Wife is Fierce, Don’t Mess With Her!

Chapter 703

Chapter 703: Untitled

Gu Qingjiu got to see Helian Niancheng’s father on her first day in Penalan.

His father, Helian Xi, was just as she had seen on the information she read online.

He had a refined and elegant disposition, like a natural-born aristocrat.

He must have been countless girls’ Prince Charming in his younger days.

As for his temperament, he was rather amiable as well.

He could even be considered humorous.

It was a little wonder that he was the chief diplomat.

This family treated Gu Qingjiu so well it exceeded her expectations.

As for Helian Niancheng, in terms of temperament, he seemed to take after Hilda.

Hilda’s assertiveness wasn’t concealed beneath the surface, whereas Helian Niancheng was equally assertive both on the surface and in his heart.

The dinner went rather pleasantly. At night, Gu Qingjiu was arranged to have her room.

It went without saying that she couldn’t possibly sleep with Helian Niancheng here.

On her first night in a foreign land, Gu Qingjiu couldn’t sleep that well.

Especially since before she went to bed, several servants had helped her lay out the bed, and the service was so attentive that someone handed her a towel when she bathed.

Gu Qingjiu wasn’t used to this.

After taking an uneasy shower, she laid down on the bed.

Although the Helian family treated her exceedingly well, she started feeling a tad lonely.

This bedroom was more than double the size of her bedroom back at home. It was so big that it gave off a feeling of emptiness.

It was also her first time sleeping on a luxurious large palace bed, and she also wasn’t used to that.

Still, the place was very down-to-earth in the sense that there was wifi.

Gu Qingjiu laid on the bed and played with her phone. At this time, Helian Niancheng and his family were off to attend some family meetings, so she guessed that he would come and look for her later. Hence, she was waiting up for Helian Niancheng.

Just then, she heard the door open.

The rooms here were left unlocked, but the servants wouldn’t dare to open the doors without permission.

Gu Qingjiu turned her head over and saw that the person entering was Charlotte. She had already opened the door before knocking on it. “May I come in?”

The little girl’s voice was soft and delicate.

Gu Qingjiu was especially fond of this little girl, so she immediately nodded. “Sure, come on in.”

Charlotte walked in, clad in a black and white little vest that appeared very cool.

She walked over and sat in a sloped way on the edge of the bed. “I heard that your name is Gu Qingjiu.”

Her pronunciation was very standard when she spoke her name in Mandarin.

Gu Qingjiu nodded with a smile. “Yes, your Mandarin is very fluent.”

Charlotte smiled.

At that moment, Gu Qingjiu believed that if there existed a fairy on earth, Charlotte would be a representative.

She was like a little fairy, and when she smiled, it felt like the world shimmered.

“I heard from my mother that your Chinese name is very beautiful. I feel so too.”

Gu Qingjiu was astonished. “Your mother?”

However, Charlotte merely smiled and didn’t reply to that. Just then, Helian Niancheng walked in from outside. At the sight of Charlotte, he frowned and said, “Charlotte, what are you doing here?”

When Charlotte saw Helian Niancheng, she turned her head casually then walked over. “Lance, I just came over to see your girlfriend. You’re thinking too much.”

Charlotte indeed didn’t at all resemble an ordinary little girl when she spoke.

Helian Niancheng cast a cold glance at Charlotte, who swung her arm and walked out.

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