Who Touched My Tail!

Chapter 22

2.14 - The face slapping continues

Recently, there was a lot of noise about the Wen and Xu families, and various posts emerged one after another. However, this was still the first post that brought up Wen Xiuyuan’s business talent. At first, only a few spammers came to post sales advertisements, but slowly more and more people came by to follow the thread. At this time, the original poster started to post again, putting down the figurative hammer.

[ I don’t know who it was that said Wen Xiuyuan can’t do business, and even said that Wen Xiuyuan was worse than Xu Yongyi. It's funny enough to make people laugh themselves silly. Do those board members feel that having a foothold in City X is enough to dominate the world??? ]

[ Thread owner, please don't just mock others, use logic and facts if you have them~ ]

[ Sitting and waiting for the original poster to share what he knows, but make sure you don't accidentally hit your own face. ]

[ Those who are saying that Wen Xiuyuan can't do business must not have been paying attention to the business circle in Country M these past two years.

Oh, I forgot, those who have the time to make posts about Wen Xiuyuan damaging Xu Group probably don't even know what the hell Country M's business circle even is.

Mo An Group is a company that has risen abruptly in M Country's business circle over the past two years and its president is someone that even the big shots of M Country praise as a business genius. The company was listed in M Country's stock market one year ago and was invested in heavily. Now, it has product offerings all around the world, but you guys probably can't afford to buy them~

No point writing too much, here are some images:

< Mo An Company Building >

< Company Information >

< Stock Market Report >

< Industry Magazine Interview >

< Television News Pictures >

╮(╯▽╰)╭ This company is growing faster than Xu Group. The Wen Xiuyuan that you claim can only play the piano is this company's genius ** boss that single handedly created Mo An Group!

< Mo An Company Registration Information >

< Mo An Founder Information >

< Wen Xiuyuan in Suit in the Conference Room of Mo An Company > ]

[ ∑(っ°Д°;)っMy god, the original poster is really starting off with a giant hammer! ]

[ Brb. Rubbing my eyes to make sure I'm seeing things clearly _(_*-﹏-)_ ]

[ What the ** ! ]

[ Looking up Mo An Company, silently cutting myself off at the knees… didn't you want my knees? Take them!! ]

[ Goodness, if Wen Xiuyuan already has Mo An, why would he covet Xu Group? Xu Yongyi is thinking too highly of himself, using the fact that others have only attended music school in order to claim they can't run a business. Now he's really slapping himself in the face. ]

[ My face has been slapped swollen by young master Wen this month. Next time when I see news about him, I'm definitely keeping my mouth shut. ]

[ The world outside the wall is so wonderful, and us citizens that are shut inside are so helpless. ]

Reference to the wall: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Firewall

[ Now that I've calmed down, it feels like young master Wen is toying with Xu Yongyi… ]

[ Silently imagining young master Wen's teasing expression… God, I want him to whip me! ]

[ … previous post, are you in the wrong place… Go out and turn right. ** paradise welcomes you. ]

Xue Ling smiled, eyes curving upwards before Cole plucked away the iPad in his hands, turned it off, and put away the hairdryer. He pointed to the clock. “It’s time to go to bed.”

Xue Ling was stunned, looking at the time and discovering it was already midnight.

Over the past two years, he had done nothing else but work and often stayed up late, but this habit was forcibly prevented by Cole these days. As soon as it was time, the other party would urge him to go to bed. If he didn't listen, that pair of golden eyes would relentlessly follow him around. Xue Ling never understood why his hair always stood on end when that happened, but could only choose to obediently go and sleep.

It was already late, so Xue Ling didn't try to argue with the other party to let him play for a while longer. This made the Mr. Cole that was ready to tussle with him over a game of 'grab the iPad' feel a little unexpected and regretful.

But it was also good if he was obedient. Staying up all night was not good for his health.

Xue Ling complained in his heart that Cole did not seem like a young person at all while outwardly saying goodnight to the other party, and then entered his own room.

