Who Touched My Tail!

Chapter 26

3.3 - Itching to kneel at his feet

Xue Ling only went back upstairs after talking to the old man. The two suitcases were still untouched, and the only proof that this was where he was staying was the slight indentation on the bed. Bai Hao glanced around again after he entered, feeling oddly dissatisfied.

However, he suppressed this inexplicable discomfort, casually pulled over a chair and sat down, indicating that Xue Ling should follow suit. It appeared that his elder brother did not regard this place as someone else’s territory at all. “It’s fine if you want to enter the entertainment industry, but there are some things we have to properly discuss.”

Xue Ling pouted, thinking in his heart that it was no wonder he promised so quickly before - there were still hidden traps waiting for him. He took the papers from Bai Hao’s hand and looked through them with some astonishment. “These are?"

“These are several contracts for artists signing with White Light Entertainment." Bai Hao directly brought out several versions of the contract. “Which one do you want?”

Xue Ling didn’t even know what to say about this elder brother anymore. Putting several contracts in front of him… He wasn't an idiot; of course he would pick the best one. So he did not hesitate to say, “Platinum-level contract.”

Bai Hao's expression showed that this had been expected. He looked down and laughed: "You have a lion's appetite. This type of contract is signed by film emperors after proving their worth."

Xue Ling frowned, “How does elder brother know that I won't be a film emperor?”

Bai Hao looked at him without speaking.

Xue Ling also knew that based on the original owner’s setting limitations he should not have any acting ability, and so he pressed his lips together and changed tactics. "Elder brother, look~ since the contract is within the family, wouldn't you still have to give me any profits that went to company? Since it'll come to me anyway, it's better not to have the money be transferred back and forth, it's so troublesome that way. You also know that I still need investment for my film. I haven’t saved enough money over the years, and I'll need to get sponsorships. I'll really go hungry if I don't earn more."

Bai Hao looked at him with amusement. Who talked like this? What kind of argument is 'since it'll go to him anyway, so it's better to save time and transfer procedures'? "Are you really not planning to just amuse yourself as an amateur?”

“With heaven and earth as witnesses, when did I ever amuse myself with these kinds of things!" Xue Ling stared at the other party unhappily, as though disapproving of being talked about that way.

Bai Hao looked him over from top to bottom, then from his feet back up to his head several times, and it was not known what he was thinking. “Then you have to promise me not to cause trouble, not to take risks, and not to do any of those hideously messy things.”

“I promise!” Xue Ling raised his hand and swore without even having to think about it.

Only for Bai Hao to pull his hand back down. “Don’t be happy so soon. Your film still needs investment. Where are you going to get sponsorships?”

Xue Ling did in fact know someone who would unhesitatingly throw money at him, but he did not want to have any close connection with that scum gong; he was unwilling to even have him as an investment associate. His eyes darted around and finally fell on the man sitting in front of him.

Bai Hao could not properly describe this kind of itchy feeling in his heart. In any case, when he looked at that expression that was clearly planning to scheme against himself, his heart was filled with a rush of warmth. That feeling where he wanted to offer up everything the other party wanted in front of him with both hands was more fervent than any other time.

Then he was stunned. Which time?

When had his younger brother ever asked for anything from him? Over the past two decades, the amount of words they have exchanged could clearly be counted with two hands…

“Elder brother, you're a good person~ why don't you invest in your poor, starving younger brother's film?" His smile was particularly appealing, and together with his delicate features, he appeared especially spoiled and charming. The system silently covered its face with its tail; it would be bad if its host ordered it to dig out its eyes after witnessing such black deeds…

Bai Hao watched his brother’s face as the latter tried to curry favour and couldn't help wanting to laugh. And then, he seemed to discover that he was laughing a little too often today and shifted his gaze, eyes landing on the contracts Xue Ling had tossed to one side. He wrinkled his brows: "Let’s make a bet. If you win, I’ll provide the investment, help you find actors, and help you prepare everything you'll need."

Xue Ling did not expect that such a good thing would happen, unhesitatingly nodding his head. "Let's bet! What's there not to bet over?"

