World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: One Step Ahead Is All It Takes!

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The next morning, Locke ate some breakfast and went to school.

His parents had already calmed down. It was as if last night had never happened. It seemed like they had already given up on buying the Beast Eggs.

This made Locke feel at ease.

In Atlanta City, at the No. 2 Beastmaster high school, a group of students arrived at the school early in the morning. They ran excitedly towards their classes, and so too did Locke.

He had just arrived at the 11th class of the third year students when he spotted all kinds of expressions on his classmates. Some were excited, some were nervous, and some were worried.

At the sight of this, Locke smiled faintly.

Then, he found a seat and sat down.

“You look calm, are you that confident?”

“Or are you just a rich kid who has hidden his wealth all this time? Did your parents buy you some Beast Eggs for you to hatch?”

As soon as he sat down, his deskmate, Tony, came over and joked.

“Not really, it’s just that I’ve adjusted my expectations a long time ago.”

Knowing that Tony was a chatterbox, Locke did not give him a chance to continue, and instead, brushed him off.

Looking at his appearance, it was obvious that he was extremely nervous. He was talking to Locke purely to distract himself.

However, what annoyed Locke was that even though he had silenced his deskmate, the class had unknowingly become lively.

“Do you guys think that someone will hatch a rose gold Battle Beast during the hatching ceremony of the Beast Eggs?”

“Impossible, absolutely impossible! Just how many Beast Eggs are they giving out this time? Obtaining a rose gold Battle Beast from a mere 70 eggs is simply a fantasy!”

“Isn’t the whole of Atlanta holding the ceremony today?”

“Even then, it’s still impossible! It’s already considered good for a city to have one or two orange epic-rank beasts. Plus, Atlanta City hasn’t had a rose gold Battle Beast in decades!”

“Anyway, I’m not even hoping for a purple one. A blue Battle Beast is enough for me!”

“Haha, I’m only hoping for a blue quality Battle Beast. Heck, I’ll even settle for a bronze quality Battle Beast!”

Listening to the students’ doubtful discussions, Locke shook his head slightly. He was not one bit worried about the upcoming hatching ceremony.

The quality of Battle Beasts were as such:

Green normal rank, blue elite rank, purple rare rank, orange epic rank, and rose gold divine rank.

Just as the previous student had mentioned, the higher the rank of a Battle Beast, the rarer and stronger it would be. As a result, the chances of hatching a strong Battle Beast was also quite low.

It had been decades since Atlanta City had last seen a divine rank Battle Beast.

The probability of obtaining a rose gold Battle Beast was less than one in a trillion!

However, to Locke, this was not an issue.

It was very simple.

Locke could see the hidden evolution paths of all Battle Beasts. As such, even if it was an ordinary Battle Beast, it would eventually become a first-class quality!

Back to the class.

The class was noisy. The students had directed all their nervous energy into their discussions, and gradually, their topics shifted.

“Did you hear? Ryan from the neighboring class brought four Beast Eggs with him today. Including the one given out by the school, that’s five Beast Eggs! I’m really envious!”

“Why bother comparing? Ryan was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. It’s just a matter of going to the black market. We can only lament the circumstances we were born into.”

“But it costs four million!”

“It’s great to be rich! You can have whatever you want!”

“That’s not entirely true. No matter how many Beast Eggs you have, it’s still the same if you can’t hatch a good Battle Beast!”

“I have to succeed today!”

Just as the discussions were heating up, a voice came from the back of the classroom.

“So what if Ryan has five Beast Eggs? I have five f*cking eggs too!”

It was Mondo who spoke.

Upon hearing Mondo’s words, the class went silent. The students all turned their heads towards him. The extremely sturdy Mondo was proudly stroking the four Beast Eggs of different sizes on the table.

The Beast Eggs were of different colors, and the patterns on their bodies were also different.

A sense of superiority appeared on Mondo’s face.

Locke had some vague recollection of this person. He could be considered a typical school bully who liked to stand out.

Relying on his 8-star bronze mana and strong physique, he was always preying on the weak.

However, Locke had never heard that his family was well off.

How did he get four Beast Eggs out of nowhere?

This costs four million!

As if he had detected Locke’s doubts, his chatterbox deskmate, Tony immediately perked up.

“He’s just putting on a show. In fact, his family doesn’t have any money at all. He’s just trying to show off!”

Locke’s interest was piqued.

“What’s going on?”

Tony turned to look at Mondo. Upon confirming that Mondo was not paying any attention to him, Tony shifted over and said, “I live near Mondo’s house. Last night, I heard from the neighbors that his family had sold their house for him in order to buy those Beast Eggs. They even took on a lot of debt!”

“By doing so, wouldn’t their future become very difficult! Even if the hatching ceremony is very important, even more so than the college entrance exams, this is still too much!”

Locke was perplexed.

“Actually, his father doesn’t want this either, but Mondo’s mother dotes on him to the extreme. She wants him to shine brilliantly in this ceremony and there was just no way to convince her otherwise!”

“Plus, Mondo doesn’t have a guilty conscience. He was at ease and he was completely unburdened by the decision.”

“Under the insistence of the mother and son, his father had no other choice but to do as he was told.”

After listening to all this, Locke finally understood.

He was really putting on a show. He was truly a good-for-nothing bloodsucker!

At this moment, upon hearing Mondo’s boastful voice from the back, Locke frowned.

“You’re joking, right? Do you actually think that you can produce a rare Battle Beast from a single egg?”

“I have five Beast Eggs. Even if I’m unlucky, I can definitely hatch a rare Battle Beast. If I get an elite Battle Beast as well, my power level will be insane!”

“In the era of Battle Beasts, being one step ahead brings a world of difference!”

“I can already envision a first-rate university beckoning to me!”

As soon as Mondo finished speaking, his underling beside him began to hug his thigh and agree.

“That’s right, what’s the point of having good knowledge in cultural classes? In the end, only the quality of Battle Beasts matter!”

“Once Brother Mundo enters a first-rate university, you have to help us!”

He only heard a few sentences.

From then on, Locke was no longer interested in listening.

He took out a book and started reading.

Mondo was a typical ignorant gambler, the kind that would gamble his entire life away for an unknown future.

When all five of his Beast Eggs end up being of subpar quality, his mind would finally be clear.

A first-class university, however…

Locke’s eyes flickered as a thought flashed through his mind.

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