World of Cultivation

Chapter Twenty Six Appearance Changed and Mind Erased

In this chapter and onward, there’s going to be mentions of [Void Sword Scripture], which is also Wu Kong Sword Scripture. For the sect name, I didn’t translate it because I thought Wu Kong wasn’t a bad name for a mountain or a sect but to fit in with the other scriptures, it’s going to be Void. Literally, the sect is named after the sword scripture, or the other way around.

Also, Wei Sheng get to enter a secret place! Zuo Mo finally becomes motivated and we get to know the different between xiuzhe, yao and mo. I’m going to use xiuzhe as well as cultivator interchangeably, especially when xiuzhe and yaomo are mentioned together because in reality, all of them are cultivators of a sort.

Chapter Twenty Six Appearance Changed and Mind Erased

Zuo Mo raised his head.

Shi Feng Rong walked gracefully in front of him. Carefully examining for a few seconds, her brows suddenly furrowed: “You are the child that Sect Leader Shixiong picked up?”

Zuo Mo blanked, nodding and answered: “Yes.”

“You cannot remember anything from before?”

Zuo Mo’s heart suddenly started to beat furiously, blood rushing up to his head. He felt that he was trembling, his entire body uncontrollably trembling lightly. He heard his trembling voice answer: “Yes.”

“Oh.” Shi Feng Rong nodded. She hadn’t planned on saying anything, turning to leave.

Zuo Mo almost unconsciously yelled: “Shigu!”

Shi Feng Rong stopped, expression irritated as she looked at him.

Zuo Mo didn’t know where he got the courage to intently stare at Shi Feng Rong, eyes full of terror and hope: “This disciple has nothing left of the previous memories. What this disciple is called, who are the parents, nothing. Thinking about it every time, the heart is grievously sad, and begs for Shigu’s guidance!”

Shi Feng Rong looked at Zuo Mo for a beat and shook her head: “For you, it’s better not to know.”

“Please, shigu, complete this desire!”

Zuo Mo almost used up all the strength in his body.

Shi Feng Rong slightly wrinkled her bows, coldly stating: “Since you want to know so much, then I will tell you. If I hadn’t seen it wrong, you might have been the target of a technique to have your features changed. Someone had changed your appearance.”

“Changed… …” Zuo Mo muttered to himself absent-mindedly.

“As to your previous memories, it should have been erased by someone. I don’t know who has such deep enmity against you.” Finishing, she gave a look deep with meaning at Zuo Mo: “Changing your appearance or erasing a mind, it all needs great cultivation. You should just obediently take care of the ling fields for me.”

It was as though Zuo Mo was struck by lightning and frozen to his spot!

When his mind slowly came back, the sky was dark and Fourth Shigu had left long ago.

Zuo Mo was muddleheaded, his eyes bleak.

Changed appearance… … erased mind……

So his memory had been erased by someone, so his face had been changed … …

So that dream……


Why was it like this……

He lowered his head, his fists unconsciously cleaning, knuckles cracking, fingertips white. The bamboo-like body was like a dry stalk of grass waving in the wind, small and weak. The temperature of Cold Mist Valley in the night time was extremely low, humidity high. Small tendrils of cold permeated into Zuo Mo’s body, and also into his heart.

The puzzle that had perplexed him finally had been solved at this time, but even more puzzles were lying in front of him.

Who am I……

Who did it… … the messy mind instantly quieted.

Zuo Mo raised his head, his eyes as though they were dyed by blood, a patch of red. He had expected that he would be furious, would shout. But he didn’t. His heart was encased in ice, as though he was an outsider watching from the sidelines.

His heart was an iced body. Under the thick layer of ice, a vague hint could be seen to the undercurrents roiling in the deep.

Fourth Shigu’s words echoed in his ears. Someone that even Fourth Shigu would call of high cultivation, at the very least, one of their hairs would be thicker than his leg. Even if he wanted to settle a score, he couldn’t manage it.

Suddenly everything in these two years, sunlight, ling grains … … it was like a dream and an invisible great hand forcibly squeezed it to dust!

It was gone.

He relaxed his fingers, stepping in the sea of consciousness where the flames were dancing.

Just like normal, Pu Yao was still sitting on the gravestone shrouded in black smoke. Seeing Zuo Mo, the corner of his mouth rose.


Reckless and crazy laughter rang out in the sea of consciousness.

Wei Sheng closely followed behind the sect leader and Xin Yan Shishu as they walked in the back of the mountain. The two elders were both extremely solemn as they silently walked at the front. Wei Sheng was also cautious as he closely followed. This was a forbidden area of the sect. Master and Xin Yan Shishu had cast more than twenty spells on the way here to open the path. It could be seen just how guarded this place was. He had just entered zhuji, his willpower ten times what it had been previously but the pressure that the jinzhi exuded, it still made him feel as though he was suffocating.

So the sect had a place as strong as this!

He felt his blood was gradually warming up, he was full of hopes to the Sword Cave that they were going to arrive at!

After walking for four hours, the three finally stopped in front of the mouth of a cave.

Nervousness came upon both Pei Yuan Ran and Xin Yan’s face. The sect leader Pei Yuan Ran said solemnly: “This Sword Cave, it had been created by this sect’s first leader. It was used for the sect disciples to refine their sword essences. Only disciples below jindan can enter.” Some shame suddenly made its way across his face: “The ancestor’s power was astounding. To open this sword cave, it requires two jindan to simultaneously act. This sect has declined. In the generation above us, there was only one jindan so this sword came was never opened. I and your shishu practised our sword essences by ourselves in Yao Hunt. When we reached jindan, we could not go in. What is actually in this sword cave, we don’t know either. You have to explore for yourself.”

Wei Sheng listened closely, his expression calm.

