Worlds’ Apocalypse Online

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: The Su family

Translated and Editted by: La0o9

At the same time, on Lake Island.

An old man wearing a retro Chinese jacket was sitting on the main seat ordered: “You can turn it off”

The President’s speech just ended, as the screen was turned off, the entire main hall was silent.

No one spoke a single word.

“Father—-“ a middle-aged man tried to say something.

Sitting next to the middle-aged man was Madame Su.

It seems they were Su Xue Er’s parents.

“Don’t say anything yet”

The old man stopped him, again spoke: “The battle footage, show me again”

“Yes sir, right away” someone answered.

Soon after, the screen was lit once more.

Gu Qing Shan walked out from the bar, the spirit energy flowing from him immediately caught the old man’s attention

“Mutated 5-Elements, Wind-type spirit power?” The old man showed a face full of interest.

When Gu Qing Shan used a single arrow to blow up the police shuttles, the old man was surprised: “This level of destructive power is more similar to Metal-type spirit power, how strange”

Finally, when Gu Qing Shan activated Shifting Flurry, turning the Grandmaster into a porcupine, the old man went completely silent for a while.

A Su family Steward muttered: “It’s not any of the 5 main Elements, also not the 5 mutated Elements, if it isn’t any of them —–could it be it isn’t a type of Supernatural, but an unseen God’s Chosen Skill?”

When Martial Master Zhang Zong Yang showed up, everybody’s face tensed up.

“Gu Qing Shan, the president wants to see you” as the Martial Saint on the screen said that, the footage ended.

No one in the hall spoke a single word, it was so silent that even a dropped needle could be heard.

The old man thought for a while, then asked: “Borrowing the hands of Bai family and Nie family to get rid of him, whose idea was this?”

Madame Su’s face paled, but her husband already tapped her on the shoulder and spoke up first: “It was our idea”

The old man looked at his son, then took out a phone.

A few moments later, the call connected.

“Grandpa, how are you calling me, did you finish your closed meditation?” Su Xue Er’s surprise voice can be heard.

“Yes, grandpa had something to ask you”

“What it is grandpa?”

“The person called Gu Qing Shan, how did you come to befriend him?”

“Ah? Why do you want to know what grandpa?”

“Hm, he’s my dear granddaughter’s friend, of course I want to know about him, if you won’t say then I’ll just go investigate him a bit”

“Ah, no don’t grandpa, fine I’ll tell you”

Su Xue Er tone was sulking, but her head was as clear as ever.

Grandpa is Su family’s head of power, if he asking directly like this then she might as well honestly tell him.

“He’s —–very hard working, also very talented”

“How so?”

“The time we were learning about Mech research, during one of our practical lessons, the Mech’s weapon system was faulty, so it pointed the Arc cannon at us, while everyone was so scared they all scrambled to run away, he was the only one that jumped out, and screamed at the Mech ‘the target is a citizen’”

“You should know, the mass-produced type of Mech used for security patrols highly prioritize citizen safety, so as he said ‘citizen’, the Mech immediately pointed the cannon upwards and shot it at the sky”

“Since then I began to take notice of him, then I found out he did quite a few small-scale technological research by himself, so I changed my view of him”

The old man hearing that said: “That’s fine then, I hope you two can get along well, grandpa will call you back later”

He put down the phone, then ordered: “Check Gu Qing Shan’s Mech research situation, I remember one of you say he was an employee at our Chang Ning Steel Mech Research facility”

“He’s already fired” a voice timidly replied.

“Hm? For what reason?” the old man turned around, his tone changed.

His questioning shout was dignified but not angry, yet the one who got questioned was shaking, glancing at Madame Su.

Madame Su bowed her head and replied: “I fired him, because I didn’t want him to use our Su family’s company, using that to get climb up to Su Xue Er”

“Climb up?” the old man’s brows furrowed, his mouth almost grinding that word.

Suddenly the person who was supposed to check the profile uttered in surprise and reported: “It’s strange, my Authority Level isn’t high enough so I can’t check his personal records”

The old man spoke: “He’s no longer part of our company, of course you don’t have the authority, use my Authority instead”

He went forward, putting his hand on the Holo-Brain.

“Welcome to the Confederate personal record database, venerable sir Su Xing Chao”

“Request access to Chang Ning county’s records under my jurisdiction, 17 years old male Gu Qing Shan’s personal scientific research record”

The screen stopped for a bit, then showed a line of red text:

“Highest Top-secret”

The electronic voice also responded: “I’m sorry, your Authority Level is not enough, considering your distinguished status, I recommend you seek direct authorization from Gu Qing Shan”

“My Authority isn’t enough?”

