Who Touched My Tail!

Chapter 20

2.12 - The innocent melon seed eating spectators in the front row

Xue Ling created his own personal Weibo microblog in Country H a long time ago, but never posted anything. After he left Country H, Xue Ling sent out a video of the competition he participated in, which gained him a lot of fans.

Because it was also somewhat related to his plans, Xue Ling would occasionally post some videos of his piano playing.

He was originally a very lofty 'pianist', but because he changed his profession, he attended fewer concerts. Most of the videos were of him playing the piano at home by himself. Even so, he slowly attracted a large number of fans who loved pure music and emotion. He was mutual followers with many pianists in Country H, but even though their relationship appeared to be good, interactions were rare.

Xue Ling didn’t actually give up music. At first, he recorded these videos in order to teach Wen Mo, using the recordings as a reference for him. Later, when he saw that the online response was not bad, he would play some tunes for his microblog whenever he was in a good mood. Other than these videos, his Weibo account had nothing else. Sometimes, his fans would cry and beg for a photo of him, but he would act as though he never saw them.

His microblog fans could be divided into several groups. Some of his fans were there for the prestige, a large part of them were music fans, a small portion were there to be pretentious, and a sprinkling of them were dead or empty accounts.

Today, they were welcoming a hater.

Xue Ling thought Xu Yongyi would start this war through the newspapers first. Unexpectedly, this fellow also kept up with the times. He looked him up on his microblog and threw over a bunch of maniacs to beat him in the face.

Xu Yongyi has always been a big 'verified user' on Weibo, and he was certified as the boss of Xu Group. He would occasionally share one or two news articles, with some followers commenting in an attempt to garner attention and beg to be taken in. He had fewer fans than Xue Ling, but that didn't mean he didn't have a paid mob~

He first arranged for a Weibo account that normally reported tabloid-level news to gossip about the topic 'my father's friend's old wife and idiot brother-in-law'. When that began to trend, Xu Yongyi immediately released a series of materials on his own account without even waiting for his online followers to cue him in.

He released the bank slips from when Wen Xiuting transferred out the funds from their shared account, and information on Wen Xiuting, Wen Xiuyuan and Wen Mo's flights out of the country. He reposted the announcement he had made on the newspapers two years ago along with some interviews, an investigation report that showed he could find no traces of them, and finally the divorce settlement papers from yesterday.

The divorce settlement papers that were torn up by Xu Yongyi previously were stuck back together again, acting as proof of his indignation and anger.

He expressed that he had done nothing to be sorry for towards the pair of siblings. Back then, if they had not left, they would have been a harmonious family. But they even took his eldest son and left his youngest son behind. This led to his youngest son having to grow up in a motherless environment, causing his character to become timid. If it hadn’t been for the appearance of Bai Luzi, Xu Qing would not have the lively and lovely appearance he has now.

Netizens had always liked to follow sensational news, going wherever there was trending gossip. Regardless of whether the other party was a pianist or a big boss, or some eighteenth-tiered small star, as long as they could participate in the liveliness, they would be there.

Often, these people were also the most irrepressible. After reading Xu Yongyi’s microblog, they quickly followed and visited Xue Ling's account too.

There were all kinds of reactions - from those simply announcing their presence, to those who came to curse. The ones who came to curse used the worst words they could think of. Phrases like "It seems that anyone that can play the piano can call themselves a pianist nowadays" "Some people must be alive just to make others feel disgusted" "Isn't this kind of person just defiling music?" could be considered relatively mild. Xue Ling read the comments and felt that even his eighteenth generation of ancestors have also been included. Those poor old foxes have already turned into ashes and still could not live in peace, getting happily pulled out by these people to be scolded.

Cole read the comments with him, frowning so hard that his wrinkles could pinch flies. “They’re going too far.”

Xue Ling shrugged his shoulders, “Let them curse. The more they flame now, the more painful it will be when everything turns around." He was full of smiles, looking as though even the most malicious of the obscenities did not affect him in any way. “I’m open-minded and magnanimous anyway, and I want them to be embarrassed. That will make it easier when I play the public opinion card.”

Seeing that Cole was still frowning, looking like he would have gone up to argue with them right away if he were not well-bred. Xue Ling grinned and reached out to touch his brow. “It's okay, this is all part of the plan. Bear with it for a few days. It will be fine after I make my big move.

