Who Touched My Tail!

Chapter 210

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The palace seemed rather deserted after the banquet was over. The ministers returned to their homes, and the people who tidied up the palace were busy with the banquet. His Majesty pulled his Imperial Consort, who had returned in triumph only to be informed that their child was old enough to buy soy sauce and was in a terrible mood along, and escaped the crowd, arriving at the Shenlong Palace.

This was the place where the Emperor held morning court. Xue Kingdom's morning court was very regulated and took place once every two days. Xue Ling had held morning court today, so there wouldn't be many people coming to Shenlong palace tonight or tomorrow.

Shu Heng was ordered by His Majesty to go out and guard the door. He had to stay outside to keep watch; the things that would occur inside weren't things he could see! Where on earth had his pure majesty gone? He was even bringing the Imperial Consort to do something like that on the Dragon Throne…

If the ancestral spirits really existed, they would probably have been angered out of their graves by Xue Ling.

Fine, if the ancestral spirits really existed, they should have come out as early as when a ger was crowned as Emperor.

Ying Sheng appeared to be very unhappy. He pushed His Majesty, the Emperor, onto the Dragon Throne and loomed over him, a little plaintive as he asked, "Did you bring that child back and raise him because you don't want my child?" His key point seemed a little strange; compared to that child becoming the Emperor in the future, he seemed to care more that Xue Ling was unwilling to have a child with him.

The corners of Xue Ling's lips twitched and he sighed helplessly, "Not so…"

“Then is it because you think I can't do it, and you're worried you won't be able to give birth?"

Xue Ling: “…” How was he supposed to explain?

Since he couldn't win with words, Xue Ling breezily wrapped his arms around Ying Sheng's neck and asked him, "What if I don't want to have a child?"

Ying Sheng frowned. In fact, he didn't care that much about children and was just unhappy that Xue Ling had decided to find a child without asking him and planned to just dodge the matter. He bowed his head to kiss Xue Ling's brow and said, "If you're unwilling, I won't push the issue. Only, you made this decision so anxiously; what are you worried about?"

Xue Ling slowly unfastened his waistband and spoke in an unhurried manner, “What if I said that I don't really want to stay on this throne forever and was anxious to find a successor, so that we can leave all this behind and bring you with me to wander freely all over the world?"

Ying Sheng: "…" The atmosphere froze for a moment. After a brief silence, Ying Sheng was rather overwhelmed with joy as he wrapped his arms tightly around Xue Ling's waist. The two of them were still standing, so he carried Xue Ling onto the Dragon Throne. Xue Kingdom's Dragon Throne was wide enough, and Xue Ling was a ger with a small enough frame that he seemed to have no airs when placed on it.

Ying Sheng found it a little amusing. Xue Ling normally exerted such great influence and power from this Dragon Throne, but today his clothes were half off, his head of silken black hair scattered, and his appearance carried a different taste. Ying Sheng looked down, then pressed him down on the Dragon Throne, drawing a little closer. His breath fell on Xue Ling's cheek, his tone unreadable as he said, "Your Majesty wants to travel all over the world with this minister?" His hands were not honest while he spoke and had already slipped into the Dragon Robe, pulling off Xue Ling's waistband. "So, originally His Majesty had this kind of intention towards this minister."

Xue Ling: “…” Oh~ He was done was feeling wronged and was now starting to play.

That was fine, wasn't it just role-playing? Besides, he was currently the Emperor, and there was nothing wrong with that.

Xue Ling pursed his lips, then said, "If this Emperor wants his minister to die, then the minister has no choice but to die. Naturally, if I want you to accompany me to wander the world, you have no choice but to do so."

Ying Sheng was already excited; why would he concern himself over the fact that Xue Ling had picked up a brat, tossed it into the back palace, and called it theirs? What was the most important thing right now?

It was to do the little Emperor on the Dragon Throne until he cried!

He licked Xue Ling's lips with the tip of his tongue, "Yes, whatever Your Majesty wants this minister to do, this minister will naturally do it all." His hands were already sliding up the front of Xue Ling's chest, pinching that sensitive point and beginning to ravage. It wasn't the first time for either of them, and Ying Sheng was very clear about where his little Emperor's body was most sensitive. His hot breath brushed against Xue Ling's jaw, teeth scraping across his adam's apple as one hand pinched that point in front of his chest and the other slid downwards to grasp the slightly awakened dragon root.

Xue Ling struggled slightly and spoke angrily, “How bold! What are you trying to do!"

“I'm naturally serving Your Majesty~" Yin Sheng kissed Xue Ling's earlobe and said with a low laugh, "Isn't Your Majesty's entire body calling out to be mounted right now?"

Xue Ling: “…” So angry~ But there was nothing he could do about it. Ger bodies were incredibly sensitive, and he would turn as soft as water with just a little bit of teasing. Even if he wanted to take the initiative, he had no strength left to move.

His damp, glittering eyes were filled with the stirrings of desire, and when he was aroused, the corners of his eyes turned a dizzying, beautiful scarlet. He raised his body slightly, as though wanting to be closer to Ying Sheng.

Ying Sheng appeared unhurried as he slowly teased the beauty under him. The beauty was obviously aroused, his white as jade body covered in a thin dusting of pink, his long black hair spread out over the golden Dragon Throne, contrasting sharply with the cushions and immediately making Ying Sheng's lower body swell even more painfully.

