World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: In The Fight Of A Snipe And A Clam, The Fisherman Wins

Locke hid in the grass, and stared at his prey like a predator.

He was waiting for an opportunity.

An opportunity to kill them all in a single strike.

The Crimson Python roared in rage at the enemies before it.

Its eyes were filled with killing intent.

The battlefield in the distance was filled with a thick scent of killing intent.


The Fire Wolves were no longer holding back.

The one in the middle charged quickly towards the Crimson Python.

The other two had flanked the python at its sides instead.

They surrounded the giant python.

Then, they unleashed a barrage of attacks.

However, the Crimson Python was a Stage 4 Daemon.

Its defense was terrifying.

Despite the continuous barrage of the three wolves, the Crimson Python had suffered little damage.

However, as time passed, its existing wounds exacerbated, and the Crimson Python’s condition gradually worsened.

It was already at the end of its rope.

On the other hand, since the three Fire Wolves had taken turns to attack, they did not expend much energy.

As they watched the Blood Python gradually lose its strength, the three Fire Wolves exchanged glances.

They instantly understood what the other party meant.

They charged at the giant python together, and launched a unified attack.

The Fire Wolves had high intelligence, and they cooperated well with each other.

Even though they were fighting against the Stage 4 Crimson Python, their coordinated strikes had allowed them to quickly take down the python.

Just as their attacks were about to land on the Crimson Python, however…

Something unexpected occurred.

The exhausted python suddenly expanded its aura.

It seemed that it still had a trump card up its sleeves.

A crimson glow enveloped the area.

The blood-red light was dripping with killing intent.

It was the Crimson Python’s secret talent, and it was also its trump card.

It was an attack that utilized its qi.

After using it, it would enter a weakened state for a long period.

The three wolves instantly melted into a puddle of red, and they had returned to being part of the earth.

‘Sure enough, I’ll need to be careful when I face high stage enemies, otherwise, I would be the one courting death instead.’

After launching the powerful attack, the Crimson Python fell to the ground. It was hard to tell whether it was still alive or not.

Regardless, Locke was overjoyed when he saw this scene.

He could not help but laugh out loud.

This was really a case of the snipe and clam fighting[1]. It was truly a wasted effort.

Locke left his hiding spot and walked towards the Crimson Python.

He checked the Crimson Python’s aura.

Just as Locke was about to deal the final strike, the Crimson Python got up and attacked Locke.

It swept its huge tail at Locke.

Locke responded quickly.

He activated his Wings of the Sky and Windy Haste.

Locke moved a dozen meters in an instant, but he still failed to avoid the snake’s attack.

The blow had sent Locke flying.

Locke stood up with much difficulty.

Fortunately for Locke, his Fire God’s Spear had intercepted the blow.

It had canceled out most of the damage.

Otherwise, even if Locke did not perish, he would have been grievously wounded.

Locke realized that he was not in the right state of mind to fight.

‘As expected of a Stage 4 Daemon. Even though it’s at its end of the rope, it still launches powerful attacks. It seems that I cannot underestimate my opponent.’

‘This is a painful lesson for me.’

Locke muttered to himself as he recalled the snake’s terrifying attack.

Nevertheless, Locke got back up and stared at the Crimson Python. He would not let his guard down this time.

If he were to receive an attack of that magnitude again, Locke doubted that he would live to tell the tale.

Locke ordered Lil’ White to use Frostfall from afar.

Lil’ White immediately formed an ice spike at its mouth.

Following that, Lil’ White fired the spike at the Crimson Python.

Feeling the pain from Lil’ White’s attack, the Crimson Python no longer played dead.

It immediately got back up.

It roared at Locke as if it was warning Locke to leave its territory.

It seemed to be telling Locke, “The treasures here are not for you.”

Noticing that Lil’ White’s attacks had little effect on the Crimson Python, Locke could not help but feel anxious.

He did not want to squander this opportunity, especially when the Crimson Python was already heavily injured.

However, its scales were an impenetrable defense.

Locke was not able to break through the Crimson Python’s defenses.

Let alone kill it.

Locke’s brain worked quickly to think of a countermeasure.

Suddenly, Locke’s eyes lit up as if he thought of something.

‘Currently, I can’t break through the Crimson Python’s defense because my attack power isn’t enough. However, if Lil’ White’s level were to increase, the situation should change.’

Thinking of this, Locke quickly brought up the System’s interface.

He said to the system, “Increase the level of my Battle Beast.”

Following that, the System interface appeared.

[ Notification: Would you like to spend 100 Function Points to raise the level of the Twin-headed White Jade Snake to a Stage 3 Battle Beast? ]

Upon reading the System’s message, Locke could not help but scream internally.

“Damn, why didn’t the system tell me it had such an awesome function earlier?”

Locke was exasperated. The System was still a mystery to him.

Locke clicked ‘confirm’ without any hesitation.

Lil’ White’s body began to change. It rapidly grew, growing from its original size of seven-meters to nine-meters.

Both of its heads had also undergone changes. The horns on its foreheads had become larger.

Soon, Lil’ White’s evolution was complete.

Lil’ White’s stats in the System had also changed.

[ Battle Beast Name: Twin-headed White Jade Snake ]

[ Battle Beast Quality: Rose Gold Divine Rank ]

[ Battle Beast Type: Skill-based Battle Beast ]

[ Battle Beast Attributes: Water, Light, and Dark ]

[ Battle Beast Level: Level 1, Stage 3]

[ Battle Beast Talent: Space Dominator (Not awakened) ]

[ Battle Beast Skill: Light and Dark Spatial Slash, Freezing Arrival, Spatial Movement ]

With the exception of Spatial Movement, all of Lil’ White’s skills had changed. One was a single-target killer move, whereas the other was a large-scale crowd-control skill.

Lil’ White’s combat prowess had undoubtedly increased once again.

At the moment, however, Locke was more puzzled as to what the Space Dominator talent’s effect was. It seemed to have undergone a change as well.

After thinking for a while and failing to figure it out, Locke gave up.

He looked at the Crimson Python in front of him. It was still circling its territory like before.

It seemed to have no plans to attack Locke.

It just stood there and roared, intimidating Locke.

However, its behavior was not due to kindness.

Rather, it had already exhausted the mana within its body, and it was only relying on its large figure to intimidate Locke.

It could only passively defend.

On the other hand, the newly-evolved Lil’ White howled furiously at the Crimson Python.

It immediately launched an attack towards the blood-red python.

Lil’ White’s activated Freezing Arrival, and its huge attack area had enveloped the entirety of the Crimson Python’s body.

Countless icicles descended from the sky, striking the Crimson Python’s body.

Each icicle had the offensive power of a Frostfall.

The intense pain caused the Crimson Python to howl madly.

The huge snake head fell to the ground once again, but this time, it was no longer feigning death.

The life force of the Crimson Python had been severely drained.

Lil’ White had no intention on sparing its life, and it followed up its first attack with a Light and Dark Spatial Slash.

A clear streak of black-and-white landed on the Crimson Python.

A huge explosion followed, and the giant Crimson Python’s head was blasted into pieces.

[1] A Chinese idiom that describes a third party taking advantage of a fight between two enemies.

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