Xu Yongyi was not expecting to wake up and see such news. The newspaper in his hand dropped directly onto the table as he stood there stupidly, making Bai Luzi realize that things were not quite right.

Bai Luzi picked up the newspaper. After a glance, she balled it up and threw it directly into the garbage can nearby.

Xu Qing was still babbling beside them, and Xu Yongyi stood there stunned until he was shaken by Bai Luzi. "He came back to take revenge on us.” She said through gritted teeth, “I thought he just wanted help his sister get a divorce, but now it seems clear that we won't have a good ending. And he's taking it step by step, intending to kill us off slowly.”

Xu Yongyi’s hands were trembling and his mind was a mess. He was completely at a loss.

Although Mo An was not comparable to those large multinational companies with a long history, Xu Group was absolutely unable to match up to its background and resources. Xu Yongyi suddenly remembered the man who came with Wen Xiuyuan that day. He hadn’t paid attention at the time, but in retrospect, such a person would never be Wen Xiuyuan’s subordinate…

“What can we do…” Given Wen Xiuyuan’s recent actions, Xu Group would likely turn into a hot potato even if they manage to hold onto it. “Now… There are only two options left…" He murmured.

Bai Luzi had the same idea as him, but she was very unwilling: “We struggled so hard to get to where we are today. Do we really have to abandon all our efforts because of Wen Xiuyuan?”

Xu Yongyi’s expression gradually became a little crazy, looking dark and fierce, and he slowly clenched his fists. “Since we can't hand over Xu Group to him, let’s bury Wen Xiuyuan…”

Bai Luzi covered his hand with her, her eyes cold. “He forced us to…”

Xue Ling watched the whole conversation between the two people through the system and rubbed his chin. It was unexpected that just this was enough to force them to this stage - he still had cards left to play! Why were they so impatiently jumping to their deaths?

The hotel Xue Ling stayed at was not a secret. He was even interviewed there by a TV station before, and many of the hotel staff had even given him suggestive glances. Others had hidden themselves by the hotel entrance, curious to see what he looked like in person, but unfortunately he seldom went out, and they were unable to encounter him.

Xue Ling was acting miserable on Weibo, purposely trying to arouse people's sympathy after having made such strong moves so that later on, nobody would say that he was purposely trying to topple Xu Group.

He talked about his reasons for selling the shares back then, emphasizing that he was forced to do so, and that his sister was in a bad mental state at the time. If they had stayed in Country H, it would be difficult to say if she would have developed some mental illness as well. His nephew had already been traumatized, and he could not keep them in such an environment. He added that his little niece was lost under Xu Yongyi's mother's care, ending up abducted and sold, and even attached the notes from the detective along with the invoice for a huge sum of money.

He gave up both his beloved music and his dream of entering the world's most prestigious music academy for his sister and nephew, switching professions to open a company. To be able to have his current achievements was not easy.

So please don't beg for him to let off Xu Yongyi. He deserved the treatment that he was getting today, and whatever happened in the future were also his just desserts.

The netizens who had originally spoken up to say Wen Xiuyuan was going too far all shut up. His parents died, his sister and nephew almost ended up mentally ill, and his little niece was abducted and sold. What else could they say?

Society and online opinion would always side with the weak. Xue Ling had gone all out and listed all the events - he refused to believe that others would still say he was going overboard.

Cole came back covered in snow. His umbrella was still dripping, and he held a document in his hand. Seeing the person who was nestled in the living room, his expression warmed up a little, but quickly returned to his regular stoic face.

The youth was settled on the sofa barefoot, his white feet and the black sofa forming an eye-catching contrast, making his pale skin seem to glow. His toes were slightly curled, toenails neatly trimmed, looking somewhat cute. He held onto a body-sized pillow as he waved to Cole, “Hey, the aristocrat is back.”

Cole took off his coat that still carried traces of the cold outside, switched into his indoor shoes and stood by the heater for a while to make sure the remaining cold air would not chill the other party before bringing the information over to the sofa. “Just now, my men came to me with news. They put a bounty on your head."

