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Chapter 1080 - What Happened To The Integrity of The Four Pillar Gods?

Chapter 1080: What Happened To The Integrity of The Four Pillar Gods?

Seeing Sha Qiang fuming with anger without being able to express it, seemingly just about to leave, Hazeden thought briefly and presented him an exit:

“Perhaps it’s because you were too sentimental of old friendships and didn’t kill the old King of Purgatory. If you had killed him, you would have gained a proper title like ‘King of Purgatory'”

Sha Qiang clapped his hand and appeared to have realized something: 『 No wonder that guy kept avoiding me, he doesn’t want to give up on his title! 』

At this point, more desperate screams and cries resounded from within the secret passage.

Everyone’s expressions changed.

The people who went ahead must have ran into more monsters!

Just how many monsters were inside the secret passage?

“Hurry, Gu Qing Shan!” Hazeden urged him.

Gu Qing Shan followed the others and put his hand on the covenant.

——this covenant was necessary to make sure that everyone would be able to trust their back to one another and jointly fight as a group.

Very quickly, Gu Qing Shan’s personal information appeared on the covenant:

[Dragon Slayer from the Age of Old, Nemesis of the Deity of Chaos, Devil King of Huang Quan, Wielder of Heaven and Earth, Ally to the Eternal Abyss, Demon King and Cherub of Condemnation, the man with the unrivaled kissing technique, Experienced Performing Artist, Gu Qing Shan; hereby sign this ally covenant]

[Special note: Some of his statuses are enough to frighten you to death, but it is unrelated to this covenant, and this covenant would like to live well for the next few years, so they are not listed]

The group: “…”

Reading this long series of titles and the accompanying addendum, everyone simply became stunned.

He sure matured quickly.

——-the King of Card, Hazeden, silently thought.

Who exactly is this person? Are those titles of his real?

——-the Lord of Flames, Guyan, also thought to himself.

How the hell did he get so many titles? Damn it, I’m going to find some time to discuss with him and give a few of them to me.

—–the Purgatory Archfiend, Sha Qiang, silently thought.

…Everything else makes sense, but what’s going on with that ‘man with the unrivaled kissing technique’ title, who gave him that?

—–Su Xue Er clenched her small fist and silently thought.

Gu Qing Shan stared at the ‘Cherub’ Title and sighed in irritation.

I still have to improve myself further.

I need to quickly find more Inner Plane Cards to change my Condemnation Title.

Seeing everyone stunned, he quickly reminded them: “A monster is approaching us from the secret passage, what are you all standing there for!?”

The covenant was now formed.

Clusters of divine white light enveloped each of them.

——-the covenant was fine, and the terms of the covenant were also reasonable, which had everyone’s approval.

“There, from this moment on, we shall stand together and fight!” Hazeden loudly declared.

The Purgatory Archfiend Sha Qiang swung his hand.

All of his subordinating evil creatures entered his body.

He grew tall again.

Hazeden shouted an order to his men, and Guyan also busied himself into arranging his men for battle, quickly making appropriate preparations for the upcoming battle.

——-with the covenant as a security, everyone swiftly displayed their coordination.

“Su Xue Er, your power is very crucial, stand in the middle of everyone” Gu Qing Shan loudly said.

No one objected.

In a battle, a powerful Card user naturally required protection.

Gu Qing Shan continued: “Since I’m a sword cultivator, I’ll be the first to face the enemy!”

Saying so, he drew his sword and stepped out to be at the very front of the formation.

With him standing out as an example, everyone else quickly dispelled their unnecessary thoughts.

Su Xue Er worriedly said: “Qing Shan, be careful”

“I’ll be fine”

Gu Qing Shan showed her a confident smile.

From within the darkness-filled secret passage, the sounds of commotions were growing gradually louder.

Screams, cries, begging, and even desperate shrieking faintly resounded through the air.

——-this was the sound of those who had entered the secret passage ahead of them.

As for the various strange noises that weaved among the screaming, they were evidently the sound of monsters.

Everyone on the small square held their breath, readying themselves for a fight against the enemy.

The stench of blood wafted through the air, originating from the darkness.

Several tattered limbs were tossed out of the secret passage, landing on the ground.

The sound of crunching and chewing clearly resounded.

Tension rose.

Gu Qing Shan raised his swords, ready to——-


The King of Cards Hazeden suddenly exclaimed in surprise.