Cole was still frowning. “How many more days?”

“Just need to add a little heat to stir up the issue." Xue Ling said this, opening his own microblog and sending out his first ever text-based message.

[ Wen Xiuyuan (v): The wicked are afraid of heaven, but the good can bully heaven. Good and evil will always be rewarded, the only contention is sooner or later. ]

His message was very condensed and full of meanings. Cole could not understand, so Xue Ling patiently explained the meaning of it to Mr. Cole. “If you don't want people to know what you've done, then don't do it. The heavens are always watching your every move. Don't do things that you would feel guilty for."

Mr. Cole was silent for a moment. Xue Ling thought about it and added, “A simpler explanation is, I have evidence in my hand, and you will pay for what you are doing now.”

This is a lot more vernacular. Cole looked at Xue Ling somewhat helplessly and said, "So you are letting them scold you like this, and even hope that they will scold you more?"

Sure enough, a large number of comments appeared saying that they were waiting for his name to be cleared and hoping for a reversal, along with others that were still cursing Xue Ling for not wanting any face and being shameless.

Xue Ling touched his face and sighed, “My face is so beautiful. How can I not want it~"

Cole was helpless towards him and could only pull him up off the sofa and say, “Let’s eat out tonight.”

Xue Ling belonged to the category of people with the 'have difficulties making a choice' sickness. He would prefer for others to choose where to eat, and as long as he didn't have to decide, anything was fine. He let himself be pulled out the door by Cole, with no intention of moving by himself at all. “Oh, how annoying, I still need to have people send out a lawyer's letter. Can't we just press fast forward, and arrive at the point where Xu Yongyi goes to prison?"

Cole was a little speechless. Who was the one that said he wanted to enjoy the feeling of personal revenge, and would not let him directly destroy Xu Yongyi with the evidence?

“You're the one who wanted to come back.” Otherwise, they could've just waited in Country M for the other party to be ruined.

“Yes…” Xue Ling turned around. He felt that he had no more motivation left after seeing Xu Yongyi’s future. What he wanted to do now was just to take out the evidence bit by bit and hit Xu Yongyi and Bai Luzi's face a few times.

The two of them went out for dinner. After Xue Ling had eaten his fill, he rubbed his stomach and sent the lawyer a message, asking him to send a letter to Xu Yongyi. Based on the speed of courier delivery within the same city, Xu Yongyi should receive it tomorrow, and then his microblog would be lively again.

The lawyer sent a lawyer’s letter late at night according to Xue Ling’s directions, and the next day it was posted on Xu Yongyi's microblog. The divorce conditions remained unchanged. Xu Yongyi expressed that he would never give his Xu Group away, and since the other party was going to file a lawsuit, he would fight.

This was a matter of a business conglomerate’s life and death, and many news reporters and media came in to join the party. Newspapers also reported the news, triggering a ** discussion in X City.

Xue Ling did not have many photos online, so people could only use screenshots from the video, which is the last time he appeared before the public. Many people became fans of Xue Ling because of that performance, but never saw him again. They didn’t expect that he would be involved in such a thing now.

“I didn’t expect their paid mob to be so excitable.” Three days later, Xue Ling’s microblog was still filled with abuse. During this period, Bai Luzi also spoke her piece, saying that she did not understand why Wen Xiuting left without a divorce back then, but now she knew why - he wanted to clean out their possessions and assets from the get go. As a person, one can't be so shameless!

Xue Ling unhesitatingly retorted, expressing that she was also not a good person, and that there was no need to act in this way just to show others.

As an active designer, Bai Luzi had more fans. Adding on that she was beautiful, many people were willing to speak for her. His Weibo was once again washed with blood. Xue Ling looked at the results and was pleased, nodding his head, and prepared to bring in the net.

He had already tossed his work to Cole. He was the big boss anyway, and the partnership was with his company - leaving everything to him was not a problem at all. He himself could stay in the cheated rooms, cozy and not wanting to move.

That night at 8pm, the peak time for Weibo visitors. Xue Ling calmly tossed two pictures on his microblog. The accompanying words were very simple, but it shocked many people.

