World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0027 - Killer

Chapter 27: Killer

After packing up some simple things and slightly changing his appearance, Chen Xiang started his solitary journey towards King City. With his strength, as long as his opponent was not someone above the 8th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm, it was difficult for them to pose any threat to him. In the whole Southern Martial Empire there were not many who had reached the 8th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm, so Chen Tianhu was assured about his safety.

The distance from Wohu City to King City was relatively far, and one needed to travel at least five or six days to reach their destination. Along the way there was no noticeable danger, unless one was seeking death and tried to enter the mountain forest where demon beasts frequently roamed.

“Brat, currently you do not need to rush to enter those martial art sects, the competition inside those sects are very intense. If you do not have absolute strength, you will only further humiliate yourself!” Bai Youyou said.

“Understood, Sister Youyou!” Chen Xiang felt slightly warm in his heart as it was rare for this ice cold beauty to care about him.

At this time Chen Xiang was already very far away from Wohu City and had already arrived in the wilderness, this was the first time he been so far away from Wohu City, his heart was somewhat excited but also vigilant.

In the evening as the whole sky turned dark, Chen Xiang stopped at a nearby forest. While walking on the dirt road, Chen Xiang suddenly noticed some movements behind him.

“Damn, this father is already being followed, moreover there are several of them!” Chen Xiang cursed in his mind while increasing his guard. He operated his True Qi and gathered it at his feet so that he could quickly dodge or attack at any time.

“Do not panic, let them come out. If you cannot defeat them then just flee. With the help of the [Vermillion Bird Fire-Wing] you can easily escape.” Su Meiyao transmitted to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang replied with the help of his divine sense “I’m not panicking, I’m just in a bad mood, have they been stalking me for a long time? Have they been following me from Wohu City ?”

“Really useless, you were being followed since the beginning!” Bai Youyou said with contempt, which elevated the bad mood of Chen Xiang more.

Chen Xiang turned around and in a cold voice said: “How long are you going to follow me? All of you, get your fucking asses out here.”

Just shortly after he shouted.

‘shua shua shua’

Five masked black robed men appeared in front of him. He remembered that not long ago he had helped the Xue family children cope with some black robed killers, but he had not expected that he would also encounter them.

These five black robed men really had been following Chen Xiang from Wohu City. It's just that Chen Xiang had been very vigilant since the beginning, which made it harder for them to sneak attack him. Now that they had been discovered by Chen Xiang, their only choice was to come out and fight.

Only the eyes of the black robed men were visible, the expressions in their eyes were very dull. One could clearly see that they were certainly experienced in this line of business. As soon as they appeared each one took out a two-edged pitch black broadsword from their storage pouch, as they poured the True Qi, they raised their swords and at the same time leapt towards Chen Xiang.

The five killers actions were although simple but at the same time were also quick and ruthless. In the moment they leaped, two flames flickered in Chen Xiang’s eyes, hot Qi soared from his whole body, as Vermillion Bird True Qi suddenly poured into his arms. His right hand burst out with a fiery aura and a long fire whip congealed from Vermillion Bird True Qi appeared in his hand, it quickly swooped towards those five black robed men. As it brushed past the five of them, their robes were instantly ignited.

The five black robed men had to give up attacking Chen Xiang and retreated to one side. The flames compared to before were much more formidable now. They were not able to withstand the flames and some even had to discard their burning robes.

Chen Xiang exposed a sneer on his face, the fire whip in his hands mercilessly whipped towards a black robed man’s head. An explosion followed just after the fire whip struck the black robed man, which was then followed by a burst of fire aura which instantly incinerated the black robed man into ash.

The Vermillion Bird flames were no ordinary flames, they were cultivated from the divine exercise and was thus unmatched in power.

These five black robed men’s strengths were merely at the 5th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm, and with only this much strength, trying to assassinate Chen Xiang was just wishful thinking. Chen Xiang again started waving the fire whip, in the blink of an eye he had already whipped three black robed men and killed them.

These black robed men in front of the fire whip were like butter being in front of a hot knife. Their bodies were easily cut down in half with just a sweep of the fire whip!

Only with the help of a powerful divine sense was it possible to congeal True Qi into a strong weapon!

“Sister Youyou, do you have a way to make this guy talk?” Chen Xiang caught the remaining black robed man, but he refused to say anything.

Bai Youyou coldly smiled: “You asked the right person, just follow my instructions. First, with one hand hold down his head, then congeal out your divine sense. Operate your divine sense exactly as I tell you. First divide your divine sense in six parts and then pour it into his head from these six different locations.”

Chen Xiang complied immediately, this method was easy to understand and its results were also very quick. The black robed man’s eyes became noticeably sluggish and lost its lustre. He also did not make any effort to struggle like before.

“You can now ask him.” Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang praised this mysterious odd skill of Bai Youyou, then to the black robed man asked: “Who sent you to kill me?”

“Yao Family seventh elder!” The voice of the black robed man was stiff and was without any trace of emotion.

A trace of ruthlessness flashed in the eyes of Chen Xiang, he had not thought it would turn out to be the Yao Family who sent them, he continued and asked “Where is he now?”

“On his way to King City.” That black robed man replied.

Chen Xiang lifted up the black robed man by his robes and asked: “Did you also try to assassinate those family juniors?”

“Yes.” The black robed man replied.

Chen Xiang’s countenance was solemn as well as surprised, this matter turned out to be related to the Yao Family.

“Why would the Yao Family try to assassinate those families’ children attending the banquet?” Chen Xiang once again asked.

“I do not know!” Black robe man replied.

Chen Xiang asked a few other questions, when he could not get anything out of the black robed man, he killed him and incinerated his body.

The sky was completely dark, various stars were shining in the sky and suddenly a vibrant red light soared across the sky. It looked similar to an ordinary meteor, but a meteor does not travel horizontally.

That light was Chen Xiang. After releasing his [Vermillion Bird fire-wing] he immediately rushed through the night to chase the Yao family seventh elder, it was exactly the Yao elder who was previously wounded by him!

Releasing True Qi he transformed it into wings. Not only did he consume a large amount of his divine sense, but he also simultaneously consumed a lot of True Qi. But since Chen Xiang practiced the Five Elements True Qi, only the fire attributed Vermillion Bird True Qi was consumed, while the Azure dragon True Qi within his body was in surplus.

It should be known that martial skills capable of transforming True Qi into wings were not many. This type of martial skills were extremely rigorous because True Qi is needed to be emitted from the back, which required an accurate control of divine sense to transform it into wings, this would make them look similar to the wings of a bird. The slightest mistake and the user would fall down,which was very dangerous. These kind of martial skills were regarded as treasures by the martial artists. Chen Xiang learned from Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao that even in those martial arts sects, such skills were extremely rare.

So at the time of casting this skill Chen Xiang was especially careful, as he wanted to catch up with Yao Family Elder convoy without delay.

If others could try to kill him, why could he not do the same?

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