World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0025 - Granduncle

Chapter 25: Granduncle

“In the end, what martial skill did you use?” the Yao Family Elder asked with an ugly complexion. If Chen Xiang hadn’t cultivated the peerless divine exercise, it would have been impossible for him to endure with just his 6th level of Mortal Martial Realm strength.

Chen Xiang didn’t answer, but clenched both his fists, and in the next moment, two tiger heads once again appeared above them. Step by step he advanced, and in the blink of an eye, only his fist’s shadow was visible, and like numerous ferocious tigers, they bombarded on Yao Family Elder. After each and every fists, a violent explosion took place, resulting in the ground to continuously shake. After the Yao elder was struck 10 times, his True Qi encompassing his body shattered. He had to use his own body to resist the rest of Chen Xiang’s storm like fists.

Chen Xiang fist were not only violent but fierce and ruthless too, each fist struck on Yao Family Elder’s body, making everyone shudder. They were thinking about what would happen if they were hit by those fists!

At this point everyone present in the field was staring with their mouths wide open. Looking at Chen Xiang’s oppressive attacks, if they had not personally watched this, it would have been difficult for them to believe that a sixteen year old teenager actually made a Yao Family Elder, a punching bag. This level of strength sent shivers down their spines.

“Competing with the Yao Family members is simply humiliating! Willing to bet but does not concede when they’ve lost, get out of here!” Chen Xiang shouted while he sent a flying kick towards the body of the Yao Family Elder, which sent him towards the nearby Yao Family bodyguards. The Yao Family Elder had already fainted due to severe injuries, several of his bones were broken by Chen Xiang’s [Heavenly tiger Storm Killing Fists].

At this time, everyone suspected that it was some sort of illusion, as they simply couldn’t believe that Chen Xiang was capable of seriously injuring the Yao Family Elder! This time they were convinced, Chen Xiang must have practiced a peerless martial skill otherwise it would be impossible for him to have this level of strength.

Yao Tianhua and the Yao Family Elder came up on stage, on their legs, but now they were being carried out. Moreover they asked for it, today’s matter was observed by many people. Even if the Yao Family wanted to pursue the Chen Family, they could not say anything. After all it was the Yao Family who acted first.

Late at night, everyone who was invited to the Chen Family banquet departed in full excitement, they were not at all disappointed with the Chen Family’s banquet.

Although everyone left, the banquet still kept on going, this was the Chen Family’s own banquet. All the broken tables, chairs and spoilt food was now being replaced, the table’s were once again filled with delicacies and good wines. The Chen Family were celebrating for their new patriarch and cheered for, the birth of a new powerful figure, Chen Xiang. This could make the whole Chen Family’s status elevate.

In the morning, sunlight was shining on the chaotic field. On the field a large number of Chen Family members were dead drunk, but Chen Tianhu and numerous elders were energetic like dragons and fierce as tigers. After all they were the main support of the Chen Family and they needed to remain vigilant at all times.

Chen Xiang and Chen Tianhu sent off the Chen Family branch commanders, only after this they let out a sigh of relief.

“Dad, inside Wohu City only Spirit Dan Hall sells dans. Later on when we buy dans from them, it will definitely be expensive, which is very troublesome for us.” Chen Xiang said with a wry smile.

Chen Tianhu rubbed his temples and said: “Now are you thinking about this? You ruthlessly humiliated the Yao Family and now you want your father to wipe your ass?!”

Chen Xiang stuck out his tongue and then asked: “It’s not a big problem… right?”

Chen Tianhu coldly replied: “Rest assured, although the Yao Family is a dan aristocratic family, our Chen Family is definitely not a vegetarian! But the issue regarding dans is a bit hard to solve.”

[ED: The vegetarian bit might confuse some, but it basically means they are not scared to spill blood.]

At this time one sound came: “Actually this issue is not at all hard to solve, under the heavens it is not just the Yao Family who sells dans, although Spirit Dan Hall is the Yao Family property but what about other cities?”

The voice belonged to Spirit Dan Hall Lord, his name was known to only few people, even Chen Tianhu was not clear about it.

“Hall lord, although I won the bet with Yao Tianhua but you are still free, except that you can’t return to Spirit Dan Hall, aside from that you can go anywhere you want!”Said Chen Xiang.

Spirit Dan Hall Lord replied: “Do not call me hall lord, this old man is a well-known figure, I’m called Chen Luzhong!”

This name came as a surprise to Chen Xiang and Chen Tianhu, to their surprise Spirit Dan Hall Lord was surnamed Chen! Chen Xiang’s grandfather was also called Chen Luhong, so it came as a surprise for Chen Tianhu.

“Ha-ha-ha, do you know why your grandfather and I have so much hatred?” Chen Luzhong looked at Chen Xiang and laughingly asked: “Because he is my elder brother, simply because I was not able to become patriarch at that time and had some conflict with him, I left the family. After leaving the family, I started to learn alchemy and at last established Spirit Dan Hall, using it I planned to make amends with your grandfather.”

“Since he has left the Chen Family, then I have nothing to come back for. If you want this old man I’m willing to solve the dan problem for you.” Chen Luzhong turned his head and looked at the Chen Family main gate, the expression in his eyes was as if he fondly remembered something.

Chen Xiang with a smile said: “Granduncle, if you can stay behind it will be definitely good. Otherwise the whole dan issue will become a heavy burden that will fall on my head.”

Chen Tianhu also said: “Uncle, Welcome back to the Chen Family!”

Chen Luzhong only slightly smiled, with sentimental countenance looking at Chen Tianhu: “When I left the Chen Family you were just a kid back then, I was very young at that time. Now I am too old, you youngsters look after the Chen Family.”

After last night’s banquet, Chen Xiang’s name had spread to elders of various forces, the Chen Family’s new position was also being evaluated.

The Chen Family now had two alchemists and they wouldn’t need to worry about dans, but at present the only root of the problem was herbs source. For low level herbs it was not an issue, however high level herbs were rather expensive and rare. The Yao Family held the majority of many high level herbs.

Inside a private room, Chen Xiang, with Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao, was discussing the situation of the Chen Family. He was hoping that before he joined a martial arts sect, the Chen Family would become very powerful.

“This is not a problem, your Chen Family is only missing the herbs! You can just go to the nearby city and simply buy some and return. You can first sell that Blood Spirit Grass.” Su Meiyao said while playing with the Thousand Year Beast Dan.

Chen Xiang said with some sorrow: “That is but thousand year old Blood Spirit Grass, it is very rare.”

Su Meiyao placed back the Thousand Year Beast Dan in Chen Xiang’s hand and laughingly said: “Don’t you have the [Dragon Saliva Exercise]? So long as you have time, even the ten thousand old Blood Spirit Grass is not a problem. However Blood Spirit Grass is a Low Level Spirit Herb, and no matter how high its maturity is, its efficiency is far too limited, however that Hell Spirit Grass is pretty good!”

Dragon Saliva, it could accelerate growth of spirit herbs. If one kind of spirit herb was continuously nourished with it, then you could grow the spirit herb with high maturity, Chen Xiang after thinking this through became restless, he wanted to try something. He wanted to see if he could grow a ten thousand year old Blood spirit grass.

Su Meiyao, as if she could see through his thoughts in a tender voice, said: “Do not try to attempt to mature the Blood Spirit Grass up to ten thousand years, that is simply a waste. When it is used to nourish other high ranking spirit herbs it will be more cost-effective! You should know the [Dragon Saliva Exercise] congeals out the essence of sun and moon, plus the Dragon Saliva is congealed out only by using your Azure Dragon True Qi, you do not have the liberty to waste it at will.”

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