Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 10: Golden Jade Branch

WDQK Chapter 10: Golden Jade Branch

Lin Xia watched Ling Hong and his brother leave before walking over to Lin Dong, a smiling on her face: “Lin Dong biao-di, are you alright?”

“Yes, thank you Lin Xia-jie.” Lin Dong nodded in acknowledgement. Lin Xia and her father had always been good to him since young. Hence, their relationship was considered pretty good and it was only because Lin Xia has been busy with training these past few years that their interactions had decreased compared to before.

“I just witnessed your duel with Lin Shan, I’m guessing you’ve reached Tempered Body 4th Layer?” Lin Xia asked, surprised. She knew that Lin Dong’s had only been training for less than a year, yet he had already reached 4th Layer. Truly an astonishing pace.

“It’s just a fluke.” It was not easy to hide the fact that he had reached Tempered Body 4th Layer. After all it’s effects were showcased at the outermost layer of one’s body. Hence, Lin Dong did not bother to conceal it, nodding his head in response to Lin Xia’s question.

“Looks like you’ve inherited your father’s talent.” Lin Xiao grinned, her expression turning serious: “ However the current you is still way behind Lin Hong. According to my knowledge, he had already progressed to Tempered Body 6th Layer three months ago, and birthed a Yuan Power Seed within his body. Hence, it is best for you to avoid fighting with him or you will surely lose out.”

“Yes, I know.” Lin Dong did not try to put on a brave front. Based on his current abilities, he knew that he was still outclassed by Lin Hong. Nonetheless, he remained confident that he will definitely surpass the latter!

“Hehe, alright, keep up the good work, I will be heading back now. Remember to work hard for the upcoming Family Competition, you know how much your father cares about that event.” Lin Xiao smiled as she patted Lin Dong’s head. Then, after she greeted Qing Tan and Lin Changqiang, she swung her ponytail and walked away suavely.

“Hehe, Lin Xia-jie is really cool, even Lin Hong had to back down in front of her. You know, Grandpa really adores her, and sometimes he even teaches her martial arts personally.” Lin Changqiang enviously said, as he watched Lin Xia’s slender figure walking away.

“You are just lazy.” Lin Dong rolled his eyes at Lin Changqiang. Without further ado, he immediately signalled to Qing Tan and turned to leave. Lin Changqiang followed them for a short distance, but as he saw the darkening sky, he somewhat reluctantly left the two.

“Lin Dong-ge, I am so sorry. I promise not to sneak off to find elixirs again…” Qing Tan pitifully cried, as she tugged at Lin Dong’s sleeve on their journey home.

“It’s fine. Once I become stronger, no one will dare to bully you ever again.” Even though Lin Dong had initially planned to scold her, her pitiful face was like bucket of cold water over the flames of rage in his heart. He helplessly shook his head, before slapping his chest as he replied with a laugh.

“I want to train too!” Qing Tan suddenly said, as she lifted her cute nose.

“Weren’t you afraid that training would make you ugly?” Lin Dong jokingly asked.

“No way, look at how beautiful Lin Xia-jie is. If I could become like her, then Lin Hong will never again dare to bully Lin Dong-ge anymore”. Qing Tan replied cutely as she stuck out her little pink tongue.

Lin Dong smiled as he shook his head, his finger moving to flick Qing Tan’s forehead. He then told her: “When we return home, do not tell anyone about what happened today. Do you understand?”

“Ookkk…” Qing Tan childishly dragged out her reply, as she a frown formed on her tiny face.

Although Lin Dong had reminded Qing Tan not to mention anything, in the end, he was unsuccessful in concealing the day’s event.

“You fought with the Lin Shan and his brother this afternoon.” Lin Xiao casually remarked during dinner as he laid down the chopsticks in his hand.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong and Qing Tan immediately felt their bodies tense up. Liu Yan, who was also present, also helplessly shook her head as she gave a disapproving look to the two of them.

“Father, this has nothing to do with Lin Dong-ge. Its all my fault…” Qing Tan timidly said.

Lin Xiao glanced at the two of them, his facial expression steady. He kept his eyes glued onto Lin Dong as he asked: “ I heard that you defeated Lin Shan?”

Lin Dong scratched his head, wryly smiling as he nodded.

“Give your hand to me”. At Lin Dong’s acknowledgment, Lin Xiao’s eyes flashed as he stretched out his wide palm and gripped the latter’s arm. Gently tapping the arm, a smile surfaced on his usually stoic face : ”Tempered Body 4th Layer?”

“Yes.” Lin Dong once again nodded.

