World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: An Amazing Harvest!

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The swarm of Poison Wasps entered the black ball, and like a black hole, none of them were able to escape!

Everyone’s mouth was left agape.

They stuttered as they spoke. Their eyes were glued to the Twin-headed White Jade Snake, and their faces filled with shock.

At that moment, Lil’ White’s presence on the battlefield was akin to a god of war’s.

Lil’ White had only used two simple skills, and yet, half of the entire swarm was already dead.

There was no room for retaliation!

They were on completely different levels!

The battlefield had become much emptier.

The tense atmosphere gradually shifted. Seeing the Poison Wasp Swarm shrink at a speed visible to the naked eye, everyone instantly relaxed. The only emotion they had left was of pure surprise.

The little snake was way too powerful!

This was the Twin-headed White Jade Snake’s solo performance!

“We’ve fought so hard for so long, and yet we didn’t even manage to kill more than a handful of Poison Wasps. But with just two skills, this little snake was able to wipe out half of the Poison Wasps! It’s terrifyingly powerful! Just what series of Battle Beasts does it belong to?”

“Impossible! Just who Is this young man? could he be a super Beastmaster sent by the Federation? !”

“I think so too. His Battle Beast is way too powerful!”

“He doesn’t look like a student at all. I remember the first time I summoned a Servant-type Battle Beast. I was only 1-star bronze-rank back then, and our combined combat strength wasn’t even enough to kill a mosquito. This two-headed snake is just ridiculously strong!”

Everyone was in an uproar. They simply could not accept this fact!

The Poison Wasp Swarm was unable to advance any further.

At this moment…

Despite the barrage of attacks from the Poison Wasp Swarm, the Twin-headed White Jade Snake seemed to be at ease.

This was also the result of Locke’s careful strategizing.

One must know that Lil’ White was a divine rank Battle Beast, whereas the Poison Wasps were only 8-star bronze rank beasts that relied on their numbers to give them an overwhelming edge in battle.

To Lil’ White that was of the divine rank, their numbers meant nothing.

Sure, the Poison Wasps were difficult to deal with due to their terrifying speed and attack power.


The Twin-headed White Jade Snake was a Battle Beast that specialized in elemental skills. It completely countered the Poison Wasp Swarm.

Due to this, the Poison Wasp Swarm was no longer the harbinger of death that everyone feared. Instead, they were now professional egg deliverers.

With such a large number of Poison Wasps, the chances of obtaining Beast Eggs from just a single skill was pretty high!

At the same time…

The people took out their communication bracelets and contacted the people in the inner city to come and support them!

At this moment…

The black hole in the sky began to shrink.

The large ball, which was originally more than ten meters in diameter, compressed quickly until it became a small dot.

“What’s going on? The black ball has disappeared!”

“It didn’t disappear. I have the White-headed Eagle Battle Beast, so my eyesight is much better than the average person. That black ball has only become smaller, so it’s harder to detect…”

While everyone was discussing…

An explosion rocked the skies.


In just an instant, the black hole expanded again, and its diameter was even larger than before!

At the same time, it also exploded.

The Poison Wasps were massacred.

By rough estimates, tens of thousands of Poison Wasps had died from the attack.

The corpses poured down like raindrops!

At the same time…

The team that had received the distress signal earlier had already rushed over.

The Poison Wasps had also detected the arrival of the uninvited guests.

Some of the Poison Wasps that were originally surrounding the main battlefield set off to attack the newcomers.

Seeing the swarm of Poison Wasps approach him, Zach focused his gaze and howled.

“They’re here! Get Ready!”

The moment his voice subsided, a golden light shone from behind him.

He heard his team members approach him one after another.

“Poison Shooter!”

“Rainbow Hawk!”

“Ancient Seagull!”

Hearing his team members summon their Battle Beasts one after another, Zach’s blood boiled with excitement.

“Come out!”

“Demon Petrel, kill all of these damned wasps!”



A huge gray swallow with a wingspan of more than five meters spread its wings and flew out.

A sharp cry pierced the air.

The gray Demon Petrel had appeared and it was swooping down on the Poison Wasps!

Like an arc of destruction that soared through the sky, in just a blink of an eye, it had already killed a Poison Wasp!

As soon as it appeared on the battlefield, the rare rank Demon Petrel had already displayed a level of strength that was completely different from the other Battle Beasts.

In this aerial battlefield, the Demon Petrel flew at high speeds. Its silhouette could be seen in all directions as it slaughtered its enemies on the battlefield!

The speed of the Demon Petrel was unusually fast. Not a single Poison Wasp was able to match it, and it was all they could do to barely dodge its attacks.

The Demon Petrel’s attacks were straightforward in nature, and it seized every opportunity to attack!

The wings of Demon Petrel were layered with thick steel-like feathers. As such, the Poison Wasp’s venomous stingers were useless against it.

It was as if the entire sky had become the Demon Petrel’s stage.

The members behind Zach looked at the Demon Petrel that was displaying its full might in the sky, and their eyes were filled with envy.

“It’s so cool! Captain Zach!”

“As expected of a rare rank Battle Beast! The Demon Petrel is too strong!”

“Of course. By itself, the Demon Petrel is already very strong, but the captain is also a silver-tier powerhouse!”

Hearing his subordinates’ conversation…

Zach could only laugh in self deprecation.

“Although the Demon Petrel is very strong, it’s nothing compared to the white snake down there!”

“Hurry up and wipe out the remaining Poison Wasps!”

At the same time…

Following the black hole’s explosion…

The Poison Wasps’ corpses dropped down like a storm, together with dozens upon dozens of Beast Eggs!

Crash! Crash! Crash!

“It’s raining eggs!”

The Beast Eggs fell from the sky one after another. It was a scene that was just as spectacular as money raining from the sky!

“Holy sh*t! This is amazing!”

“This is the first time I’ve seen so many Beast Eggs!”

“How terrifying! How many Poison Wasps must he have killed to drop this many Beast Eggs?!”

“This huge number is making my scalp tingle!”

In an instant, the aerial battlefield’s situation had changed.

The Poison Wasps were starting to run into one another. Some had even died from the collisions. It was obvious that they had become terrified!

At this moment…

Locke smiled in satisfaction and immediately gave an order to his Twin-headed White Jade Snake.

“Lil’ White, retrieve all the Beast Eggs Now!”

The Beast Eggs that had fallen onto the ground were suddenly disappearing one after another.

Locke immediately laughed out loud.

It was time to leave.

The Twin-headed White Jade Snake quickly shrunk and coiled around Locke’s arm once more.

At this point, Locke was no longer concerned about the battle. After all, there was no need to, as the Poison Wasps had already been thrown into disarray.

Instead, he selfishly counted his drops.

Killing the Poison Wasp Swarm had given him a lot of eggs.

He needed to take a proper look at his inventory.





After counting all the Beast Eggs, Locke’s eyes lit up.

Ignoring every other drops, these 60 Beast Eggs alone were already worth more than 60 million!

I’m rich!

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