The most difficult part is still breaking into the Connate realm. Most people are stuck for their entire lives and never reach it.”

Big Smart explained.

“Yes, I understand. Take this.”

Song Shi took out a medicine bottle from the system and threw it to Big Smart.

“Young Master, what is this?”

Big Smart asked curiously.

“It’s a Connate Pill. It can help you break through to the Connate realm.” Song Shi said nonchalantly, “I’m an immortal cultivator. It’s useless to me. I’ll give it to you.”

Big Smart’s body trembled as he stared at the medicine bottle in his hand with wide eyes.


He had guarded himself for more than thirty years to break through the Connate bottleneck. This was the limit of mortals. Yet at this moment, the pills in his hand could actually help him break through to the Connate realm!

Although he already knew that there were so-called spirit pills that could help Postnatal martial artists break through this major hurdle, it felt unreal to hold it in his hands.

He said in disbelief, “Young Master, are you really giving this to me?”

“Why are you talking so much nonsense? It is already in your hands. Do you think I am just letting you touch it for fun?”

Song Shi snorted and picked up a spoon to stir the big pot of broth in front of him. Instantly, it was steaming hot.

Big Smart looked at the mysterious young master in the fog and thought of the immortal that the young master had mentioned. He deduced the origin of the Connate Pill.

Tears welled up in his eyes, “Young Master, this is really too precious. This can be said to be something that thousands of martial artists dream of. You can use it yourself. Dual cultivation is definitely stronger than single cultivation.”

Seeing that Big Smart was not greedy even in such a situation, Song Shi smiled and said, “The Connate realm you mentioned is not a huge bottleneck for me. I’m confident that I can easily break through. Moreover, I haven’t reached the perfected Postnatal realm yet. The situation now is urgent so you’re lucky!”

When Big Smart heard this, he stood up and knelt on one knee. “Thank you for your trust in my cultivation, Young Master. In the future, Big Smart will follow you even if it means death.”

“Tsk, if I succeed in Immortal cultivation in the future, a Connate cultivator like you will be nothing. Don’t think too much.”

Song Shi waved his hand, but there was still a smile on his lips. He was very satisfied with Big Smart’s promise.

At this critical moment, he needed a loyal subordinate to work for him. Otherwise, he would not have given the Connate Pill to this guy.

“I can’t thank you enough. Big Smart knows what I must do!”

Big Smart stood up and started to tend to the fire seriously.

“At what level will a Connate expert be equivalent to a cultivator?”

Song Shi returned to talking about serious matters.

“I heard Elder Qin describe it today. Postnatal realm is about the same as the early and middle stages of Qi Refinement. The Connate realm corresponds to the late and perfected stages of Qi Refinement.

“The specific situation depends on the combat environment, psychology and methods used. There’s no clear cut comparison. Postnatal martial artists are usually not the match of mid-stage Qi Refinement cultivators who cultivate spells. However, if a martial artist gets close and the cultivator doesn’t have enough Defense, a Postnatal martial artist can even kill a late-stage Qi Refinement cultivator.”

“And above that?”

Song Shi narrowed his eyes.

“Only extraordinary grandmasters can resist it. However, according to Elder Qin, once we become extraordinary, we martial artists are generally stronger than Foundation Establishment cultivators of the same level. However, it’s still hard to say if cultivators have magic weapons, talismans and other things to make up for this difference.”

Big Smart told him what he had heard.

“And above that?”

Song Shi looked like he wanted to get to the bottom of the matter.

“Urm, those above are the so-called martial kings or even ’emperors’. These are the true Earth Immortals. Young Master probably doesn’t know that our Great Qian Dynasty was founded by martial artists. The founding emperor was an Emperor-level Martial art expert, his status was equivalent to the Nascent Soul of immortal cultivators!”

Big Smart revealed a look of admiration, “Back then, the Great Qian Emperor was a force to be reckoned with in his time. He crushed all that was wicked and foul that even immortals and Buddhas came to pay him homage. It was a glorious period!”

“F*ck, why didn’t I know!”

This was the first time Song Shi had heard of this. He had originally thought that this was a feudal dynasty in the mortal world. Who would have thought that it actually came from such a powerful background?

That was true. In this world with demons and ghosts, how could the imperial family rule the world without any ability?

“Sigh, this is the reason why the ruler deliberately downplayed martial arts and also seeks peace in this world. He values culture over martial arts. After all, heroes will break rules and cause chaos with martial arts. In this era of peace, they don’t want too many powerful martial artists to exist and cause trouble.”

Big Smart smiled bitterly, “For the past thousands of years, this has resulted in commoners only seeking Academic accomplishments such as through the Imperial examinations to become imperial officials to serve the country. They have long forgotten about the necessity of practicing martial arts to defend the kingdom. In fact, if they practice martial arts, it’s harder for them to serve the country. After all, there are not many positions that are available for martial artists. Hence even if they practice martial arts well, they will only become subordinates for people like you. Over time, not many people are willing to work hard to practice martial arts.”

With just a few words, Song Shi had a rough understanding of the history of the Great Qian Empire that had been hidden in the dark. This was something that he could get from reading the Eight Texts.

Moreover, this also meant that the Great Qian Empire was deliberately downplaying the role of martial artists and had been suppressing them such that martial artists did not have much say.

“The imperial court is corrupt… It is displaying signs of a feudal dynasty reaching its end.”

Song Shi sighed, “Not to mention that there are demons and ghosts with supernatural abilities in this world. Once chaos starts, the degree will be worsened to become even more intense!”

“That’s right. As soon as the dynasty’s power to control the citizens weakens, all kinds of demons and ghosts will jump out. I heard that the places far away from the Great Qian Imperial Capital have already become hell on earth. Sigh, I really don’t know when this world will end.”

Big Smart frowned.

“If the world is divided for a long time, it will be united one day. If it’s united for a long time, it will be divided one day. Let’s see who can rise in this chaotic world.”

Song Shi’s gaze was distant as he thought to himself, “Who can say for sure if the Great Qian Dynasty will regain its glory this time or if the rebels will unify the world?”

He was not interested in power. He only cared about being strong enough to be carefree in troubled times.

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