Wife, You Can't Run After Eating

Chapter 97 part3

C97part3 Feng Zhiyao looked at the fragrant fish soup with wolfberry and asked, “Xingyuan, this Fish Head Soup smells really good, eat more!”

Wen Xingyuan laughed upon hearing this, “Yao’er, I’ve never liked eating fish since I was young, you should eat fish instead.”

“Oh, alright then. I’ll try it.” Feng Zhiyao smiled and picked up the chopsticks, feeling that the taste was strange, she shook her head and did not touch the fish soup with wolfberry again.

“Why does the fish soup with wolfberry smell so bad?” Wen Xingyuan noticed her frown and asked.

“Yeah, it’s not that delicious. Alright, I’m full. Take me back. ” Feng Zhiyao yawned. She was so sleepy, it was better to go back and sleep.

“Who is the young master Wen?” Another waiter came in, but this time he brought an unfamiliar beggar in.

“I am. Why are you looking for me?” Just as Wen Xingyuan wanted to stand up, he sat on the chair again and asked.

“I was entrusted by someone to send a letter to young master Wen before leaving.” The beggar passed the envelope to Wen Xingyuan.

Wen Xingyuan opened the envelope and saw a few words, “If you don’t want anything to happen to the iron ore, come to Autumn Wave Stable to duel!”

“Who sent you?” Wen Xingyuan asked indifferently.

“A man in black.” the beggar replied.

“Did you say anything else?” Wen Xingyuan asked again.

“Never!” The beggar shook his head.

“Mm, you can go.” Wen Xingyuan smirked. Who was this, if something were to happen to the mines that threatened him in the Wen Family, he would go and meet him in the Autumn Wave Stable.

“Xingyuan, what did the higher ups say?” When Feng Zhiyao raised her head and saw Wen Xingyuan’s strange expression, she asked in concern.

“It’s nothing, it’s just a matter of business. Yao’er, I’m very sorry, looks like I can’t personally send you back to the Prime Minister’s Mansion anymore.” Wen Xingyuan did not want Feng Zhiyao to worry about him, so he apologized as his eyes flashed.

“Don’t worry, don’t I have Wusha’s protection? Besides, I can also use the light skill, so you don’t have to worry about anything happening to me since we are very close to Prime Minister’s Mansion. ” Feng Zhiyao comforted her with a gentle smile.

“Alright, since that’s the case, I’ll take my leave first.” Wen Xingyuan slowly stood up and looked at Feng Zhiyao wistfully for a few moments before reluctantly leaving.

Feng Zhiyao snickered, was this man falling more and more in love with her?

“Elder sister, let’s go back,” said Yan Wusha as he played with a blue and white porcelain bowl.

“Today, none of you should even think about going to the battling stars!” At this time, the guard under Xuanyuan Haofei suddenly jumped in through the window.

“Who are you?” Feng Zhiyao raised her eyebrows, thinking to herself, with so many clowns, there must be some idiot who hated her so much that she could brought them here to let Yan Wusha practice with.

“You don’t need to know.” Unexpectedly, the attentive Feng Zhiyao was able to hear his voice.

“You … You are the waiter who carried the fish soup with wolfberry! ” Feng Zhiyao was shocked, could this person have already poisoned the Fish Head Soup? Realizing this, she immediately went to pick at her throat.

“It’s useless. After the Charming Spring Dew entered your mouth, it quickly entered your internal organs. You won’t be able to dig it out!” He sneered.

“Wusha, his mouth is so annoying. Elder sister wants you to poach him!” When Feng Zhiyao heard the three words “Charming Spring Dew”, the wind blew wildly around her. Why did it sound like “sex drug”?

Which man should she go and have fun with? What a headache!

Who told her to be so troubled, she’ll f * cking make things difficult for them!

“Yes, sister!” Yan Wusha smashed a small blue and white porcelain bowl with his hand, and said to the people watching by the door, “You, you! If you don’t want to die, then scram! ”

When the guard saw him standing there, he immediately remembered who the man was. He was so strange, and the Duke had said that the man was an assassin.

Thinking about it, the hidden guard’s body started to exude a strong sense of shock. He was afraid of Yan Wusha from the bottom of his heart, so who was that Yan Wusha?