Bai narrowed his eyes before opening his mouth to say, "Go and sign a contract with White Light Entertainment without my assistance, and without utilizing your background and connections with Bai Family. If you can get a silver level contract or above, I will help you invest and specifically assign people to help you manage your career. Your movie will also be added onto White Light Entertainment's release schedule with the best preferential treatment."

As soon as Xue Ling heard this, he knew that Bai Hao was going back on what he had said before. Clearly he had just promised to help him sign a contract, but now he's not acknowledging it and setting a bet instead. But, it's also not a bad thing like this - it's more challenging. Xue Ling picked up the contracts beside him, stuffed them into Bai Hao's hand, and ushered him out of the room.

“Good, good, good. If elder brother says to bet, then I'll bet. Only, you can't go back on your word when I win."

Bai Hao let Xue Ling push him out of the room, opening the door to see their housekeeper looking at them with some surprise. His smile faded as he nodded and left immediately.

Xue Ling stretched out his head to see the housekeeper. The housekeeper laughed awkwardly, having inexplicably felt that the Young Master's gaze towards himself was somewhat cold. “Little Young Master, as you will be staying in the main house in the future, is there anything else you need in the room? You can make a list and I will arrange it."

Xue Ling blinked – he had not thought of this place as his home. It was just a place similar to the hotel, so he had no particular requirements for living here. But since the housekeeper had already asked, he didn’t mind making it more comfortable.

The system was still in its original spot and remained unmoving, waiting until Xue Ling closed the door before it jumped up to say, “Why does host want to act? Bai Yue clearly had no such wish.”

“My task is to change the fate of the protagonist, not to satisfy Bai Yue’s wishes. Besides, his wishes are so simple that they are not challenging at all.” The system's lips twitched as it thought deeply to itself, 'Since host was idle enough to purposely make trouble, it would definitely make sure he had no time in the next world to do more of these random things.'

“Is it necessary to enter the entertainment industry as an actor in order to change the fate of the protagonist?"

“Yes, of course. I want to ruin the reputation he has accumulated bit by bit, so that when he finally is utterly discredited, no one will mourn for him.” He pulled off his sweater in one move and started to unbutton his shirt. “Doesn’t he care the most about his work with Lin Yi? I will make Lin Yi hate him, his fans leave him, and finally let him ruin himself."

System: “…” How much enmity…

Seeming to know what the system was thinking, Xue Ling squinted and pinched the system's tail. “Don’t forget, he took a life just because he was a little envious. He and Bai Yue had no grievances or enmity. What gave him the right to hate Bai Yue just because he had a bad life, to the point of destroying him? Since we need to change their fate, we must be thorough and ensure he will not rise again one day.”

System: “…” It was reasonable and couldn’t be refuted at all.

Xue Ling threw down his shirt, opened his suitcase, pulled out a bathrobe, and went to take a bath.

The system looked at his back and wondered if there was something wrong with its host. He appeared to be fine in the last world, so why was his air of ruthlessness so strong in this world…

Lin Yi received news of Xue Ling's return to China on the second day of his arrival. He called to say that he wanted to meet up with Bai Yue, and while they were at it, he could also introduce some other young masters in the circle. It would be too embarrassing if he didn't recognize them if they met again in the future.

Xue Ling was having lunch with Old Master Bai at that time, and Old Master Bai also felt that it was reasonable, suggesting that Xue Ling go out to mingle. Xue Ling thought about it and agreed.

This party should be part of the plot—Bai Yue and Sun Jianan's first meeting. If he didn't go, he would be missing out on a chance to stimulate him. It was Bai Yue's vague disdain towards him during this gathering that led to Sun Jianan's misfortune in the last life.

Xue Ling did not think that there was anything wrong with Bai Yue expressing some unhappiness. If a poor imitation of anyone were to appear in front of themselves, and was even their friend's little lover, anyone would feel like pushing them away.

Bai Hao was always very busy and did not go home for lunch. Last night he only came back early to meet Xue Ling. When Xue Ling woke up today, he had already gone to work. He was clearly a big boss, but he still went out early and returned late.

