World of Immortals

Chapter 243 – Unparalleled Divine Power!

It was brightly lit ahead. This was an inn that occupied a really big area. It was located right below a two hundred meter tall hill. The hill was filled with rare flowers. Even though they were very far away from said hill, they could still smell the refreshing fragrance of flowers carried by the wind.

This was the most flourishing area in Yindu city. It was very close to the culinary street, and just a little further was the Moonflower Castle. Furthermore, it was only three miles away from Flowing Cloud Casino.

An average person could not afford to stay in this high class inn.

Chrysus was deadly earnest as he quickly carved some letters on the slate, “Humans has too many weak points, and the strong tiger is no exception. He is proud and arrogant, he will not put us younger generation in his eyes. Even if he knows it’s a trap, he will still come after you.”

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Writing until that part, he added, “I know his personality very well. I have already observed him for a long time. You can just go in like this and lure him out no problem.”

Xiao Chen nodded and said, “Alright, you guys fall back first, I’ll be back real quick.”

After they finished surveying the area, Chrysus, Dugu Jianmo, and Oxman left behind three afterimages and disappeared to the end of the street.

Xiao Chen stood still in place for a good while. After he confirmed that his body and mind were in top condition, he silent flew towards the inn under the dim light of night. He flew past one courtyard after another and stopped in front of a three-storey building.

The lightning was still lit, and the windows were wide open. The fragrance of flowers was carried by the wind into the building. A thirty six years old man was sitting in meditation while baring his upper body. His body appeared to be very sturdy. It was nearly two times wider than an ordinary person’s body. He was not obese, in fact, those were muscles filled with explosive power. It was like a baby dragon was coiling around his body. It gave people a shocking image.

One could easily imagine how much power could burst out when he attacks.

As if he could sense something, he opened his eyes at this very moment. The sound of lightning suddenly reverberated in the night sky. This was definitely not a hallucination. The sound of a huge storm actually broke out.

His gaze was very intimidating. He swept his eyes over the sky and the instant that he spotted Xiao Chen, the corner of his mouth curved into a sneer. Then he suddenly jumped up from his sitting position.

Xiao Chen stood upright as his black hair was brushed by the wind. He stood in the sky without moving an inch. His two eyes were as bright as the stars. He looked at the strong tiger indifferently, there wasn’t even a hint of fear.

“You really dared to make a move first?” The strong tiger walked towards the window. A powerful aura pervaded the air and was heading towards the sky to envelop Xiao Chen.

Without any words, Xiao Chen lifted his right hand emotionlessly and launched the Telepathic Sword Wave in an instant. This time, it was not the destructive sphere. A sword wave about the thickness of a water jar ripped apart the sky and rushed forward like a winding dragon.

Without making any sound, the three-storey building was turned into dusts. Not even a single rubble remained. The destructive power of the Telepathic Sword Wave was as one could well imagine.

However, the speed of the strong tiger was astonishingly fast. As if he was teleporting, he actually appeared in the sky one step ahead. The corner of his mouth exposed a cruel smile as he singled out Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen turned around and ran right away. He executed the Eightfold Worlds and took a light step in the empty sky. Just a single step and he was already a few miles away, it was an unprecedented speed.

The strong tiger couldn’t get the sneer off his face. He transformed into a streak of light to pursue and attack. He was not afraid of Xiao Chen’s so-called trap at all. To him, the younger generations were nothing but chickens and dogs who couldn’t withstand a single blow.

“Nobody will save you tonight!” His cold voice reverberated in the night sky.

Xiao Chen didn’t say anything, but his opinion of Chrysus had risen. He really did understand the temperament of this strong tiger. It seemed that he had already observed and studied his behavior for a really long time.

The mastery of Eightfold Worlds gave Xiao Chen a huge boost in confidence. He clearly felt that even if the strong tiger raised his speed to the limit, he still wouldn’t be able to catch up to him, so he deliberately slowed down and maintained a fixed distance.

After exiting the city walls for a short while, the shadow of a mountain could already be seen. He quickly flew towards that mountain.

The strong tiger frowned, but he still continued the chase.