Everyone was afraid of him now. Although he did not know what he looked like, he would throw a bowl before he killed anyone, letting everyone know that he was here!

His voice was mighty, making anyone who saw him feel as if they had encountered the Ten Yama Kings!

“You … “Who are you?” the man asked Yan Wusha.

“Elder sister says my name is Yan Wusha, who are you, hit me, if you don’t, scram! I don’t have the leisure to chat with you! ” Yan Wusha said in anger.

“Wusha, don’t waste words with him, open his eyes wide!” Feng Zhiyao lifted the teacup, and elegantly lifted the lid of the cup. Her face was calm and tranquil, but her heart felt as if it was being tormented, and she knew that the heat in her body was swelling like a raging fire. She had to find a man close by to deal with it!

“Elder sister, I understand.” Once Yan Wusha gave the order, he did not waste time talking to the guard anymore. He accurately pierced the two pieces of porcelain pieces into the eyes of the guard, causing them to bleed profusely.

“Ah, my eyes. My eyes! “Your highness, quickly save this servant, your highness!” The hidden guard grabbed in all directions, grabbed Zi Yun’s skirt, and was pushed out of the window by Zi Yun in the end.

When the surrounding people saw how cruel Yan Wusha’s methods were, they all hid far away, not daring to take a step closer.

“Zi Yun, well done, haha.” Feng Zhiyao laughed as she praised.

“Big sister, why didn’t you kill that person?” Yan Wusha asked.

“Just killing him with a single slash will not result in the same pleasure as torturing him, hur hur.” Feng Zhiyao forced herself to remain calm.

“Feng Zhiyao, you actually injured the secret guard this duke has meticulously trained with. It’s something to endure, not something to endure.” Xuanyuan Haofei flew out from the crowd and landed in front of Feng Zhiyao.

“Oh no, Xingyuan was tricked by you!” Feng Zhiyao was secretly surprised, did Xuanyuan Haofei come here so quickly to seek revenge?

“Hahaha, the woman This King has taken a liking to is indeed smart. How can This King be willing to give up on you like this?” Xuanyuan Haofei’s face was terrifyingly gloomy and his laughter was sinister, making Feng Zhiyao feel as if he was the Satan from hell.

“Xuanyuan Haofei, he’s your subordinate right?” Feng Zhiyao asked coldly. What a guy, he had schemed against her, and even used his worst move, the sex drug.

“So what if I am? Today, you! It was impossible to escape! Someone, take down that fool and her personal little girl! ” Xuanyuan Haofei scratched his chin that he thought was round and smooth, and laughed craftily, then shouted fiercely.

Xuanyuan Haofei had come prepared this time, so he naturally brought a few dozen hidden guards with him.

“Elder sister, you and Sister Zi Yun should leave first, I will stay behind to cover my retreat!” When Yan Wusha saw the dozens of black-clothed men appearing in the small room, his expression was displeased, but the tone in which he spoke to Feng Zhiyao was extremely good.

“Okay, Wusha, be careful. Zi Yun, let’s go quickly.” Feng Zhiyao felt that Yan Wusha was right. If she and Zi Yun stayed behind, she would definitely become a burden to Yan Wusha.

“Princess, you go first. This servant has his own ways to deal with it!” Zi Yun was deeply moved by Feng Zhiyao’s actions, she didn’t forget to bring him along, so she decided to stay and help Yan Wusha deal with the enemy.

“No, if you keep staying, you will only implicate him. Come with me!” Feng Zhiyao stretched out her hand to try to pull Zi Yun, but unexpectedly, she was pushed out of the window by Zi Yun.

“Zi Yun — — ah —” Seeing that she was in midair, just as Feng Zhiyao was about to use the light skill to avoid the danger of her butt landing on the ground, she suddenly hit a good-looking man!

Feng Zhiyao had personally seen many peerless beauties, including those from ancient times and foreign countries. However, all the beauties that looked at her from the start were not as pleasing to her eyes as the one in front of her, as their skin and bones were white as ice.

She was as pure as snow, sparkling and translucent. Her beauty was ice-cold, and she was frail. It was possible that her touch would melt upon touching him.

