When A Snail Falls in Love

Chapter 70 (END)

Chapter 70: Chapter 74 Short Bonus

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Since the job of a criminal police kept them constantly busy, weekends became the most relaxing time for Ji Bai. This was because he did not have to rush when he was being intimate with Xu Xu.

It was Friday and the two of them went to bed just past 9.00pm. Later on, Xu Xu announced that they were “done” a little past midnight. Ji Bai hugged her and still felt like he wanted more, but even though he had the desire and energy to do so, she neither wanted nor had the strength to continue. With that, he was forced to give up.

He sighed and looked down to see that the little fellow was now laying on his chest and seemingly lost in her thoughts.

“What’s wrong?”

Xu Xu smiled coyly. “With our stamina, I think we can have sex for two days straight.”

Was he dreaming? Did she really just invite him to have sex non-stop for two days?

Although he was somewhat surprised, he did not mind. Hence, he immediately flipped her over and pinned her down. “Great suggestion. And since we have nothing to do tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, we can call for takeaway…”

Xu Xu was startled and she pushed him away at once. “What were you thinking? You have no sense of humor at all!” She pointed at the clock on the wall. “Look, we started doing it yesterday night and it’s now early morning. Isn’t that already two days?”

Ji Bai grit his teeth and sighed out loud.

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