Pei Yuan Ran looked at his disciple, concern in his eyes: “Every ten days, we will prepare enough ling food for you. Right now, your fourth shigu has returned and you don’t have to worry about herbs and dan. But the sword cave is dangerous and you need to remember your own safety. You have just entered zhuji and your cultivation is low, so in reality, you are not suited to enter the sword cave. But you have immense talent on the sword that we have never seen before. To not hinder you, we have decided to make an exception and let you enter the sword cave. If you encounter any danger, you need to leave the sword cave immediately!”

The last warning, Pei Yuan Ran couldn’t help raising his voice. This sincere and honest disciple in front of him, his talent was astounding and surpassed all of their expectations. He seemed to have been born a sword xiu. Other than his cultivation that needed to steadily progress, any sword scripture that entered his hands would quickly become familiar and flowing.

Even the strongest Xin Yan was shocked at Wei Sheng’s progress. Other than joy, they couldn’t help but be worried. Such a good piece of jade, if they didn’t nurture properly, wouldn’t it disappoint the ancestors?

They had pondered for a long time and in the end, decided to open the sword cave. Other than the legend about the sword cave in the sect, they hoped that Wei Sheng could practise the complete Void Sword. Void Sword was the strongest sword scripture of the sect and the greatest accomplishment of the first ancestral master, Wu Kong zhenren. But when it came to their generation, they didn’t have a complete [Void Sword Scripture]. Like Xin Yan’s [Ice Dragon Sword Scripture], it had been created by one of the ancestral masters but was not the strongest sword scripture of the sect.

Before, they had put their hopes on Luo Li who only managed to achieve Empty Sword. Who could have thought that he, who had once been Luo Li’s sword servant, would have even greater talent than Luo Li?

Even more, while Luo Li had outstanding talent but his personality was arrogant. Compared to the honest and humble Wei Sheng, he was quickly defeated.

In their hearts, Wei Sheng was the present and uncontested head of the disciples.

“Disciple understands!” Wei Sheng’s expression was grave.

Pei Yuan Ran and Xin Yan exchanged a lot and nodded their heads. Both started to revolve their ling energy, casting a spell.

Two jindan undertaking a task at the same time, the commotion was extremely alarming! Over their heads, clouds gathered from every direction. In a few blinks of an eye, the small mountain valley was shrouded by roiling black clouds, dark as night. On the outside wall of the mountain cave, countless seals started to light up and flash. The jinzhi in the surroundings also lit up, countless seals floating midair as though they were communicating with the seals that were carved into the mountain.

Feeing the shock and shivering that came from the bones, Wei Sheng’s calm gaze seemed to have been ignited and he excitedly went forward.

Pei Yuan Ran and Xin Yan’s expressions were grave. Both of them simultaneously shouted: “Open!”

The seals turned and the formation changed.

The mountain cave suddenly became dark and deep, as though it was a void. Wei Sheng, who had already prepared, didn’t hesitate and rushed in!

At this time, Pei Yuan Ran and Xin Yan finally gave a breath of relief. The two slowly let go of the spell, dispersing the ling energy on their hands. The seals on the mountain and on the jinzhi slowly faded. The thick clouds overhead spread out, sunlight once again reaching the valley.

“Let’s go, he needs to walk the road himself.” Pei Yuan Ran sighed.

“Of course.” Xin Yan treated words like they were gold.

In the sea of fire, Zuo Mo sat not far away from Pu Yao, listening attentively.

“What is yaomo? There are many ways of distinguishing but the most important is the method of cultivation. Xiuzhe, extract the ling energy of the world to use for themselves. What they cultivate is ling energy. And yao, what they care about is the spirit shaking the sky, primarily cultivating the spirit. And mo? That group of people whose absolute majority is stupid to the point of no return can only cultivate themselves, using their bodies as talismans.”

Zuo Mo seemed to understand but didn’t really understand.

“Oh, all of this is nonsense. Okay, we’ll talk something practical. Your road wasn’t wrong to use sword moves to manipulate the aged gold energy. However, it is a pity that you aren’t your shixiong. Based on your speed, I estimate it would be at least two to three years.” Pu Yao suddenly smiled strangely, revealing half of his crimson tongue: “But I have a quick fix. Do you want to try?”

“Quick fix?” Zuo Mo’s eyes were lit up, his body slightly leaning forward.

Pu Yao’s eyes narrowed even more, his voice full of enticement: “Exactly, very fast! Within one month, you definitely would break to the third level of [Art of Aged Gold].”

“Really?” Zuo Mo was slightly suspicious. Pu Yao’s expression gave him a bad feeling.

“You won’t know until you try.” Pu Yao shrugged his shoulders: “There isn’t a free lunch in the world. To get power, how can you not pay?”

Zuo Mo fell silent.

To find the answers, to find the person that changed him, he needed power, desperately needed power! Pu Yao wasn’t wrong. To get power, it required a certain cost. He was a little xiuzhe who hadn’t even entered zhuji, what could he rely on to find the answer?

The only one he could ask aid from was Pu Yao. He still didn’t know what Pu Yao wanted but did he have a choice?

Choices were a question that only those that were strong would face.

What he was glad about was that Pu Yao was willing to help him. Regardless of Pu Yao’s reasons for doing so, he would accept it.

“Alright.” He stood up.

Pu Yao’s blade-like mouth once again skewed towards one side. He laughed lightly, declaring: “Ha, what is more simpler than sword scriptures? After being sliced a few thousand time, you’ll learn it!”

The words hadn’t landed when a vast snow white sword essence came down from the heavens, easily slicing Zuo Mo’s consciousness in half.

A heart wrenching pain came on. Zuo Mo felt that his body had been cut into two halves.

The pain came on and he straightforwardly fainted!

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