“You look familiar, but where have you seen her?” The Young Master pushed her away from him. His actions were very gentle, and gave Feng Zhiyao a good impression of him.

“No, by the way, Young Noble, can you save my life?!” Now that Feng Zhiyao was being tormented by the Charming Spring Dew, he wanted to become stronger on the spot.

“Young Master, please let go of this lady. Don’t make things difficult for my prince!” Otherwise — uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! “From the window upstairs, he could see the head of a guard leaning against a wall.

“Since I have already saved her, she will naturally belong to me!” The man sneered. What a prince! He actually dared to steal a commoner’s daughter.

But strangely, why did he feel a strange sense of familiarity towards her, as if he had seen her somewhere before?

“Gongzi, stop wasting time with him. Hurry up and take me to the inn, I’m injured!” Feng Zhiyao immediately said.

In any case, the Duke of Feng Liu would be entangled by Yan Wusha and Zi Yun! She had to solve her own problem first!

She finally remembered who this man was. She had only seen him once from far away in Jade Lake Restaurant!

He was Young Master Fu Xuecan, from Plum Villa, and this time they had a merry relationship, she was not at a loss, he was a beautiful man! Forget it, let’s eat him first!

He shouldn’t be so shameless as to make her take responsibility!

She could not hold it in any longer. This damned sex drug!

When the man saw her grimace in pain, he quickly took her to a nearby fish restaurant.

Just as the man put her down on the bed and was about to leave, Feng Zhiyao tapped on his back with an acupoint.

“Fu Xuecan, please help me!” As Feng Zhiyao said this, she took off the elegant muslin skirt, revealing her beautiful curves. At this moment, she was only wearing her lily-white underpants and a bra.

“You know me? You want to seduce me? ” Fu Xuecan’s gaze made contact with the girl’s smiling face, and his eyes faintly flashed. No wonder he felt that she was familiar with the Dragon Group’s secret service.

“I have no other choice, King of Qi Xuanyuan Haofei ordered his men to plant Charming Spring Dew s for me secretly, so — So please help me no matter what! Don’t worry, after this is over, I won’t let you go, you won’t have any burdens! Please help me! ” Feng Zhiyao pressed the sharp fingernail into her palm. Only when it was in pain did she feel her brain become clearer, she said.

“Alright.” Fu Xuecan smiled. So it was her, no wonder he was very familiar with her, he had seen her once from afar in the Jade Lake Restaurant.

“You agree?” That’s right. For such a good thing, even men would agree to it. Forget it, let’s first deal with the heat.

“Yes.” Fu Xuecan nodded, it was an interesting woman.

“Do you have any experience with matters between men and women?” Feng Zhiyao boldly asked.

Fu Xuecan was startled, he shook his head: “Busy with the business, not yet!”

“Fine, I’ll do it. You do it at my command!” When Feng Zhiyao heard that he was a virgin, she immediately became excited, the heat in her body immediately flaring up.

“Deal!” Fu Xuecan nodded, then he extended his arm and hugged onto Feng Zhiyao, “You pointed the wrong acupoint. Stupid woman! ” The light reprimand was laced with a deep love.

“Then don’t you find the wrong place to attack later!” Feng Zhiyao stuck out her tongue. Luckily she met a man that she found pleasing to the eye, and seemed to be very straightforward!

Feng Zhiyao suddenly remembered that when Helan had made a mistake with him for the first time and made a mistake, he had only just reminded him.

“The effects of the drug are about to take effect. What crazy actions did I do? Please forgive me!” The pain in Feng Zhiyao’s hand had already disappeared, and what replaced it was a crazy, warm feeling in her body, as if it was about to devour her.

As expected, the next scene was enough to cause anyone to cough up nosebleed.

The woman, who was supposed to be gentle and gentle, was like a vicious beast as she plundered the body of the little lamb. She ravaged it crazily with scratches all over, and her eyes surged with a feverish bloodlust as her strength was astonishing …

The man who should have been domineering was now like a tender little sheep, weakly enduring the wild and scorching devastation.

This time, Fu Xuecan was extremely clear on how the ferocious girl was refined!

As expected, the Charming Spring Dew’s power was astonishing, causing Feng Zhiyao to want it countless times.

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