What If I Can’t Die?

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Women Are Tigers

“Mei Niang… Are you sure?”

The maidservant thought she had misheard Big Smart.

This is because Mei Niang was the manager of this New Moon Brothel, she had long stopped entertaining guests and was in charge of managing them.

“I like the mature ones!”

Big Smart raised his head.

“You have a very unique taste.”

Song Shi paced around casually on the solid wooden floor with his hands behind his back, feeling surprised,

“The feeling of being spied on is gone!”

He was a little puzzled. Could it be his imagination?

“Sir Liu, Mei Niang has been busy the entire night and is resting now.”

The maidservant smiled awkwardly. “Why don’t you change your choice? We also have very plump figures here, like Tuan’er and Jing’er. They can see the two of you now.”

“Ahem, since she’s resting, let’s forget about it today.”

Big Smart cupped his fists at Song Shi. “Young Master, you should do it. Old Liu, I don’t have much experience.”

“Let the two come out together then.”

Song Shi did not waste his breath. He was too lazy to choose, so he called for both.

He was a frequent visitor and the two women were considered outstanding ladies here.


The maidservant raised her hand and led the way. At the same time, she said to the people upstairs, “Call Sister Tuan’er and Sister Jing’er to get ready.

They arrived at a room filled with peach blossoms, which felt as if they had stepped into spring.

This room was a suite. There was a mahogany table at the entrance, followed by a three-foot wooden platform. Behind the platform was a painting of a court lady admiring the flowers. The style was warm with an ambiguous atmosphere and was somewhat different from the overall cold style of the New Moon Brothel.

Song Shi sat on the mahogany chair and waited for the beauty to come over.

“Continue telling me about Postnatal and Connate martial artists.”

Song Shi took a sip of the rose tea which matched the characteristics of this room. He wanted to understand more about martial arts. This place was suitable for discussion.

“The Postnatal realm is actually the process of polishing the body, strengthening the physique and refining the essence into qi. It’s very difficult and there are many things that I have to pay attention to. For example, the martial arts I practice makes me not suitable to court women. I can’t even lose my virginity.”

“Good lord, no wonder you always stay far away from the girls here. You’re cultivating the legendary virgin technique, right?”

Song Shi’s expression became strange. Wasn’t this kung fu the same as being monks and Daoist priests? It was too difficult to not get close to women.

“Ahem, not really. I’m just maintaining a mouthful of Pure Yang, this will give me a chance to touch the Connate Realm. If it dissipates, I’ll never have a chance again!”

Big Smart revealed his ambition.

“You are mentioning Connate again. How powerful is this Connate realm?”

Song Shi’s eyes lit up. He really wanted to know if a Connate cultivator is considered the so-called cultivator.

“Hehe, Seventh Young Master Song is also interested in martial arts?”

Amidst her cold laughter, a beautiful pink figure walked out from behind the opposite screen.

The woman was twenty-eight years old and walked out barefoot.

Her small feet were as if they were carved from beautiful jade. Although they were not three-inch golden lotuses, they were exquisite and small. Her neat and bright nails were red and carried about a sense of mysterious temptation.

Most of her calves were exposed. They were slender and straight, without a trace of fat. The green veil that was as thin as a cicada’s wing stuck to her snow-white skin, swaying with hazy curves.

Although the curves below her collarbone were not exaggerated, it was very bountiful.

When Song Shi saw this, he knew that this was not Tuan’er and and Jing’er who were the most voluptuous women in the brothel but the top-rated newcomer that he had been infatuated with recently.

It was Xue’er!

This woman was cold and aloof. He had never seen her wearing such exposed clothes and was stunned for a moment.

On her swan-like neck was a flawless face that could cause the downfall of a nation. Her skin was so snow-white that it was enough to make winter snow feel ashamed. At this moment, she had applied a faint blush. Her lips were like red and luscious like cherries and her nose was exquisite and small. Her eyebrows were curved, and her eyes were like autumn water that seemed alive.

“Young Master, I can’t take it anymore. Let’s go out first.”

Big Smart’s face had flushed red and he looked terrified. He did not dare to look at Xue’er and fled immediately.

Song Shi’s attention was attracted by the stunning body. There was a ball of fire burning in his abdomen and he did not hear Big Smart’s words.

“Hehe, Seventh Young Master, your guard is quite interesting. Every time I see him, he runs away.”

Xue’er walked over with a gust of fragrance and leaned against Song Shi like a swaying willow.

“Actually, I can’t take it either!”

Song Shi’s breathing quickened, and he hugged her tightly. His body was trembling with excitement and his entire body began to heat up. He could also vaguely feel steam coming out of his pores.

His mouth was dry, “I really didn’t expect you who is like the Fairy Guanghan [2. Fairy Guanghan refers to the Moon Goddess in Chinese folklore] to dress up so sexily. You’re really enchanting and seductive.”