Only, no matter how painful it was, he couldn't act rashly. Although Ying Sheng wanted to possess Xue Ling quickly, he didn't want to hurt him.

Knowing what they were going to do tonight, Ying Sheng had picked up a jar of ointment while he was being pulled to Shenlong Palace. He brought it out; it was an imperial thing and was particularly good to use. Ying Sheng held Xue Ling and kissed him, one hand soothing the leaking dragon root while the other dipped into the ointment, and sent it towards His Majesty's lower body. He even teased Xue Ling while stretching him out, "How do you feel, Your Majesty?”

Xue Ling was so heated from his teasing that he hooked his bare legs around Ying Sheng's waist. His back entrance felt unbearably empty as it opened and closed, begging to be filled. Ying Sheng's ointment covered finger had only just touched his hole when it was swallowed immediately; that little hole seemingly thirsty as it sought more.

Xue Ling did not like having a body like this, but this body was particularly well-suited for doing such things. He and Ying Sheng had fooled around before, and after they had done it the first time, his body had remembered that feeling. Ying Sheng had gone out to battle for so long, he was burning up like dry firewood tonight. That fire was unbearable for Xue Ling, causing him to twist his waist and limbs, wanting the person above him to enter.

Ying Sheng had just pushed in a finger and discovered that His Majesty was particularly enthusiastic tonight. That small hole was warm and moist, the ointment melting as soon as it entered, the tender flesh of his back entrance sucking in his finger and dragging him in.

He no longer hesitated and added a second finger, managing to enter again without any hindrance.

Xue Ling was so stimulated by his movements that his eyes had turned red, his eyes covered with a layer of damp mist and his voice carrying a trace of tears, "It's enough, come in."

Ying Sheng finally relaxed, but he didn't give up his original playful intention. That huge object pressed against the entrance to his cave, his waist bending forward slightly as he went in a little before retreating and teasing Xue Ling. He asked, "What does Your Majesty want to go in? If Your Majesty doesn't say it clearly, your minister won't know what to do~"

Xue Ling gritted his teeth and thought that he would definitely settle accounts with him tomorrow. He tossed him a coquettish glance, then cried out aggrievedly, "You…"

“What does Your Majesty want?” Ying Sheng slowly asked again. His voice had already turned incredibly hoarse; even if Xue Ling didn't say it, he probably wouldn't be able to hold back.

But as compensation, Xue Ling still covered his face and spat out two words in a low voice: "——”

Satisfied, Ying Sheng rammed his huge root in all the way, the stimulation making Xue Ling almost bolt up from the Dragon Throne. Ying Sheng buried his hugeness in the familiar insides and finally let out a sigh of relief. He reached out to bring Xue Ling into his embrace. Xue Ling's legs wrapped around his waist as his entire body was held up, and lost his senses for a moment.

Ying Sheng kissed him on the cheek and said softly, "My good Majesty, open your eyes and take a look."

Xue Ling sneered and pinched his arm, wanting to open his mouth and bite him in dissatisfaction, but he hadn't had a chance to make his move when Ying Sheng gripped his waist and pushed up, making Xue Ling moan.

“This is Your Majesty's court, the court is full of Civil and Military Ministers who are all looking at Your Majesty right now."

Xue Ling: “Wu… You… Ah!” He wanted to scold Ying Sheng for being shameless, but with every step that Ying Sheng took, he was pierced fiercely by his lower body. Xue Ling had been penetrated to the point where his soul had flown halfway from his body, and could no longer speak words. He could only let out endless, chaotic moans.

“There are so many people here, is Your Majesty not embarrassed at all?~" Those shameful words were still being spoken as Ying Sheng came down from the dias step by step. This process of going down the steps was simply torture for Xue Ling; that thing against his back entrance rubbed and grinded, but didn't go deep. That unhurried stimulation on top of Ying Sheng's words made Xue Ling so embarrassed that he buried his head in his shoulder and reached out to pinch his arm.

“Are you done yet?”

Ying Sheng gave a low laugh, but did not stop. Although he stopped speaking those shameful words, he continued walking, carrying Xue Ling around the entire hall, doing him while walking, and by the time he returned to the Dragon Throne, Xue Ling had already been fucked to the point of coming, his cum spraying straight onto Ying Sheng's body.

Ying Sheng was still wearing his court clothing on his upper body and he appeared very neat and tidy, but in fact, it was only on the surface. His fur trousers were still worn loosely on his body and he looked composed, making Xue Ling, who was in his arms, appear overly lewd.

The white light blocking Xue Ling's gaze had dispersed, but Ying Sheng's hard object had no intention of coming out. Based on Xue Ling's experience, the man might not necessarily shoot even if they made another round of the court. He gritted his teeth and tightened his waist, trying to squeeze him out.

Ying Sheng did not intend to let go of him so soon. He bowed his head to kiss him, then laughed and said, "Your Majesty doesn't need to be in a hurry. We still have the whole night~" He pulled his hard object out, pressed Xue Ling onto the Dragon Throne, adjusted his posture, then raised his waist and pushed his way inside again.

They still had all night. The chances of His Majesty getting done into unconsciousness were very high.

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