The dragon cry shook the world as a red lightning flashed. The dragon-qi engulfed the heaven and earth along with a powerful gale. Dugu Jianmo rushed over for the kill while mounting the Crimson Dragon King. The red light and sword-qi interweaved as they struck down.

The strong tiger was furious. He turned around and clashed with the hundred meter light beam with his tiger claw. Bright light burst forth and shook the world. The strong tiger sucked in a mouthful of cold air and fell back.

Not far away, the Crimson Dragon King faced upward and let out a roar. It only took a few steps back with Dugu Jianmo mounted on it. The dragon and man actually faced the attack of a demigod head-on!

The Crimson Dragon King was always staying in the deep mountains close to Yindu. It finally reunited with Dugu Jianmo after waiting for so many days. It was definitely the most brutal of the Dragon Kings. It radiance of its red scales resembled the raging inferno. The murderous aura emitted by it was even fiercer than Dugu Jianmo’s. The icy snowflakes actually began to form in the sky.

It was biting cold!

This dragon and man pair could be said to be extremely well-suited.

“So it’s you little bastards!” Evidently, the strong tiger knew these dragon and man.

In response, Dugu Jianmo and the Crimson Dragon King emitted an even denser murderous aura.

And yet another dragon cry could be heard. A black lightning cut through the sky and arrived in a flash. Accompanying the dragon cry was another cry, “Moo…”

The ear-splitting dragon cry and the oppressive mooing pierced the vast sky.

The giant demonic bull was about the size of a hill. It was charging towards the strong tiger. The ox’s eyes were exuding cold glints and its horns tore the space.


It charged right into the strong tiger and created two black hole-like tunnels. The strong tiger was narrowly thrown into the black holes.

The strong tiger’s expression changed at once. It was yet another formidable youth who hit a demigod like him head-on.

“I-I-I.. I am a-a-also… c-c-coming!” Chrysus shouted and rushed over from the distant sky. It really made everyone speechless. He was actually riding a donkey and carried a huge cleaver in hands.

Not only Xiao Chen, even Oxman and Dugu Jianmo were dumbstruck. This daylight assassin, even his outfit… showed individuality.

So be it if all he did was riding the donkey. After all, that was not a normal donkey. It was an amazing donkey that could fly. However, he actually carried a large sized vegetable knife. Could that actually be his assassination weapon?

When he saw the snow-white little donkey, the strong tiger was startled. And after he saw the king-sized cleaver, he immediately gnashed his teeth, “It’s you… Chrysus? The bastard who killed four of my nephews!”

The vulgar guy performed a sword dance with the extra large cleaver. The sword-qi that filled the sky resembled the waves of the ocean. The little donkey was nodding its head and wagging its tail. Although the power behind the attack was astonishing, this kind of combination made people feel extremely awkward instead.

“It-it-it… it’s the a-a-a, arrival of… t-t-the grand assassin. A-a-also known as… t-t-t-tiger… slaughtering… specialist!”

“Your life is mine!” The strong tiger got angry at once. The hatred he held for Chrysus was more than the one he held for Xiao Chen. A long lance appeared in his hand. It weighed at least five hundred kilograms, but he raised the long spear as though it was as light as a feather. He raised the long spear above his head and attacked Chrysus.

The white little donkey was amazingly fast. It dodged the attack in the twinkling of an eye. The vulgar guy brandished the extra large cleaver and shouted: “Chopping Bok Choy!” as he chopped towards the strong tiger’s head.

The so-called chopping bok choy meant chopping off the head. However, the way this guy called it was extremely awkward.

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He spun the Copper Tiger Lance and deflected the extra large cleaver. At the same time, a deathly power pervaded the air along with a wisps of fog. The strong tiger went for the kill, he had vowed that he would kill this fearful young assassin.




Xiao Chen, Dugu Jianmo, and Oxman rushed in at the same time. They didn’t hold back and each executed a fierce move.

Xiao Chen used the Seal of Aquarius as soon as the enemy was in range. The huge crystal vase floated above his head. It instantly spurt out a light beam that overshadowed the splendor of the moon and the stars. The strong tiger was submerged in the light beam.

Dugu Jianmo was even more ferocious. His body welled up with vital energy and another Dugu Jianmo had come into existence. In the end, it actually fused with the bastard sword in his hand as he slashed at the glaring light beam.

