World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: The Fearsome Poison Wasp Swarm!

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‘A Poison Wasp Swarm!’

Locke could not help but frown at the dense gathering of Poison Wasps.

They covered the sky completely, and it made the onlookers’ scalps go numb.

Poisonous wasps were unimpressive beasts.

However, that only applied when they were alone!

If they were a swarm…

Then their strength would no longer be average!

It was like locusts in a forest. Although it is relatively harmless when alone, the damage it could deal en-masse was unprecedented!

It was the same situation with the Poison Wasps before them!

Each of them was about half a meter long, and they flew at a breakneck speed. Should their poisonous pincers stab into someone at that speed, only death awaited them!

“I remember that the Poison Wasps usually reside in a spatial rift outside Atlanta city. Why would they suddenly come here?!”

This was an unexpected situation.

Even Locke did not expect it.

If the Poison Wasp Swarm were to invade the outer city, the entire outer city would suffer a catastrophic blow!

The girl explained, “A Beast Tide erupted from a spatial rift last night, and because of it, a large number of otherworld beasts had entered our world in a frenzy. Atlanta immediately deployed Beastmasters to deal with the threat, but even then, they still spent the whole night fighting the beasts off!”

After the girl’s reminder, Locke finally remembered.

“In that case, since the Beastmasters are already holding back the beasts from the spatial rift, I’m guessing these guys managed to slip past them?”

“That’s right. This Poison Wasp Swarm must have escaped their encirclement.”

As the two exchanged words…

A loud buzzing sound reverberated throughout the land.

The Poison Wasp Swarm had already arrived above the two of them.

The swarm that consisted of tens of thousands of Poison Wasps spread out, and charged downwards!

They attacked every person they saw!

“We can’t escape!”

“Everyone who has a Battle Beast with them, let’s fend them off together!”

“As for the ordinary citizens, hurry up and find a place to hide!”

A bald man stood out and declared in an authoritative manner while waving his hand.

A moment later, a flash of light appeared in his hand, and a hawk-like Battle Beast appeared on his shoulder.

He was an ordinary person.

At the same time, he was also a 7-star bronze Beastmaster.


Many of the people present were just like him.

They were also at the bronze level.

However, their bronze levels was also the reason why they were stuck in a rut. It was very difficult to improve their level, and in the end, they were only slightly stronger than ordinary folks.

This was the true portrayal of the common folk.

Many could not enter university, and their talent was also very poor.

After that, these people would just become a part of the masses, and they would be no different from everyone else. They would stop at this stage and progress no further throughout the rest of their lives.


In this life-and-death situation…

They would definitely stand up, not just for their own survival, but to protect the weak as well!

This was their responsibility towards the human race!

“Aoi, how many years has it been since we last fought together?”


A hawk flapped its wings and flew up.

It was an ordinary Servant-type1 Battle Beast. However, to this bald man, it held an extraordinary meaning!

Hearing the bald man’s words, the hawk wailed in response.

Just as the bald man said, it had been many years since they last fought side by side, and it was a point of great sorrow for the both of them!

There was nothing they could do about it, however.

After all, they were unable to defeat any foreign beasts that were only slightly stronger than normal!

As a result, going into the Otherworld would only be sending themselves to their deaths!

Realizing the situation, the other Beastmasters summoned their Battle Beasts as well.

From swords, sabers, and bow-type Battle Beasts!

To fire-type and water-type Battle Beasts!

All sorts of Battle Beasts instantly appeared on the streets, occupying a large area in no time.

There was no other way to describe it.


Was breathtaking!

Locke shuddered just looking at it.

All of them had battle prowess of at least 5-star bronze rank.

Some were even in the 9-star bronze rank!

The Beastmasters from the neighboring streets had all gathered, and they numbered over a hundred!

Some had already activated their defensive skills to help the civilians escape the Poison Wasp Swarm.

At this moment, Locke was among the civilians.

The battle began at the drop of a hat!

“As long as we hold on, the Beastmasters from the inner city will come over to support us. We’ll be safe then!”

“I believe that Atlanta will be safe!”

The girl hiding behind Locke was not afraid. Instead, she began to think.

Admittedly, regardless of age, those who ventured into the Otherworld year round, were all very experienced in surviving!

Facing constant danger was the best way to develop a keen sense of survival!

This sense of survival was especially useful in mitigating danger!

“I don’t think… They’ll last that long…”

Locke calmly stated within the crowd as he watched the battle unfold.

The girl gave a puzzled look. “Although these people haven’t fought for many years, they are all united. It shouldn’t be a problem for them to hold on!”

“That’s not the case here, flying Otherworld beasts are too difficult to deal with. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have escaped the encirclement in the first place. These people… Forget about fighting the wasps head-on, even making contact will be a challenge for them!”

“Additionally, there are too many of those wasps. Looking at how these wasps attack in waves, it won’t be long before our defenses crumble.”

Locke explained.

“It’s over, it’s over!”

“We’re finished!”

Hearing Locke’s words, the girl said nervously and furrowed her brows.

Soon after…

The situation had progressed just as Locke had predicted.

The humans were losing ground.

In front of the agile Poison Wasps and their large numbers, the humans could only passively take a beating.

They could not even touch the Poison Wasp Swarm, and before they could even kill a single wasp, their bodies were already covered in injuries.

Even though there were a few flying-type Battle Beasts present, in the face of such a large number of wasps, it was all they could do to avoid their attacks. Furthermore, under the heavy barrage of the Wasps’ attacks, the flying-type beasts were quickly defeated.

They could only raise their defenses and act passively.

“It’s over! Are we Going to die here?”

The girl nervously grabbed Locke’s arm and muttered softly.

At the same time…

A sharp glint flashed in Locke’s eyes as he stated calmly, “There’s still a way out of this!”

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