Who Touched My Tail!

Chapter 24

3.1 - It's ridiculous that he has to suffer when others fall in love

Xue Ling found himself in the bathtub when he opened his eyes again.

He looked around, discovered that it was a relatively closed environment where no one would disturb him, and called for the system to send over the plot.

The system did not like water, and was curled up into a ball on top of Xue Ling’s head. When it heard his words, it jumped down onto the ground, flicked its tail, and shared this world's plot information.

Xue Ling closed his eyes. The plot information poured into his mind all at once, but with the support of the luck he'd gathered from the first two worlds, his present spirit power was enough to process everything easily, and he quickly learned everything about the story and this body's ending. Washing his face with water from the tub, Xue Ling thought to himself that the bodies he was provided with were all truly unfortunate. This time, the body's original host was completely innocent but extremely unlucky, ultimately dying a miserable death.

This was a ** world, with a scum gong and cheap shou as protagonists. Those two both loved and hated each other in a "you are my moon, and I am your flower" scenario, playing games and plotting against each other until neither person was happy. And this body's original host was simply unfortunate, dying in the mess without knowing what had happened.

This body was named Bai Yue, and was the second son of the Bai family in Hai City. He shared the same mother but different fathers with his half-brother Bai Hao, who was the oldest son and heir. His mother was Bai family's grand madam Bai Lu, and his father was a foreigner.

Bai Lu was the only lady in the Bai family. Her and Bai Hao’s father's love was as deep as the ocean, and her husband married into the family. They lived a fairytale life during which Bai Hao was born. But then, Bai Hao's father was diagnosed with a terminal illness and died. When Bai Hao was six years old, Bai Lu met her current husband, a foreign friend who was traveling to China. They got along very well and became intimate friends. A year later, Bai Yue was born out of wedlock.

Bai Yue grew up abroad with his paternal grandfather and did not return home often. He had even less contact with his parents, and was not familiar with anything in his homeland. He had a loner's personality, not liking to communicate with others. His thoughts and perceptions became words under his pen, transforming into scripts.

Usually, a young master like him would have a carefree life. Although he did not like to talk and communicate with others, no one would force him to become a good communicator. The Bai family had his eldest brother who could take over as heir, and he was low on the inheritance list on his father’s side. His life should have been one where he just needed to do what he liked, find a wife and have children. But disaster began after he returned home.

All of Bai Yue’s misfortunes happened because he was liked by a person, and that person was this story's scum gong, Lin Yi.

Bai Yue was the white moonlight in Lin Yi's heart, the person he admired but dared not touch, and the shou Sun Jianan was Bai Yue's stand-in.

Simply put, this was a 'lowly shou who died because of the white moonlight somehow got reborn, and wanted the scum gong to love himself, so therefore killed off the white moonlight' type of casual entertainment story. It was pretty straightforward, and with Bai Yue's character position as a cannon fodder, he was bound to die.

Thoughtful, Xue Ling rose from the bathtub, picked up the bathrobe to one side and pulled it on, and then walked out of the room.

The things in the room were almost packed up, with two suitcases laid out on the floor. It was clear that the owner of the room was preparing to leave.

Tomorrow was the day when Bai Yue left the United States to return to China, which also meant that the curtains had already been pulled open on the story that revolved around him. Xue Ling touched the two suitcases, and a smile slowly appeared on this face.

Since nothing had begun yet, he would turn everything upside down and change it all.

He would put Bai Yue's intended destiny onto the protagonist shou.

Perhaps because he was of mixed blood, Xue Ling’s eyes were lighter, a warm light brown framed by long eyelashes, his skin was very white like his father's, and he had a head full of very pale blonde hair. There were few similarities between himself and his mother. Only the dimples that show up in the corners of his mouth when he smiled were inherited from her.

The tear mole that was Xue Ling's trademark now rested quietly in his corner of his eye. Xue Ling looked into the mirror for a long time, his smile holding touches of his demon nature.

