White-Robed Chief

Chapter 855 - Light Beads

Chapter 855: Light BeadsTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Chu Li was shocked. Were these four flying snakes actually coming for him?

He found it weird that the flying blades could not break their skins even though it was infused with the Single Slice of the Universe.

He had used these flying snakes’ skins to make armors in the past and it was an incredibly good armor. However, theoretically speaking, the blade energy from the Single Slice of the Universe should be able to pierce through it.

He then grabbed hold of his longsword, leaped up and swung his longsword at the flying snake using his Nature Restoration Manifestation.

“Hiss…” The flying snake was as hard as metal, but the powerful sword cut through its head like it was a piece of paper.

Blood immediately gushed out from the snake’s body as it squirmed about intensively. It kept hitting around its surroundings relentlessly and the stones that were slammed by the snake turned to dust. Its strength was astonishing. Soon, the snake’s surroundings turned into an empty field where the trees and stones had been flattened, merging into one with the earth.

Chu Li let out a long sigh of relief.

The Nature Restoration Manifestation was indeed unique. While the other inner energy could not co-exist with the blade energy from the Single Slice of the Universe, the Nature Restoration Manifestation’s forces were unexpectedly able to co-exist with the blade energy. Hence, he was able to use the Nature Restoration Manifestation and Single Slice of the Universe simultaneously.

This made the Single Slice of the Universe multiple times more powerful and every slice from it could be lethal.

By the time he landed, the other three snakes charged towards him. The ferocious snakes were releasing a horrific aura from their heads. Their gazes were so cold that it seemed like they could freeze someone in their tracks. Their split tongues hissed continuously, sending shivers down a person’s spine.

Chu Li tilted his body as he welcomed the three flying snakes. With a swing of his sword, another head was separated from its body.

The other two snakes then ran away. Chu Li harrumphed and did not chase after them.

After swinging it twice, Chu Li had exhausted the blade energy for the Single Slice of the Universe. Since he needed it replenished as quickly as possible, he immediately performed the thirty-six energy-nurturing forms.

By showing this much, the two snakes had run for their lives and disappeared from his sight.

By the time he was done with the thirty-six energy-nurturing forms and had his body filled with blade energy, the snakes on the ground were still squirming about in every direction.

Chu Li frowned as he stood not far away from them. He then took out a flying blade and used Light Blade on it.

“Ding… Ding ding ding…” It was as if the flying blades had struck onto metal as they could not pierce through the snake’s skin.

He gradually increased his blade energy and in the end, he was able to pierce through it.

He secretly let out a sigh of relief.

That flying blade had cost him half of the blade energy to cast the Single Slice of the Universe. This snakeskin was indeed incredible but he was relieved that the Single Slice of the Universe on the flying blade could pierce through it. If they were to attack him in the future, he would use the flying blades to greet them instead.

The four Spirit Cranes chirped as they returned. The two Elder Spirit Cranes stood on the branches as the snakes’ body squirmed on the ground. Naturally, they ignored it, but the two little Spirit Cranes were interested in it. So, they picked up the snakes’ gallbladders for Chu Li and ignored their bodies.

On a beautiful afternoon, the sunlight was warm as it touched the skin.

Xiao Shi and Xiao Qi were bathing in the sun at Tianshu Courtyard.

On the couch, Xiao Shi had a book in her hand while she napped on the side of her body while Xiao Qi was training her sword that shone ever so brightly.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise which interrupted both of them.

The book in Xiao Shi’s hand fell. She tilted her head to look at Chu Li who appeared out of nowhere. Meanwhile, Xiao Qi put her sword away and stared at him.

Chu Li threw the snakes’ bodies and heads onto the ground. While they were not huge, they looked strange and dense, making a solid thud when they fell to the ground. Chu Li smiled as he looked at the two girls. “You’re all here.”

“It’s those frightening things again!” Xiao Shi scoffed.

Chu Li laughed. “You don’t want some snake’s meat?”

“Fine.” Xiao Shi smiled.

The flying snake’s meat was incredibly delicious and it was unrivaled against other dishes.

Never having seen a snake before, Xiao Qi looked at the two flying snakes curiously. She was shocked when she saw them. “Where did you get them?”

“The Hundred-Thousand Hills.” Chu Li smiled. “This is the Spirit Snake. It’s incredibly beneficial to our bodies.”

“The Hundred-Thousand Hills…” Xiao Qi glanced at Xiao Shi.