Oxman let out a loud moo as though he was a wild bull. The ox king soul within his body transformed into a black light and charged into the strong tiger.

And meanwhile, the Crimson Dragon King and Onyx Dragon King let out a long roar. The space was distorted by the dragon’s divine power. The bloody light and black light combined and stormed into the dazzling light screen.

Their charge caused the deathly fog around Chrysus to disperse. The four young experts’ shocking moves also charged in at the same time.

A meteoric boom was produced. The sky was so bright that it was impossible for people to keep their eyes open. The violent energy wave was so powerful that the four of them were getting blown away.

The aggressive strong tiger, after receiving the four’s combined attack, his body shook violently and the blood spilled out from the corner of his mouth. He almost fell from the sky.

When the brilliant rays faded away, the four of them stood guard at four directions. They surrounded the strong tiger whose complexion had turned somewhat pale.

Even the white tiger had no choice but to admit, the four of them were outstanding youths. Even he wouldn’t necessarily be able to reach their level when he was young. He feared that he might really be in for some trouble tonight!

“You little bastards have some real skills!” The strong tiger sneered and said, “But that’s still not enough. You guys are not even close to the level of demigods. You will never understand the gap between the major realms. All of you will die tonight!”

The strong tiger put away the Copper Tiger Lance. With a roar, its entire body shone with bright light and it actually transformed into a ten meter long white tiger!

“It-it-it… it’s really… a tiger, w-w-w… with Divine Marks. B-b-brother… charge! It-it-it… it’s a priceless white tiger skin…”

Chrysus shouted as he urged the little donkey. He brandished the large sized cleaver and was the first to charge in. The little donkey rushed under the belly of the white tiger. The vulgar guy swung his cleaver up and shouted, “Digging belly,” at the same time.

The white tiger dropped its huge claw and deflected the large cleaver. At the same time, the blazing aura blew Chrysus away, causing the little donkey and himself to flip over in the sky.

Although Xiao Chen and co. charged over promptly, they couldn’t stop Chrysus being blown away. Without further delay, the three of them attacked at once. The light beams from three men two dragons clashed with the white tiger head-on. Both sides were forcefully pushed back.

In the split second that the white tiger were being pushed back, Chrysus rode the little donkey and mounted a sneak attack.

“Chopping trotters!”

The large-sized cleaver flickered with a bright radiance and firmly hacked the white tiger’s rearfoot.

“Roar…” The white tiger’s bellow contained both pain and anger. At the same time, it whipped its seven to eight meter long iron-like tail towards Chrysus.

“Peel off buttocks!”

The vulgar guy calmly and quickly urged the little donkey to close in instead of retreating. They charged towards starting point of the tail. Not only did they avoid the hit, Chrysus even tried to cut the crotch region of the white tiger with the big cleaver.

Not only did this guy look vulgar, even his attacks were just as vulgar. What “Chopping Bok Choy”, “Digging Belly”, “Chopping trotters”, “Pell off buttocks”, etc. One move after another was more vulgar than the former.

However, all of them could tell he was not just playing around. That was because every time Chrysus made a move, he was completely synced with the cleaver. The surrounding space didn’t distort at all. Rather, they were erased. Otherwise, how was it possible for him to break through a demigod’s protective layer!

It was truly terrifying.

Yet it was awkward!

Extremely awkward!

This was what the white tiger was feeling at the moment. This youth actually ignored his defense and was capable of truly harming him.

This was really unimaginable. It must be mentioned that he was a demigod! And the other party, who was just a Historia level expert, was actually ignoring his defense. If this was also a divine ability, and if they allowed him to grow, the Tiger clan would face imminent catastrophe.

The vulguy guy’s action couldn’t really be called… beautiful. However, his skill was the real deal. The large-sized cleaver erased the space noiselessly, and it was heading towards the white tiger’s nether region ruthlessly.

It actually caused the white tiger to jump up like a worn out old horse kicking backwards. He jumped in an awkward position and avoided the impending attack.

After seeing Chrysus’ all out performance, how could the other three not use their most powerful skill. Dugu Jianmo’s existence slowly became thinner. After which, he actually became one with his bastard sword. They fused and transformed into a gigantic divine sword. As a show of intimidating, he swept across all directions and exuded deadly aura all over the sky!