The oppressive and dark expression shown in the mirror suddenly changed. When he returned to normal, that terrible darkness was no longer reflected in the mirror. Rather, the person seemed to be a little timid and cold.

Xue Ling seemed satisfied with his expression, wiping his hair dry and preparing to lie down and sleep.

This was a world where entertainment reigned supreme. The protagonist shou, Sun Jianan, was originally an unknown actor. However, because his eyes and lip shape were very similar to Bai Yue's, he was taken in by the protagonist gong, Lin Yi.

In his last life, Sun Jianan climbed into Lin Yi's bed in exchange for resources, and slowly developed into a popular young actor in the entertainment industry. He knew that his livelihood was dependent on Lin Yi and was terrified, so he used his heart and soul to try and treat him well and soon found that he had fallen deeply in love with the man.

But Lin Yi didn't love him. To Lin Yi, he was just a substitute. Sun Jianan was asked to dye his hair blonde, and was brought around by Lin Yi to attend some upper-class gatherings and learn from those people's mannerisms. This made his temperament more like that of a young master from a wealthy family and he was given the title “prince” by many fans. Lin Yi seemed willing to stay over for increasingly longer periods of time, and was more and more gentle towards him.

His life which was becoming more and more beautiful started to change once Bai Yue returned to the country.

At first, Sun Jianan had not known that he was a substitute. It wasn't until he saw Bai Yue who had returned home and was planning to make a movie that he realized that his own mannerisms and behaviour were nothing more than imitations of the other person.

Because Bai Yue spoke one sentence, declaring that he did not like imitations, a role that was originally already in his pocket was given to one of his friends. His Lin Yi's attention was all pulled away by that young master. In order to please Bai Yue, Lin Yi directly broke off all relations with Sun Jianan, and the friends who had accompanied him also gradually drifted away.

Without Lin Yi as his golden ticket, his resources gradually decreased. In order to maintain his popularity, his broker introduced him to a new backer who was slovenly and lecherous. Sun Jianan threw water on the other party's face and escaped from the hotel, and while he was dispiritedly wandering around in the street, ignoring the street lights, he was hit by Bai Yue's car.

Sun Jianan's leg suffered from a flesh wound and was bleeding, but Bai Yue only threw him some money and told him go to the hospital by himself.

Never before had he hated a man so much that he even felt it would be better if they did not exist.

Later, while he was in a bar purposely getting drunk, he ended up hacked to death by a mobster in a gang fight.

And then he was reborn.

Xue Ling had never understood the plot. What was the point of redoing this kind of life? Everything that had happened to the shou did not have even a single half-penny of relationship with Bai Yue. From the beginning to end, Bai Yue had never done anything he shouldn't do, but was still remembered and hated. The shou even had him killed after being reborn. What hatred or resentment was there?

Based on his calculations, at this current point in time the shou should have already made the same choice as the last life and climbed into the gong's bed, vowing that he must make the gong fall in love with him in this life. Making use of his knowledge of the entertainment industry, he would be able to make an impact even without Lin Yi's help, gaining a good reputation in China.

Bai Yue returned home because he had a script on hand that needed to be filmed back home. He was a student in the Directing Department of ASF University, and the school required them to shoot an award-winning work before graduating. Bai Yue had few contacts abroad and finally chose to return to China in order to ensure he could produce his best work.

Bai family started in the entertainment industry, and his brother was now in charge of Bai Guang Entertainment. It would be very beneficial to him to go back.

In his last life, Lin Yi invested in Bai Yue’s film. It was shot very well, and won a film festival award. It made waves in China's entertainment circle and Bai Yue was even described as a new rising star in the filmmaking industry by many people. But in this life, he lost the prize because he chose an actor that Sun Jianan recommended to play the role of the protagonist in his film, and the actor became involved in a sex party scandal. Bai Yue was unable to graduate, his self-confidence taking a hit. Then, as he was getting drunk in a bar, he ran into the Sun Jianan that had been following him for a long time.