Although Xiao Shi had told her about the incidents at Spirit Cranes Peak, it was her first time seeing it in person.

Chu Li said, “The snake’s skin can be used to create powerful armor. The meat can be eaten and the eyes can be used as a light bead.”

“These snake eyes sure are something.” Xiao Shi laughed. “One doesn’t even need to light up the house during night time. By placing these few snake eyes together, it can act as a light bead. It’ll shine even brighter if we place all four of them together.”

“You’re misusing a valuable resource.” Xiao Qi shook her head. “The snake eyes are incredibly valuable as Spirit Medicine.”

Xiao Shi smiled as she squinted her eyes. “There are a bunch of them. These snakes often seek trouble with the Spirit Cranes anyway.”

Chu Li raised his hand as he moved his swords to separate the snake’s skin and meat. He then gouged out the snake’s fangs and eyes out from its head. By the time he was done prepping and started to serve them the snake meat, he had exhausted all of his blade energy.

After packing everything up, he went back to his courtyard to take a quick shower and wore a new set of white robes.

There were only three people in the courtyard. Xiao Shi had already poured him a cup of alcohol, which he took a sip after sitting down.

“The White Shroud Shendao, Du Feng!” Xiao Shi smiled as she spoke.

Xiao Qi stared indifferently at Chu Li.

Chu Li smiled. “What are you talking about, Second Lady?”

Xiao Shi said, “Have you realized just how famous you are right now?”

“What do you mean famous?”

“You’ve beaten the Feng Fei Ninth Heaven!”

“How did that leak out?” Chu Li was shocked.

At that time, there were only three people at the scene. Feng Xue, Zhao Xi, and himself.

Zhao Xi was definitely not daring enough to leak it out.

“Feng Xue admitted it herself. She said that she was weaker than the White Shroud Shendao, Du Feng!” Xiao Shi said.

Chu Li nodded. “She’s very open about this!”

“Did you really win against Feng Xue?” Xiao Shi was in shock. “That and it took you only two attacks.”

Xiao Qi asked, “Are your blade techniques really that amazing?”

She knew that Chu Li was incredibly famous as Du Feng, so much that people would call Chu Li of the North and Du Feng of the South. Although she had always believed that Chu Li excelled in sword techniques, she did not know how his blade technique came to be this amazing as well.

Chu Li laughed. “It’s just a fluke. I’ve obtained a legendary blade technique from the Tian Luo Sect. I was able to use it at its fullest potential and win against Feng Xue.”

“You’re really lucky,” Xiao Shi praised. “Tian Luo Sect has even given you a blade technique.”

Chu Li nodded slightly. “I’ve always been popular with the people around me.”

“It’s rare that you’re popular with that ugly look of yours.” Xiao Shi laughed.

Xiao Qi asked, “What blade technique is it?”

“Single Slice of the Universe,” Chu Li said. “Have you heard of it before?”

“Single Slice of the Universe…” Xiao Qi and Xiao Shi pondered for a while and shook their heads.

“According to them, it’s an advanced ancient blade technique. They’ve given it to me because no one was able to learn it at all. Who would’ve thought that I could pick it up? “Chu Li smiled as he said, “It’s closely related to the Spirit Cranes Peak. If it wasn’t for the Spirit Crane Peak, I, too, wouldn’t have been able to learn it.

Xiao Shi laughed. “Feng Xue’s influence has now finally slowed down as she said she wanted to isolate herself to train further.”

“Is she not going to challenge me?” Chu Li asked.

“You stand toe to toe with Du Feng. Perhaps she feels that she doesn’t have the chance.” Xiao Shi laughed. “Your reputation is now on another level all thanks to Du Feng!”

Chu Li laughed.

In a blink of an eye, a month had passed and the Radiance Clan had been rebuilt.

The new Radiance Clan was even more majestic than before. They had used the money from Windstorm Association and Roaring Tiger Clan. Since Kou Qiong and the other two were big spenders, they wanted everything to be the best. Hence, they had bought the best materials and hired the best craftsman.

Chu Li left the three in the Radiance Clan. Kou Qiong was now the Vice Clan Leader whereas Lu Shu and Feng Wuji were appointed as the left and right guardians. The remaining people would be recruited by them.

Leaving Gale City, Chu Li returned to Small Light Peak.

On the second morning which he returned to Small Light Peak, Li Ruolan appeared. “Follow me to Great Light Peak.”

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