Worlds’ Apocalypse Online

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Against a Master

Translated and Editted by: La0o9

The entire room was dark, only a single light bulb hanging on the ceiling, the broken lamp shade was covered with dust.

Xiong Hu squints, his vision sweeps across the room.

This place doesn’t separate into living room, bedroom or kitchen. In the narrow long room, you can barely fit a bed and a cabinet. Other things must be piled up on one side, otherwise there is no place to put them.

There isn’t even a toilet.

Such living conditions are considered inferior even in the slums.

Across from Xiong Hu, a person leaning diagonally on the window, the leader of the underground hitman gang.

No one else is here, nor is the target.

A little clever, but they don’t understand that in the face of absolute strength, this kind of cleverness will only worsen their pain.

Xiong Hu walked up and grabbed the man’s neck, lifting him up and speaks: “Trash, hand over the brat, otherwise I promise you all will die a very horrible death”

The man only stared at him without speaking.

Xiong Hu raised his eyebrows in fury, preparing to let him taste a bit of pain.

Suddenly, he felt a bad premonition.

Xiong Hu suddenly turned around, his every muscles squirmed, turning his whole body taller and stronger.

—- Almost instantly, he became a burly giant about three meters tall!


Xiong Hu roared and slammed his hands into the air.

A dull sound was heard, Xiong Hu was pushed backwards a few steps, slamming against the wall next to the window.

Even the wall was cracked by his impact.

Xiong Hu looked down at his hands.

“Bow and arrow? What a rare thing to see.” Xiong Hu looked at the arrow caught in his hand and thought

He looked up, only to see in the darkness, a figure standing at the doorway, holding an antique-looking longbow in his hand.

“You are… that poor student?!”

As Xiong Hu recognized him, he was extremely shocked.

That one arrow, he had to use all his strength to stop.

Such extraordinary archery, definitely not what a high school student should be capable of.

What is even more frightening is that after two years of investigations, he didn’t find anything about such strength.

This kid, hiding such power so well under his plain guise, what could he be planning?

No, I must immediately go into close combat, only then do I have a chance to kill him!

As soon as his thought, Xiong Hu stepped forward, his whole body rushes into a charge.

Gu Qing Shan also moved at the same time!

Another shot!

This arrow is aimed at his chest and abdomen area, but Xiong Hu is in a rapid charge so he can’t change direction to dodge.

He had to stretch out his hands again and slammed into the air.

A bang.

The arrow was deflected, but he was also pushed back two steps by the impact of the arrow.

But Xiong Hu didn’t care, openly grinning.

“The power of your arrow is great, but with a thin body like yours, you probably can’t even pull the bowstrings anymore”

Xiong Hu cracked his neck and mocked: “How many more shots like that can you actually make?”

Gu Qing Shan slightly paused and answered: “Hmm, quite a few”

He pulled the bowstring.

Rapid Fire!

Multiple streaks of gray lightning almost seem to appear between the two of them, from Gu Qing Shan heading straight to Xiong Hu.

Xiong Hu leaned against the wall and used all his might to block.

Each arrow shot is almost equal to a full power blow of a Martial Master, if he ignores them, his body will be riddled with arrows.

Xiong Hu did not expect that a Martial Master like himself was actually being pressured by a high school kid.

And this wretched scene was also being transmitted live to the young master through holographic video.

“Cursed brat, you can’t kill me, when your arrows run out, it’ll be your death” Xiong Hu angrily roared.

Gu Qing Shan hands doesn’t stop, only saying: “You don’t have that long, goodbye”

He guided spiritual energy from his Dantian, pouring it all in the arrow.


The arrow whizzed through the air, creating a crackling sound from the friction.

The shot directly broke through Xiong Hu’s hands, and piercing into his chest.

The walls behind Xiong Hu couldn’t handle the impact, cracked open and fell down from the height of the 22nd floor.

The entire wall fell down, behind Xiong Hu there was only the night breeze, nothing else to brace himself on.

“Damn it!”

Xiong Hu tried to regain his balance, stabilizing his stance again.

However, he can only look in hopelessness as another arrow flew at him screaming.

The fierce arrow finally took Xiong Hu with it, flying out from the 22-story height, drew a parabola across the sky, and fell down a bit far away.

Not just a Master, even a Grandmaster falling from a 22-story height will die without any doubt.

Unless you reach the rank of Martial Eminence, forging your bones to be as strong as golden steel that doesn’t fear strong impact, can you survive.

Gu Qing Shan walked to the place where Xiong Hu stood before and picked up the communicator that fell on the ground.

“Nie Yun?”

A mad screaming voice in the communicator: “Bastard, you dare to kill my family’s Steward, you’re in big trouble now, prepare to die soon”

Gu Qing Shan looked at the image feed in the communicator, suddenly spoke: “You seem to be at the biggest casino in the city district. If so, can you please stay right there for a while?”

Nie Yun baffled: “What do you mean?”

“Wait there for a moment, I’ll come kill you right away”

Gu Qing Shan finished his words and threw the communicator out from the 22nd floor.

He glanced at the thug curled up in the corner, then turned around to leave.

When the thug saw that, he couldn’t help but ask: “I’m no more use to you. You really won’t kill me?”

“What I asked you to do, you have already done, so you’ve earned back your life.”

Done speaking, Gu Qing Shan continued to go out, soon disappearing down the stairs.

The thug’s face showed struggle, then he sighed and rushed out.

He shouted: “Wait, you can’t go to your death, Nie family’s Masters are as numerous as the clouds, there are also Grandmasters and Supernaturalists”

In the casino.

Nie Yun just stared at the communicator, speechless for a while.

“Young master Nie, I’m sorry to say but it seems that I won” the sunglasses man said.

Nie Yun suddenly stood up and ran out.

A short moment after, a gorgeous droplet-shaped shuttle rose from the casino and quickly vanished.

The sunglasses man stared at the shuttle leaving and laughed mockingly: “Acting so high and mighty, yet scared away by a single sentence”

His face suddenly became serious, turned around and bowed: ” Your Highness, please show a little restraint during the mission.”

The beautiful woman behind him slowly stood up, looking down at the blazing flame in her hands.

The flames gathered on her hands, forming a silent skull, exuding the heavy darkness of death.

The beautiful woman looked at the skull in her hand for a while “It’s so troublesome having to hide my identity”

As she closed her palm, the flame also disappeared without a trace.

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