Xue Ling roughly tidied up his room and put his things away. After he saw that the room now had a little bit of personality, he slowly pulled out two items of clothing, took a bath, and prepared to go out.

Old Master Bai had gone fishing with someone, and there was nobody else at home tonight. Xue Ling also didn’t drag on for too long and left while there was still daylight. It was just that he didn't go directly to the gathering, but went to the mall first.

Although Bai Yue had lots of clothes, Xue Ling did not like them, and so he needed to buy some to make it more convenient later on when he had to dress up as a star.

Sigh. It was rare that he would want to be famous. Why didn't any scouts hand him olive branches along the way?

The upper circle in Hai City was quite big, with a lot second or third generation elites. Even if there was no deep friendship between them, they had all seen each other around a few times and more or less recognized each other. Lin Yi booked out a bar just to hold a welcome back party for him. Bai Yue could be considered an eccentric, seldom participating in these kinds of occasions. Although many people knew that there was a second young master in the Bai family, they had never seen him. So, this introduction party was something that needed to happen. Xue Ling made note of this in his heart for the scum gong.

Bai family was considered very important in Hai City. In Bai Hao's circles, Young Master Bai was a famous genius, and even the older generation would praise him with a thumbs up when his name came up in conversation. The heads of those families who wielded power would also have to give Bai Hao some face. So, many people showed up to see Xue Ling at his party.

The bar was full of people, and it was bustling with noise and excitement. When Xue Ling pushed the door open and entered, someone was just uncorking a bottle of champagne, spraying it all in the air, causing cheers that overwhelmed the music.

Xue Ling’s footsteps slowed, and his lips twitched. Although he hadn't attended such a party before, he had heard a little about it. In this kind of messy environment, it would be prudent to be somewhat on guard.

Lin Yi's eyes brightened noticeably when he saw Bai Yue. He came over with a wine glass in his hand and casually hooked an arm around Xue Ling's neck, pulling him over to introduce him to everyone: "This person here is the second young master of the Bai family, Bai Yue. He'll be developing his career here in China in the future. When everyone runs into him in the future, they better clear out their eyes and be careful not to go against him!" He spoke these words somewhat jokingly, and many people jeered, so he continued to speak: "Second young master Bai is a good friend of mine. If you offend him, you offend me!"

There was another uproar from the people around them.

Xue Ling expressionlessly removed Lin Yi’s hand from his neck, tilted his head, seeming to want to shake off the terrible feeling of being pulled over by the neck. He then smiled and said, “I'm indebted to everyone for their kindness in coming over to see me. I, Bai Yue, am not a well-known person, but in the future we will all be mixing in the same circles in Hai City. Please remember to look out for me a bit, and when we are all more familiar, if there are any requests someday, help out where you can!"

Someone held up their glass and shouted, "Master Bai, a toast!"

Xue Ling grabbed a glass of wine from a waiter’s tray and shouted, “Today's expenses are all on me! Let's have fun!"

The scene was completely chaotic, like a host of demons dancing in riotous revelry. Xue Ling lifted his head and downed his glass of wine as soon as he finished talking, causing someone at the side to comment that he was really worthy of being Second Young Master Bai—how straightforward, really willing to down the whole glass when they call out 'bottoms up'.

Xue Ling took time to answer that person's words with a smile. He appeared totally different from when he was at home; switching from an obedient child into a wild and overbearing rich second generation in only a few seconds.

He tossed his head back and laughed wilfully, intoxicating red lips damp from the wine he had just drunk. It was clearly an angelic face, but because of that pair of slightly uptilted eyes and those flashing eye moles, he looked infinitely bewitching.

Lin Yi totally lost himself looking at this version of Bai Yue. He had thought up many scenarios about how his reunion with Bai Yue would go, but never once had he thought it would be like this.

It was totally different from the past, but unexpectedly dazzling, so much so that Lin Yieven lost himself for an instant, itching to kneel at his feet and beg for him to lower his head and give him a glance.

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