The Su family’s head Su Xing Chao opened his eyes wide, a glimmer of life flashed through.

“Father, there must be a mistake, your Authority Level is only below that of the President and the 3 Supreme Generals, how could you not check the record of a low-born poor brat” Madame Su said.

“No, Impartial Goddess won’t make that kind of low-level mistake” Su Xing Chao picked up his phone and dialed another number

“Elder Su, how are you” on the other side, a confident voice is heard.

“Zhang Martial Saint, there’s a matter I would have to trouble you with”

“No need to say that, please talk, I’ll try my best to help”

“Gu Qing Shan—-“

“I’m sorry, elder Su, there’s nothing I could say to you about this person, because the matters involved are too serious, I’m very sorry”

Su Xing Chao put down his phone, became silent for a while, then suddenly spoke again: “This sly fox, I’m sure he knows something”

Looking at the red letters “Highest Top-secret” on the screen, Su Xing Chao felt extremely annoyed.

Then he slapped his hand the table, ordered: “Immediately prepare 100 million credits, donate it to the Confederate’s scientific research department, have them transfer it to support Gu Qing Shan’s research, we’ll prepare manpower to support him as well”

His assistant quickly prepared then spoke: “It’s been done, please authorize”

“I authorize”

“Connecting to the scientific research department ——hm? We were interrupted”


Problems one after another, Su Xing Chao couldn’t help but be annoyed as he personally looked at the screen.

A line of text appeared on screen: “From this year onward, Gu Qing Shan’s personal scientific research funds will be fully provided by Impartial Goddess, no other methods of donation is required”

Su Xing Chao’s pupils contracted, then he tried another way: “Then directly donate the money to him, as support for his further education”

The assistant wiped his sweat, quickly operated the procedures

“It was also rejected by the System!” he frightfully said.

Even a direct donation is rejected? This has never happened before.

All the people in power here raised their faces, wanting to see exactly what’s happening.

Then another line of text appeared on the screen.

“From this year onward, Impartial Goddess and the President of the Confederate will take full responsibility for citizen Gu Qing Shan’s personal spending, no one else is to interfere”

Su Xing Chao was stunned.

Everyone else didn’t even dare to breath out, silently waited for the family head’s orders.

“How regretful, a Highest Top-secret level researcher was actively fired by our Su family” said Su Xing Chao as he shook his head.

Madame Su didn’t know what to say, only tried to explain herself again: “I was afraid that this poor brat would taint our Su Xue Er, wanting to take one step to climb up to heaven”


Su Xing Chao shouted with a thunderous voice, slapping Madame Su flying with one hand.

He couldn’t hold his anger in anymore and shouted: “Use your head a little, how many years has it been since the Confederate had another Highest Top-secret science researcher, do you know how long? What level and what kind of research it is, did you look into it at all?”

“I’ll tell you, it was 30 years ago, the research was the Interstellar warp jump technology that changed the world!”

“Poor brat? One step to heaven? Hah!” Su Xing Chao’s anger not yet soothed, sarcastically continued: “The President himself is using his name to protect him, the Martial Saint wouldn’t leak a single word about him. What about Impartial Goddess? Impartial Goddess is straight-up using taxpayer’s money to fund him!”

He looked at the confused and tearful Madame Su, continued without stopping: “Such a person, and you’re still afraid they’ll taint your daughter? Afraid that they’ll use her to climb up? Ridiculous! Open your god damn eyes and look, right now I can’t even climb up to him if I wanted to!”

“Father, little Ling was only worried about our dear daughter so she didn’t carefully consider everything” Madame Su’s husband stepped up, trying to follow up for his wife.

Su Xing Chao’s anger subsided a little, but still looked at them disappointedly: “Worried about her daughter? Hah, worrying about your daughter requires you to kill someone? What experts you are at killing people, but total fools at hanging on to them! Do you not understand? Killing people will only lose other’s loyalty, and gaining loyalty is the only true way to continue a family line!”

He shook his head: “Looking at the results, even your daughter is a hundred thousand times better at this than you are”

Su Xing Chao tiredly rubbed his forehead, then ordered everyone: “From now on, no matter who it is, no one is to interfere with Su Xue Er’s matters, no one is to offer any help either, that will only make yourself seem too desperate and make them hate you even more”

“Also, the matter of Bai family’s marriage proposal, put it off, no need to make any reply”

“Yes sir”

“Smooth out everything, I want to personally go to the capital to see my granddaughter”

“…Yes sir”

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