Sun Jianan gave him support and encouragement, telling him that he hoped Bai Yue would come out of his funk, and that as long as he wrote a new script, everyone would be able to see his talent clearly and he would rise up rapidly. Bai Yue thought his words were valid, and began to develop a relationship with Sun Jianan.

He had a bad relationship with his family. Under the instigation of Sun Jianan, he isolated himself from his friends and family in order to write his script. His brother completely gave up on him, Lin Yi also rejected him, and finally, in order to find inspiration, he became addicted to drugs. By the time he had squeezed himself dry in order to write out a wonderful script, he no longer had any trustworthy people by his side.

He had no ability to produce the film, and could only watch as Sun Jianan stole his script and gave it to Lin Yi. The two of them were of one mind, but Bai Yue was tossed into a gang fight and lost his life in the struggle.

After that, the plot did not have much to do with Bai Yue. Sun Jianan became the film emperor with that script, and came out of the closet with Lin Yi. Their romance was a story passed down for the ages.

For Xue Ling, his body's original host's life was a tragic story, and what he had to do was to turn it back onto the protagonist. He did not mind being a villain; sometimes he was overjoyed exactly because he could be evil.

He got up early the next morning and went to catch his flight after washing up and getting dressed.

The Bai family's environment was somewhat peculiar. Bai Yue grew up in China until he was four years old. When Bai Hao turned eleven, he was appointed as the future heir of the Bai’s family, and Bai Yue was sent abroad in order to avoid the two brothers being at odds with each other. Because of this, the two brothers also had no feelings of kinship, and the body's original owner did not return to the Bai estate after returning home. He chose to live outside on his own, making it very convenient for Sun Jianan to monitor and approach him.

Xue Ling was not idiotic enough refuse to live in a perfectly good estate and mansion complete with servants, and instead choose to live in a small apartment by himself. Not to mention, he would also have to spend money. He called home before he boarded the plane, informing the housekeeper that he was coming back to the country by plane and would be back for dinner. Although the old housekeeper was surprised, he still acquiesced.

Grandfather Bai did not dislike this little grandson, but because the child’s personality was not very pleasant and he did not return home often, there was little contact. Bai Hao followed suit and treated him like a transparent person. Xue Ling had some approximate ideas in mind, feeling that the right way to go would be to properly curry favour with Grandfather Bai and Bai Hao.

Regardless of whether or not this elder brother of his acknowledged him as his younger brother, Xue Ling would be a fool if he didn’t try to hug such a big golden thigh.

The system was perched on his lap, expression solemn as he spoke to Xue Ling: “Host, you haven’t asked me about Bai Yue’s wishes yet.”

Xue Ling was just preparing to pull on an eye mask and go to sleep. Hearing its words, he paused, puffing out his cheeks in discontent: "Fine, tell me. What was his wish?"

“He wants to pass his graduation exam and be the one to film that script that he wrote later on.”

“So simple?” Xue Ling did not even want to bother disparaging this young master's personality. It was enough that he was pure and aloof; he was tricked by others but had no plans of revenge, dying without knowing why, and even working hard for others for nothing in return. "He doesn't want to take revenge against that scum man and fake white lotus?"

“Apparently he doesn't really want to. I think he probably saw through the two.”

Xue Ling shrugged his shoulders. He didn't particularly care about what his body's original host was thinking. Since he was now living in this body, his actions would be based on his will.

As for the requirement that he had to shoot a film and win an award, Xue Ling felt that there was no difficulty there at all. Bai family's big brother was the boss of an entertainment company - as long as he properly hugged those thighs, what couldn't he do?

Bai Hao, who was reading a document, suddenly felt that a wave of cold had swept over him, and his scalp turned numb.

The housekeeper sent a message that his cheap brother was returning home to eat tonight. Bai Hao thought about it and replied to say he would also be returning before tidying up the papers on the desk and tossing a portion of them to his secretary.

小白月光 - directly translated to mean 'little white moonlight'. It's Chinese slang that refers to someone who can be admired or loved from afar, but cannot be had.

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