World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0030 - Teach a lesson

Chapter 30: Teach a lesson

Although Chen Xiang’s appearance was pretty simple, he looked like a teen who had just left his mother’s embrace. But just from his roar alone, it was evidently clear to the bodyguards how powerful Chen Xiang was,,so they did not dare to move against him.

"You are the shopkeeper here?"

After hearing his words, all the bodyguards and the people watching from outside burst into laughter.

"You don’t even know the shopkeeper and still came here to make trouble?" One body guard said while laughing.

"You have not heard about shopkeeper Hua, right? You should have heard of the city’s third young master! Our shopkeeper Hua is Governor Hua's third child, you are just seeking death by trying to provoke shopkeeper Hua!" Another bodyguard said as he sneered.

[TLN: Governor here is City lord (城主)]

After the Huafu wearing man heard people mention his name, his face could not help but reveal a sliver of pride, he nodded and said: "I'm the shopkeeper of this place, Hua Xin, why have you come!"

[TLN: Huafu is a Chinese noble dress]


[TLN: spitting in contempt]

Chen Xiang laughingly said: "I don't give a shit! If you really had some skill, you would not even be here to be a shopkeeper by your father’s arrangement, when you came here to be a shopkeeper, in your father's eyes, you were already deemed hopeless!"

This remark startled everyone, they did not expect Chen Xiang would dare to say something like this face to face! Hua Xin's complexion turned extremely ugly, Chen Xiang’s statement wasn’t far from the truth. As the son of one of the prominent figures capable of influencing one region, coming to this place and taking care of business really was nothing to be proud of, only the status was somewhat noble.

"I’ll ask you again, was our store smashed by you and your people?" Chen Xiang’s complexion became incomparably cold.

"So what!" One bodyguard with face full of anger said: "Right, shopkeeper Hua took us there!"

Hua Xin’s face muscles started to twitch: "Turns out that you are here for revenge! Indeed it was I who brought people to that store."

The crowd of bodyguards behind Hua Xin started to shout out about how they damaged the store.

Chen Xiang coldly said: "You are only a pack of dogs, if desired, your master will not even hesitate to sell you lackeys as slaves, what are you so happy about? Glad to have found a good master?!"

"MONGREL, YOU SEEK DEATH!" One bodyguard angrily cursed and already started to rush towards him, meanwhile, in Chen Xiang's hand, threatening hot flames suddenly appeared.

A "Pa!" sound reverberated and immediately after that, painful screams were heard.

Chen Xiang, with his True Qi, congealed out a long whip and struck the face of the bodyguard which then made the bodyguard fly away! A charred black mark was left on the face of the bodyguard.

Seeing this, the group of bodyguards, although they were shocked, still rushed at him. After all, there were many of them while the opponent was only one.

Chen Xiang said in a cold voice, "Since you have already admitted to doing it, I have decided not to forgive you!"

Suddenly, a scorching hot Qi burst out from Chen Xiang’s body before he fiercely started to wave the fire whip in his hand. He lashed continuously with a speed so fast that other’s eyes could not even get a glimpse of it, it even produced numerous after images. For everyone, it was similar to Chen Xiang holding multiple whips and lashing at them.

Limitless fire whips, that were like innumerable salamanders, overwhelmingly lashed towards the group of bodyguards! Hua Xin and his bunch couldn’t even dodge, just in the blink of an eye, they were whipped innumerable times with the fire whip! The fire whip continued to lash at them with madness, lashing them on nearly every part of their body. This had left numerous charred black marks on them, burning them down to their marrow, making them yell due to the intermittent pain.

In just a few moments, each person had at least three whip-marks.

Releasing True Qi outside the body which created a form from it..

One could clearly see that he was at the 6th level of mortal martial realm! Chen Xiang's True Qi was terribly vigorous, like a scorching hot breath with an invisible powerful pressure. Chen Xiang's flames were cultivated out by the [Vermillion Bird divine exercise], Vermillion Bird was a revered beast, and any ordinary person in the face of such invisible almighty pressure would quiver in fear.