“As long as you like it, Young Master.”

Xue’er leaned against Song Shi’s body, her beautiful eyes burning with passion.

“What rich Yang energy, it’s like a furnace. After inhaling it, my cultivation will definitely increase greatly!”

Excited, she wrapped her slender hands around Song Shi and took a deep breath.

Streams of fiery air flowed out from Song Shi’s back like smoke. When she swallowed it, her blush immediately became even redder. She was so delicate and luscious that it seemed like water could be pinched out.

“Aren’t you feeling unwell? Why are you here again?”

Perhaps because his Spiritual strength was much stronger, Song Shi was not completely controlled by his carnal instincts.

“I love Seventh Young Master. How can I let you be served by other women?”

Xue’er replied coquettishly. Her red lips touched Song Shi’s cheek lightly as her eyes shone with pink light.

The light in her eyes was not obvious under the pink gauze, but it instantly made Song Shi lose his mind.


In an instant, the room was filled with ‘wondrous scenery’.

Outside the door, the autumn wind blew against Big Smart. The redness on his face dissipated as fear lingered on his face.

“Damn it, this woman is too scary. She only looked at me once and I couldn’t control myself.”

He wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and snorted. “I almost lost my cultivation. Who is this woman? There wasn’t such a powerful character in the New Moon Brothel in the past.”

He looked back at the private room.

“How terrifying. Women are really tigers. Master is not lying to me!”

His eyes were filled with fear as he quickly distanced himself.

Half a day passed. In the evening, Song Shi held onto the railing while struggling to keep his panda eyes open to steady himself.

However, there was a deep thought behind his eyes.

As expected, through this interaction, he could confirm that Liu Ruxue [2. Liu Ruxue refers to Xue’er. Where Liu Ruxue is her full name and Xue’er is a nickname] was either a cultivator or a vixen.

This was the only peculiar existence he had come into contact with at the moment!

He had to investigate deeper and see if he could obtain any immortal technique.

The lights downstairs were already brightly lit and many people were walking around. Some people were sitting in the hall, drinking, it was extremely lively.

“Have you heard? After the ship of Jinyuan Temple capsized in the morning, two more people died there in the afternoon.”

“I heard that they are two guards from the Song family?”

“That’s right. They were supposed to deal with the Mage’s capsizing but they capsized too!”

“Is there a water ghost causing trouble?”

“It hasn’t been peaceful recently. I heard that wild monsters have appeared in the mountains. There are even ‘dirty things’ at the city gate now.”

“Not only outside the city, but also inside the city. Recently, several people have died for no reason.”

The noisy discussion entered Song Shi’s ears and he gradually came back to his senses.

“Eh, look, isn’t that the seventh son of the Song family upstairs? Tsk tsk, he’s still happily fooling around here after something has happened to his family.”

“Tsk tsk, look at him. He’s probably already stayed here for a day!”

“Rich people are indeed different. We can only afford to have normal maids accompany us to drink, yet this kid is out here sleeping with all the top-rated beauties.”

A wave of mocking and envious voices appeared, but most of them were very soft. It was obvious that they were not willing to offend Song Shi.

However, ever since Song Shi’s Spiritual strength had increased greatly, he could hear these voices clearly.

“Someone died in the family again, and it was in the Jin river?”

Song Shi did not care about these people talking about his affairs. He was more concerned about the suspected Water Ghost.

This seemed to be a possible option to court death.

“Young Master!”

Big Smart hurriedly walked over and supported Song Shi, who was about to fall. When he saw Song Shi’s weak appearance, he muttered, “Sigh, you have hurt your body again, Young Master. You still want to practice martial arts? What a joke. You don’t even have enough essence energy in your body, you can’t cultivate at all.”

“It’s fine. As long as I am happy.”

Song Shi looked tired, but he was very satisfied.

After working hard for half a day, not only did he enjoy the unique experience of playing around with a beauty, he had also basically confirmed one thing.

This Xue’er was definitely not an ordinary person.

This woman seemed to know a method similar to bewitchment that made him lose his mind and then absorbed some energy from him.

According to the data on the system interface, she should be absorbing Yang energy, as his original 16 points of Yang energy had been reduced to 0.1!

“How f*cking greedy. She only left me this bit of Yang energy. If another female ghost touches me, I’ll be a goner.”

Song Shi cursed in his heart. Although Yang energy could recover on its own, without the system, it would take a long time to recover. Even if he ate kidneys and drank tiger penis wine every day, it would take at least ten days to half a month.

This woman was beautiful but she was too greedy. She completely treated him like a tool.

“I have to die quickly and recover to my peak before thinking about how to deal with her…”

He then gave an order, “Big Smart, let’s go. Bring me to the Jin River.”

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