Xu Group was a well-known enterprise, and many people were watching this farce, specifically following Xue Ling's Weibo account. They did not expect him to throw out something like this.

[ Wen Xiuyuan (v): Should we have stayed to help you raise your illegitimate son? @Xu Yongyi (v) <Xu Qing and Xu Yongyi DNA Test> <Xu Qing and Wen Xiuting DNA Test>]

As soon as the two DNA test results came out, the internet was in an uproar. Many visitors and netizens expressed their shock: 'my god, was it actually like this?!'

Although they could guess that there was an inside story, most people at most thought it would be that Wen Xiuting ran away because of Xu Yongyi and Bai Luzi's relationship. Now it seemed that the situation was not right. Didn't Xu Yongyi say in the news 'you can leave me, but Xiao Qing should not be deprived of a mother'?!

What’s the situation now?!

People denounced Xu Yongyi on his microblog one after another. Xue Ling watched the show, and then leisurely threw another heavy bomb.

[ Wen Xiuyuan (v): @Bai Luzi (v) should look after her own children, don’t be crazy and complain that my sister won’t help you with it. <Xu Qing and Bai Luzi DNA test>]

At this moment, everyone could fill in the holes and understand the whole drama.

[ Coming To Dance Plaza Dances: Wow, this is the drama of the year! It's already become a life and death love story. Which master script writer will write this kind of 'taking good things and replacing them with fake goods' type plotline and write it into a TV drama? It would be brilliant, hahahahaha ]

[ A Salted Fish: Thinking too deeply makes one very afraid! Is there any big master out there that can clear up these relationships?! ]

[ Laughing And Scolding In One Frame: Eating melon seeds and watching from the front row~ ]

[ One Sword To Break One’s Enemy: The bystanders that don't know the real story doing their daily check-in _(:3)∠ ]

[ Talking About A Round Of Romance: This one is not worthy, but will attempt to tidy this mess. According to the words and evidence thrown out by little brother Wen, sister Wen was absolutely heartbroken when she left the country. The younger son was not her own, and she didn't know where her own baby went. Both parents died. Her husband even had a mistress, and she wasn't a newcomer. She was afraid that if she didn't leave, she would die of anger. In addition, the three DNA tests have been checked by photoshop masters. They are original photos and not even a filter was used. Then it all becomes clear, the younger son is designer Bai's child. Designer Bai has long had an affair with Boss Xu, and it is not clear whether it started before or after their marriage. In short, even a son was born. Mr. Xu's extramarital affairs are verified √. So there are no problems with little brother Wen's demand to take all his assets~ ]

[ Origin And Destruction: Previous poster's words are unclear, I’m a little confused. ]

[ Flying Over Ten Thousand Miles: Simply speaking, Boss Xu cheated with designer Bai, the Xu little prince is their child. With extramarital affairs, Mr. Wen is justified demanding everything. ]

[ Can Study But Can't Speak: Say it like that earlier, then I wouldn't need to be confused for so long~ I get it~ Boss Xu is so brave, telling lies without blinking an eye. ]

Xu Yongyi had no idea when Xue Ling did the paternity test. He was nervous and anxious, thinking that Xue Ling must have arranged for people to be close to him. But Bai Luzi’s microblog suddenly woke him up. He let out a relieved breath. He was probably just thinking too much, always having the feeling that Wen Xiuyuan had come to hound him to death.

Are you kidding me, based on that useless person?

Well yes, based on that useless person.

Xue Ling sent something, and Bai Luzi paid him back that night and sent a so-called document <Xu Qing and Wen Xiuyuan DNA Test>, saying that if this kind of thing that could be faked and was not officially certified could be believed, then pigs could also climb trees.

The netizens were surprised again. They didn’t know which side to stand on and so they could only choose to eat melon seeds in the front row.

微博 Weibo - China version of twitter. Aka microblogging platform. Accounts that have been verified (locked to a real life identity or corporation) are V accounts.

水军 navy - Chinese slang for an online mob of users that can be paid/directed to post certain content or say certain things

'have difficulties making a choice' sickness – it's a chinese slang thing. people have a lot of ‘sicknesses’, like the ‘middle school' sickness (immaturity). this one is ‘can’t make a choice when it comes to food’ disease.

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