He then charged in directly for the kill!

Facing the charging bastard sword, the white tiger’s face turned pale. The divine power of these four youth experts, one after another was more bizarre and stronger than the former. They truly had enough power to shake up a demigod.

While letting out a loud roar, the white tiger spew out a light beam from its open mouth. The beam clashed with the murderous divine sword in the sky.

The divine sword, which was made from the fusion of Dugu Jianmo and the bastard sword, pierced through the breath attack and it actually landed a hit on the white tiger’s shoulder.


Blood splashed everywhere. The ten meters long white tiger received a deep cut on its shoulder. The blood gushed out wildly and dyed the sky red.

The white tiger bellowed in rage. Dugu Jianmo retreated to the rear after his successful attack.

The white tiger wanted to pursue and attack, but the Crimson Dragon King launched its dragon martial skill and blocked his path.

And meanwhile, as if Oxman had become deranged, his hair was a royal mess. The ox-horns on his head instantly lengthened to one meter long. He had fused with the ox king’s soul in his body. He actually had signs of beastification. With a moo, he charged over like a wild bull.

So fast! Even Xiao Chen who possessed extreme speed was a little shocked.

Oxman was like a streak of black light and hit his target in a split second.


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The wild bull-like Oxman breached the white tiger’s protective aura with his one meter long ox-horns. The horns were firmly stuck on the white tiger’s left rib and left behind two terrifying bloody holes. And the powerful collision of the wild bull even sent the white tiger flying up.

“You little bastards…” The white tiger was extremely furious.

However, without waiting for his to correct his stance, Xiao Chen attacked with Eightfold Worlds.

The eight worlds started to rotate. They became clearer over time, as if there were eight genuine worlds descending from heaven.

In just a blink of an eye, the white tiger was already trapped in the lake zone. Even a demigod like the strong tiger felt as if he was stuck in a swamp. He was actually unable to break free straight away. He had been trapped inside for a short duration.

“ROARRR!” He faced upwards and let out a loud roar. The white tiger felt the threat of dead. He drew forth all his strength to escape. However, his buttocks and tail were lagging behind a little. The instant he managed to free himself; the water, fire, lightning, mountain, and wind zone already moved simultaneously. The mountain suppressed his power. The lightning broke down his form. The fire extinguished his soul. The wind shaved off his spirit.

The white tiger’s long tail actually turned into ashes under the pressure of the five worlds. And his butt that luckily got away in time, bloomed beautifully. It was as if it was crushed by a huge mountain. The white tiger’s rear was nearly turned into meat paste!

“Roar!!! You little bastards, it’s either you or I who will live through today!” The white tiger almost went crazy from madness. This was really an extraordinary shame and humiliation.

This was simply unimaginable. The four youths, who were only of Historia realm, dealt heavy damage to him again and again. The white tiger stood in the sky and swept his eyes past the four experts surrounding him. The flame of anger in his cold eyes seemed like it was about to ignite.

Xiao Chen, Dugu Jianmo, Oxman, and the two dragon kings were all apathetic. They looked at him cold-heartedly.

“It-it-it… it hurts!!!” The vulgar Chrysus rode on the donkey. He shouted towards the heaven while holding the pit of his stomach, seemingly in agony.

Oxman was startled, so he asked, “What’s wrong, did you receive a deadly blow?”

“S-s-so… so much money!” Chrysus stared at the white tiger’s butt and said, “T-t-the… white tiger’s butt cannot be touched, y-y-yet… it… it was turned into a pulp by Xiao Shishui. S-s-so… so much money is gone. T-t-the… white tiger’s… b-b-butt’s… has been d-d-d… devalued!”

Oxman had the urge to stick his middle finger into his nostril. Even Xiao Chen and Dugu Jianmo had the urge to swear. This guy was making so much fuss, so it was because of this. He was really too wretched.

The white tiger almost fainted due to anger. His body shook uncontrollably as he let out a furious roar. Then he said with remorse, “This is too much, too much!”

He was really aggravated by Chrysus. The white tiger ignored everyone and charged straight for the vulgar guy.