Xue Ling’s expression remained the same. He moved over so that Cole could sit beside him, and then pulled over the document to look at the list. Surprised, he commented, “They want to kill me with such a small amount of money?"

Cole’s expression was not good, worrying about what would have happened to the youth if he had come alone. If he hadn't been there, perhaps Wen Xiuyuan really would have been hurt by these people. Thankfully, he chose to stay close. “Do you want my people to make a move?"

Xue Ling waved his hand, “No, it's pointless if we don't help them waste their money. Tell them that the target is not an easy kill, and ask for more money. When they finally become suspicious, we'll make our move."

Cole did not know how to describe his mood when he saw that the other had no reaction to having a price over his head, even happily continuing to scheme.

It could only be said that he had fallen deeply. He even loved how the other party looked when he squinted his eyes and plotted.

He clearly hated it in the past when the people around him were calculating and hiding their indentions deeply. But when the youth in front of him did so, he seemed so cute.

Following Xue Ling’s words, Cole ordered his men to trick a large sum of money out of Xu Yongyi and Bai Luzi before disappearing and severing contact. At first, the two were full of expectations that Xue Ling would suddenly show up dead, but as the days went by and Xue Ling was still obviously active on the internet, they slowly realized that they had been deceived.

At this time, Xue Ling struck again.

He put up a series of recordings, including proof that Xu Yongyi had hired people to set up the Wen family's older couple for a car accident, Bai Luzi's discussion regarding the collapse of Wen Xiuting’s mental state and her orders for the nanny to emotionally abuse Wen Mo, their plot to destroy the Wen siblings' reputation, as well as their discussion to put up a bounty for Wen Xiuyuan's murder.

All the recordings were very clear, and a voice analysis report was even attached, proving that the two people in the clips were Bai Luzi and Xu Yongyi.

When these videos were posted, the netizens were shocked silly. Xue Ling claimed that he would submit the evidence to the police, and everyone went wild.

[ My God, this is the scum of the decade, nobody has, or will come close in the near future. ]

[ ** and a dog, these two people really match each other. No wonder they have such deep love and can work hand in glove with each other. Their hearts are both black. ]

[ What happened to the people who said that they were innocent? Are you all keeping your mouths shut now? We can all agree that these are illegal acts, right? Nobody is whining anymore? ]

[ God Wen is really a hero. He endured this humiliation for two years, finally returning today to get his revenge and cut the ground out from under their feet. ]

[ Sure enough, inspiration for art comes from real life. Who will make a TV series about this? It will definitely sell! ]

[ It’s no wonder that the elder sister authorized her younger brother to help her settle the divorce. She would definitely feel like vomiting if she had to see this scum again. ]

[ This is really a good play. Xu Yongyi must have never thought that he would end up like this. When you listen to his voice as he tried to buy assassins to kill young master Wen, his attitude was as though young master Wen owed him his life. They're even worse than animals! ]

[ Those two can really only love each other. Whoever meets these two pieces of human garbage are really lucky. ]

[ Moving on! In any case, young master Wen is now my new god! An avenging god! He's too amazing! ]

[ … why are there fangirls everywhere? ]

Xue Ling was smiling as he finished reading through the comments. When he received a notification from the system informing him that Xu Yongyi and Bai Luzi were packing up their bags and preparing to flee, he happily grinned and snapped his fingers before saying to Cole who was sitting beside him. "Okay, it's time to close the net."

“Good.” Mr. Cole finally acted according to his own wishes, reaching out to pet Xue Ling's head.

实锤 'real hammer' - figurative hammer, it's another slang. Using a 'hammer' made of facts to knock people out.

silently cutting myself off at the knees… – this is a play on the english phrase 'cutting someone off at the knees', but this poster is doing it themselves to indicate defeat.

Only one chapter to go for this arc! I know the romance has been reallllly slow so far, but it gets better in arc 3!

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