Hua Xin himself knew he had kicked an iron wall and unexpectedly annoyed a 6th level of mortal martial realm martial artist, but he remembered that earlier, the store only had a poor old man of an unknown origin.

"Danxiang Herbal Manor will not let you get away with this! Our Manor Lord is very powerful." Hua Xin, while grinding his teeth, spoke, but just as he finished speaking, a fire whip ruthlessly lashed on his mouth.

At this point, Hua Xin had to admit that the martial artist in front of him was indeed very powerful, in just a short moment of time and a little effort, he hit them to the extent that they couldn’t defend themselves anymore. Moreover, in their bodies, remnants of fire Qi were still left, if they fail to expel them out quickly, it will have huge effects on their future cultivation.

"Tell your manor lord, if he wants revenge, despite everything that has happened, he can come and find me in the store."

Chen Xiang dropped these words and left, although there were some bodyguards still left unharmed outside, no one dared to stop him.

After watching Chen Xiang leave, everyone present outside were slightly excited, they already started spreading rumours of what they saw.

In the backyard of the store, Chen Luzhong laughingly said, "Brat, you have not only offended the Danxiang Herbal Manor but also the King City governor, if I was you, I would have already left."

Chen Xiang spoke with a contemptuous look, "Granduncle, were you already aware that the shopkeeper was the King City's Governor's son? You disappeared in the blink of an eye."

Chen Luzhong smiled and said, "My old bones are not like you youngsters, I can’t afford to act crazily, therefore, the following matter is for you to resolve! I'm only responsible for some leisure matters, that’s all."

Chen Xiang had been rushing for several days, this time, he was very tired, so he wanted to rest well. Soon, he would have to face Danxiang Herbal Manor's lord and the King City Governor.

Chen Xiang had already made some plans to deal with them, that's why he dared to hit the Governor's son. After all, in this world, the power of wealth was extremely powerful, of course, the true strength was still a lot stronger compared to the power of wealth.

"Chen Xiang, that Danxiang Herbal Manor is very likely to be a branch division of one of the sects." Su Meiyao appeared from inside the ring and spoke to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang, at this time, was soaking in a bathtub. Su Meiyao’s sudden appearance shocked him, before he spoke, "Sister Meiyao, why didn't you say so earlier?"

Su Meiyao, while looking at Chen Xiang's exposed strong muscles, smiled charmingly: "Rest assured, Danxiang Taoyuan is a friendly sect, moreover, they make a clear distinction between right and wrong, I believe that the Manor Lord will not find you for trouble."

Chen Xiang let out a loose yet deep breath and smilingly said, "Sister Meiyao, the water is still quite warm, come bathe with me!"

"I'm going to let senior sister accompany you! Although she is icy, she very much likes taking hot baths." Su Meiyao chuckled as she spoke.

Chen Xiang coughed twice and asked, "Is Danxiang Taoyuan the name of the sect?"

Chen Xiang very much yearned to enter those big sects.

Su Meiyao came next to the big tub and said, "Among the eight major sects, Danxiang Taoyuan’s expertise regarding pills even makes other sects jealous."

"Then wouldn’t it be great for me to enter Danxiang Taoyuan? After all, it is an alchemy related sect."

Su Meiyao shook her head: "I don’t recommend you doing that. As for alchemy, I can teach you. You should enter the Extreme Martial Sect, when it comes to strength of the sect, it is at the pinnacle of all the eight major sects. It’s been founded for quite a number of years, and the first Dean of the Extreme Martial Sect is a legendary figure."

To be able to enter those martial arts sects, Chen Xiang cultivated even more diligently, because he had to reach the 9th level of mortal martial realm before he could truly start his journey.

[TLN: Danxiang Taoyuan(丹香桃源)= Pill Fragrance Paradise

Extreme martial sect (太武门) = Tai Wu Men]

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