Out of everyone’s expectation, Chrysus did not retreat. He jumped up from the back of the little donkey and faced the white tiger with the oversized cleaver.

In front of him was the huge head of the white tiger. That mouth was like a blood basin as it opened up. The rows of white teeth were as sharp as double-edged swords. From the look of it, Chrysus was about to be swallowed up.

Chrysus performed another jump while in midair and avoided the white tiger’s crunch. He tried to strike the eyes, however, he didn’t notice that a pair of tiger claws were already approaching him.

It was already too late for the other three to help him. They could only look on helplessly as Chrysus was being ripped apart by the tiger claws. However, that oversized cleaver was unswerving and hit its target. Although it missed the eyes, it did leave a frightening cut on the tiger’s head.

They didn’t hear a miserable shriek coming from Chrysus, though they did hear an extremely vulgar voice, “Chopping Bok Choy!”

Xiao Chen, Dugu Jianmo, and Oxman were all stunned. Even the white tiger, while still enduring the sharp pain, failed to understand what’s going on. However, he was sure of one thing, it was that the wretched assassin was still alive. He fell back in that split second.

“Heh-heh…” The vulgar guy let out a sinister smile. His body that had been ripped apart instantly recovered. The oversized cleaver flew back to his hand. At the same time, the little donkey rushed over and carried him to a safe zone.

Everyone at the scene was confused.

“I-I-I… forgot to mention, m-m-my… my divine power is… i-i-is… immortality!” The vulgar guy smiled lightly.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. Immortality was definitely a top class divine power. It was on the same level as Destiny Twins. It could only be described as freakish! Compared to Destiny Twins, it was even more formidable. Experts on the same level couldn’t even more to destroy him. Even for the older generation experts, if they were not a whole lot stronger than him, they couldn’t even hope to seal him, let alone killing him.

“A freak!”

Oxman involuntarily let out a curse.

While the white tiger was extremely furious, he also felt a little discouraged. He broke into the realm of demigod at the age of twenty five to twenty six. And yet he didn’t make any progress for ten years since. Now, he was besieged by four extraordinary young experts. He was very jealous, these four men were even more formidable than him when he was their age. That made him a little fearful.

Could it be that he’s really doing to die at this place?

““Kill the tiger!””

The four young experts surrounded the white tiger and shouted in sync. This caused the white tiger to feel intense anger as he faced upwards and let out a roar.

A blazing radiance pierced the heavens. All the divine marks on the white tiger’s body became visible. They were floating in midair like ancient scriptures. Then the white tiger snarled with malicious intent, “None of you can run away, all of you will die here, White Tiger Cataclysm!”

The tiger roar shook the heaven and earth. It was as if untold numbers of tigers roaring at the same time, as if the flood had breached its dike. The tremendous sound wave caused the space to crack unceasingly. As if it went out of control, the white rays completely submerged the surrounding areas.

The endless tiger roars, when synced, felt as if he was reciting the sutras. It actually contained enough power to shatter the space!

“Launch your strongest divine powers!”

Xiao Chen shouted loudly. The moment he casted the Eightfold Worlds, he instantly escaped from the world of light.

Dugu Jianmo, Oxman, and Chrysus possessed power as incomprehensible as Xiao Chen’s very own. However, their speed still couldn’t match up to Xiao Chen. Just as they reached the edge of the white rays, they were trapped within. However, they also launched their strongest divine power at that very moment. Since they were trapped in the vast expanse of whiteness, one was unable to determine what happened to them.

It lasted until fifteen minutes later. The night sky returned to its original state. The bright moonlight sprinkled down, and the stars filled the whole sky.

The only one remaining was a listless White Tiger. Dugu Jianmo, Chrysus, Oxman, and their mounts all disappeared without a trace.

Xiao Chen felt as if he had been struck by lightning. His heart felt so empty.

The white tiger let out a complacent laughter, “Hahaha… you little bastards are still too inexperienced. If a demigod really went all out, how could you guys hope to be an even match!”

“G-g-g… Go eat your nanny’s fart!” From far away, a stammeringly, yet anger curse could be heard, “F-f… f-f… f-f-fuck! T-t-t… this is such a huge loss! A t-t-t… two… hundred thousand… g-g-g… gold coins worth of s-s-space-type… scroll!”