“Haha, excellent!” Upon receiving Lin Dong’s confirmation, Lin Xiao finally let a out hearty laughter, filled with joy and contentment.

As he watched Lin Xiao laugh so heartily, Lin Dong’s heart finally heaved a sigh of relieve. It looks like he won’t be scolded after all…

Liu Yan could not help but purse her lips into a smile when she saw Lin Xiao’s heartfelt smile. Looking at Lin Dong with doting eyes, she understood that Lin Xiao had invested everything he had into Lin Dong. He had always blamed himself for causing the loss of a genius in the Lin Family and destroying their hopes. Therefore, due to his stubborn nature, he had always hoped to ‘return’ a genius back to the Lin Family and that genius he had hoped to ‘return’ was naturally Lin Dong.

“Correct me if i’m wrong but you had only just reached Tempered Body 3rd Layer ten days ago right? How did you progress this quickly?” Even though he was ecstatic, Lin Xiao had his suspicions. To progress from 3rd to 4th Layer in ten days time was an extremely rapid pace. How did a Lin Dong without the aid of any elixirs manage to accomplish this?

“I’m not too sure either……ever since I ate the Red Gingseng, my training progress feels much smoother than before.” Lin Dong’s heart skipped a beat upon hearing Lin Xiao’s queries. After a slight hesitation, he eventually decided to tell a little lie. Somehow, he always felt that it would be best not to reveal the secret of the stone talisman, or else there would be a major calamity heading his way.

“Oh?” Lin Xiao frowned upon hearing Lin Dong’s reply. The Red Ginseng is merely a Grade 1 elixir, how could it be so potent?

“Maybe Dong-er’s body has a special affinity with elixirs and can absorb their effects more effectively? I have heard that some people are blessed this unique gift and their bodies are able to absorb elixirs more effectively than most people.” Liu Yan offered a possible explanation as she smiled.

“True, it might be because of that.” Lin Xiao nodded his head in agreement, he had also heard of similar cases before. If Lin Dong truly possessed this miraculous body constitution, it would not be impossible for him to train at this breakneck speed.

“Looks like I have been neglectful in the past, if Dong-er really possesses this gift, it will not be difficult for him to achieve a good result in the Family Competition.” Lin Xiao smiled in contentment as he reached into his garments. Carefully taking out a bundle wrapped in a roll of cloth, he gently placed it on top of the table. As he spread opened the cloth, a fragrance instantly spread out across the room and a light-golden branch appeared before their eyes.

The branch was coloured gold, and within that golden glow a light green liquid gently flowed through, similar to a chalcedony.

“This is……a Grade 2 elixir, Golden Jade Branch?” Liu Yan gasped as she saw the golden branch.

“Is this what a Grade 2 elixir looks like?” Lin Dong peeked at the golden branch out of curiosity, the corners of his mouth pulling downwards. Even though it looked out of the ordinary, the amount of Ling Qi contained within was lackluster compared to the mysterious liquid that came from the stone talisman.

“Heh heh, I had the good fortune of coming upon this elixir in the mountains yesterday. Liu Yan, boil this elixir for Dong-er tomorrow.” Lin Xiao smiled as he said. Yet soon after, his face turned slightly pale as he violently coughed twice.

“Father, I do not need this. Please keep it for your own injuries.” Lin Dong hastily replied.

“No worries. I merely expended a bit of energy to deal with a troublesome beast yesterday when I was acquiring this elixir. It’s no big deal. After all, I have lived with my injuries all these years, these elixirs will hardly be able to make a difference for me.” Lin Xiao said, as he waved his hand from side to side. “Besides, in a few months time, it will be the Family Competition. During this period, you should focus on your training. Do not worry about the elixirs, let father handle this problem.”

Lin Dong’s eyes reddened, as he saw the happy expression on Lin Xiao’s usually stern face. Without a word, he lightly nodded his head as he muttered to himself: “Father, do not worry. I will not disappoint you.”

“Its late, get some rest. You still have training tomorrow”. Lin Xiao waved his hand, beckoning Lin Dong to go and rest.


After Lin Dong replied, he and Qing Tan left the dinner table and walked to their rooms. Even as they left the room, they could still hear Lin Xiao’s hearty laughter. This laughter was something they had not heard in a long time……

As he gently clenched his fist, Lin Dong turned his head and indicated for Qing Tan to return to her room to rest. Yet, he suddenly saw her beautifully sculpted face turn pale as threads of white and cold air gradually seeped out of her body, causing frost to grow on the surrounding ground.

“Oh no……the chilling cold has flared up again!”

Upon witnessing this abrupt development in Qing Tan, Lin Dong’s expression also changed.

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