World’s Greatest Militia

Chapter 1

World’s Greatest Militia: Chapter 1

1. Prologue

Militia: A power or group which controls a region on the basis of military strength.

Warlord: Someone who owns an individual/personal army.


Kwang Hwi blinked, and the world disappeared.

Moments ago, he was knocking back drinks with his former subordinates, but as he closed his eyes and opened them again, they had disappeared completely — just like his house and everything else around him — leaving him alone in a blank, white space.

‘What is this place?’ As soon as the thought crossed his mind, a screen, like a hologram from a sci-fi movie, unfolded before his eyes.

『Merit Points: 100,000』

『By defeating monsters, you can earn Merit Points which can be used in the Merit Shop.』

‘Monsters? Merit Points?’ Kwang Hwi tilted his head, slightly confused at the bizarre announcement.

He chose to remain calm, carefully observing his new surroundings. Given his experiences, even a sudden change like this would hardly faze him.

“What’s a Merit Shop?” he wondered aloud. A new alert instantly answered his query.

『From the Merit Shop, you can purchase weapons and equipment, which can be used to kill monsters.』

『The only category available at the moment is <Personal Weaponry>.』

『<Personal/Combat Gear> category is currently locked.』

『<Support/Crew-Served Weaponry> category is currently locked.』

『<Communications & Reconnaissance> category is currently locked.』

『<Logistics & Transportation> category is currently locked.』

『<Energy> category is currently locked.』

『<Armored Vehicles> category is currently locked.』

『This category can be unlocked immediately for 50,000 MP.』

『<Aircraft> category is currently locked.』

『<Navy> category is currently locked.』

『<Spacecraft> category is currently locked.』

『<■■■■■> category is currently locked.』

『<■■■■■> category is currently locked.』

“Personal weaponry, huh…?” he mused. As if in response, a black speck on the horizon grew as it drew closer. His vision flickered as a strong gust of wind blew his hair over his eyes, announcing the appearance of a small, simple rack. Kwang Hwi smiled as he looked over the items on display. He was intimately familiar with them.

‘I haven’t seen you in a while.’ His hand gently brushed over the cold, black steel of an HK416C. It had been Kwang Hwi’s go-to weapon as an active mercenary; even now it had a familiar feeling.


『A derivative of the HK416, introduced in 2011 and designed for 5.56mm NATO rounds.』

『Price: 158 Merit Points』

『Technical Specs』

Length: 690mm

Barrel: 9”

Bump Stock included.

5.56mm cartridge (30) included.

『Would you like to purchase?』

Kwang Hwi flashed a bitter smile as he nodded. He still wasn’t sure this wasn’t all just a dream. But it was mostly irrelevant; ever since he had quit being a mercenary, he hadn’t once touched the gun he used to use so often. He wanted that feeling again, even if it was just a momentary illusion.

『Purchase complete. 158 MP have been deducted.』

In an instant, the modest-size rifle was back in his hands. Although the gun was similar in size to an SMG, it was undoubtedly a full-blown assault rifle. Despite its small size, it proved perfect for its intended use.

He let the familiar, cold metal settle in his hands.

『If you kill monsters with weapons purchased from the Merit Shop, you will receive additional Merit Points.』

Kwang Hwi looked around. Nothing had changed. The gun rack was still standing in front of him, both he and it the sole occupants of this empty space. There were no monsters, as far as he could tell.

“Monsters? What monsters?” The words barely escaped his mouth before the world around him changed again.

— Ω —

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