“What’s the matter!?” the Lord of Flames Guyan immediately questioned.

Gu Qing Shan and the Purgatory Archfiend also shifted their focus.

——–in a crucial moment just before facing an enemy, it was mandatory to make sure that nothing unexpected would occur.

Hazeden looked at the covenant in his hand and replied: “It’s nothing, but Gu Qing Shan, you just suddenly gained another title”

“What title?” everyone couldn’t help but ask at once.

Hazeden stared closely at the covenant and muttered: “Head Dancer of the Secret Dance”

Gu Qing Shan’s expression warped heavily.

Instantly, the fervent sound of battle drums began to sound.

Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum!

Dum badum!

Dum badum!

Chaka chak ka-chak~ Chaka chak ka-chak~

Everyone was stunned.

Where is that music coming from?

The Purgatory Archfiend Sha Qiang’s hearty voice spoke up: 『 Drum of battle? Very fitting for the situation, I can feel my heart beating in anticipation! 』

Anticipation my ass!

Gu Qing Shan’s heart sank.

——oh no, I’m definitely going to have to dance.

Last time, we were literally one step away from breaking into dance, scaring Zhang Ying Hao and the rest.

I had to force it back.

—–which means this time I probably can’t get off without dancing!

Damn it, this isn’t a grand occasion at all, and wasn’t [Dreamjolt] the only ability I had left?

And wasn’t this supposed to be some sort of pledge that cannot be violated between the four Pillar Gods of the void and countless other powerful Deific entities!?

Four Pillar Gods, what happened to your integrity!?

Gu Qing Shan no longer have any time to think about those things, so he hurriedly told everyone: “Quickly, get as far away from me as possible, I’m going to be dancing very soon”

Before anyone could react, a bald old man had already appeared next to Gu Qing Shan.

The strongest human Combatant of the Bygone Era!

Gu Qing Shan hurriedly said: “You came again, that’s perfect! Can you help me end this Dance? I’m about to fight so I’m not sure if I can dance at all”

The bald old man displayed a surprised expression before shaking his head: [This Dance belongs to only yourself; I won’t be able to stop it]

“Then you——-”

[I only came out to watch, after all, this Dance seems to have resonated with a distant place]

The bald old man pointed in the direction of the secret passage.

Gu Qing Shan went blank for a split second.

A thought flashed through his mind.

——-could it be, this Occultism Dance is somehow related to the Dusty World?

The bald old man sensed something and muttered: [This Dance was bestowed to you by that personage, a Dance specifically made for no one but yourself, but since you haven’t performed it at all, this time should be a practice session]

“Practice session?” Gu Qing Shan was stunned again.

[That’s right] the bald old man nodded: [You body will be taken over by the Dance, it will explain the dance steps to you while also displaying them through your body]

At another location.

The seven masked cultivators had made it to a certain location of the void.

A shadow stood in front of them.

「 Hasyour trip been smooth? 」the shadow asked with a slight hoarse voice.

“Relatively smooth, except a few insects who accompanied us that ruined our mood” the leader of the masked cultivators replied.

The shadow seemed to have smiled and replied:

「 Don’t worry, this place is our turf, if we refuse to grant someone passage, they shall do nothing but die! 」

These words were filled with killing intent.

The masked cultivators went silent briefly from it.

The shadow was pleased with their attitude and continued: 「 What do you say we take a look at how those people are being devoured, that would surely please you 」

It flicked its hand into the void.

Immediately, the scenery at the entrance of the passage was displayed.

First came the strange sound of music.

Chaka chaka chaka~ Chaka chaka chaka~

Bun bun chat!

Bun bun chat!

Ah harrai harrai harrai harrai~~~

Followed by a scene.

Gu Qing Shan was standing at the very front, displaying perfect dance steps: “One two three, kick!”

“We’re going to spin in the air, Sha Qiang, make sure to tuck your belly in!”

“Four five six, Hazeden, Guyan, the two of you leave the line, no need to rattle your shoulders anymore, swing your hips with me!”

“Now—– left swing, swing; right swing, swing”

“Well done”

“Next is…”

Everyone was meticulously performing a Dance.

On the square, countless terrifying looking skeletons of creatures that had been stripped of their flesh were devoutly praying.

There were no battles.

There were no monsters.


Dance! Dance! Dance!

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