Chrysus, Oxman, and Dugu Jianmo were all safe and sound. They flew back from the distance while riding the dragon kings and little donkey.

“Serve you right! Didn’t you say killing him is like killing a cat? This is an error on your part, and you almost dragged us into it.” Oxman rode on the back of the Onyx Dragon King with lingering fears. The white tiger’s destructive move earlier was really too scary. If not because Chrysus used a space-type scroll in the most crucial moment, they might have died in the destructive light.

The vulgar guy was having an extreme heartache as he said in remorse, “T-t-t… The white tiger, when we… p-p-peeled off its skin later, w-w-we must… definitely sell it for a good price! Otherwise, I-I-I… I’m going to die from financial loss!”

The white tiger was already listless at present. He no longer had any battle intent left, so he turned around to flee at once. The illness he bore ten years ago caused great damage to his vital energy, so he didn’t have too much strength to spare. He transformed into a streak of light and instantly distanced himself.

“D-d-d… don’t let him run away!” The vulgar guy started to panic. He urged the little donkey to pursue closely, unwilling to let go of him.

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Without waiting for him to say much, Xiao Chen executed the Eightfold Worlds and chased in high speed. He left the other three behind in the dust.

Since it had already come to this, there was nothing to hide anymore. It wouldn’t matter anymore even if his identity was exposed to Chrysus.

Xiao Chen used one of the four major techniques — God Slayer Technique!

The glaring radiance engulfed one side of the sky like the white tiger’s destructive rays earlier. Countless swords appeared in this part of the space. And Xiao Chen was even holding two of them in his left and right hands respectively!

The sharp holy swords and heavenly blades illuminated all ten directions. The swords brushed against each other and gave off a sonorous sound. Looking from afar, that space was very unpleasant to the eyes. Among the endless swords and blades, the huge shadows of a heavenly blade and holy sword emerged. Then their blades crossed like a pair of scissors. One after another lightning about the thickness of a house burst out from the cross section.

Soon after, the sonorous noise became the sole sound in the world!

That region seemed to be in a chaotic mess. The endless rays of light had completely turned that place into a world of light.

The heaven and earth only returned to its normal state after a really long time later. The corpse of the white tiger came into view. It was cut into halves!

“W-w-whew… I-I-I… I thought not even a single h-h-hair… was left. F-f-f… fortunately, the corpse remained!”

Oxman and Dugu Jianmo also rushed over. When four of them got together, even Dugu Jianmo revealed a hint of smile.

The stars glittered in the night sky. The white tiger’s corpse was changing continuously. His upper body changed into the form of a human, and only his lower body remained that of a tiger’s.

“F-f-f… fuck! It-it-it… it’s a demi-tiger.” Chrysus cursed, feeling extremely angry, “I s-s-say… h-h-he’s… so weak, so he is a demi-tiger! However, even h-h-half… of the t-t-tiger skin… should w-w-w… worth a lot of money.”

Oxman knocked Chrysus’ head at once and cursed, “You bastard, are you saying you feel that he should be stronger than this? Yet you tricked us by saying he is not strong, that he is on the same level as a sick cat!”

“It-it-it… it’s a misunderstanding!” The vulgar guy hastily faced him with a smiling face.

All of a sudden, a wave of murderous aura transmitted from the other end of the sky. The powerful pressure in the sky caused the four of them to feel a little nervous!

“What’s going on?” The vulgar guy spoke very smoothly as he looked towards the distant sky.

Xiao Chen and Dugu Jianmo also revealed a grave expression.

Soon after, they heaved a sigh of relief. It was not a powerful expert approaching. Rather, it was a group of people.

Along the path in the distant place, several hundred people mounted all kinds of unknown primal beasts as they approached slowly. They were the clansmen of the West. Their golden long hair draped over the shoulders and rested on their ancient armors.

Among them was a lass who was riding a snow-white unicorn. It was as if an angel had descended to the mundane world. Her elegance couldn’t be described with mere words. Her beauty caused even the splendor of the moon to dim.

“Zhao Lin Er!” Xiao Chen was very astonished indeed. ⌈1⌋

1. Uh oh! And here comes the long standing war between Xiao Chen and Zhao chick

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