Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 28: Wonder Gate Seal, Incomplete

WDQK Chapter 28: Wonder Gate Seal, Incomplete

“Wonder Gate Seal, incomplete…”

Lin Dong blankly stared at the description on the wooden block. He did not expect that the Grade 3 martial art manual was actually incomplete.

“This martial art manual was coincidentally found by Grandpa. However, as the description says, this martial art manual is incomplete. If you really want to learn a Grade 3 martial art, I suggest that you learn something else.” Lin Xiao uttered as she walked forward.

“If Grandpa is willing to display an incomplete manual, this must imply that the Wonder Gate Seal martial art must be very powerful indeed?” Lin Dong curiously asked.

“It’s alright. However, there is no point since you can’t fully master it. According to Grandpa, even if you master this incomplete martial art manual, it will only be as powerful as a Grade 3 martial arts. Or perhaps, even weaker.” Lin Xia replied with a smile.

“Furthermore, it is exceedingly difficult to master this incomplete Wonder Gate Seal. In fact, many people in the Lin Family have attempted, but thus far, only Grandpa and your Father have been successful. However, as it’s might lose out to other Level 3 martial arts, eventually they abandoned it.” Lin Xia warned him, noticing that Lin Dong was still tempted to try it out.


Lin Dong was slightly taken back, to think that only his Father and Grandpa have managed to master this martial art. Seems like this Wonder Gate Seal martial art is indeed something special…

“If it is incomplete, I wonder if the mysterious glowing shadow can automatically restore the lost chapters?” Lin Dong wondered. Based on his experience with Penetrating Fist and Eight Desolations Palm, it seems that glowing shadow could perfect any martial arts. Could it also perfect this incomplete Wonder Gate Seal martial arts?

If the glowing shadow was really able to perfectly restore this Wonder Gate Seal martial art, Lin Dong would have undoubtedly uncovered a massive treasure. Even though he was unable to grasp how strong the Wonder Gate Seal was now, the fact was, even incomplete, it could qualify as a Grade 3 martial arts. This hinted that should the martial art manual be complete, it will at least be a Grade 4 martial arts!

Grade 4 martial arts. That no longer belongs to the lower category, but rather the middle category of martial arts!

In fact, in the entire Lin Family, there was only one Grade 4 martial art manual: The one secretly stolen by Grandpa when he was banished from the Lin Clan.

If Lin Dong could master a Grade 4 martial art, he had full faith that he could even defeat a Tempered Body 9th Layer practitioner!

“I have to give it a try!”

Lin Dong’s heart was now burning in excitement about the prospects of learning a Level 4 martial arts as he stared at the dark-colored manual with passionate eyes. Momentarily, he suppressed the excitement in his heart as reached out to take the manual. However, his arm was suddenly stopped mid-air.

“Oi, you cheeky fellow, why don’t you listen to me? Are you aching for a beating!” Lin Xia, who was beside him, chided after she saw that Lin Dong was still determined to chose this incomplete martial art manual even after all of her advice.

“Ahhh, let me try learning this first. If it’s not suitable, I will just exchange it for another one. “ Lin Dong replied with a chuckle.

“You… Argh, fine. Whatever.”

Lin Xia was evidently frustrated as she stamped her foot on the floor. Previously, she had seen many people attempt to learn this incomplete martial art as well. Many of them held the same mentality as Lin Dong and naively believed that they could master it. However, in the end, all of them ended up disappointed and eventually switched over to a new martial art. Therefore, she did not want to see Lin Dong waste his time on this fruitless endeavour.

“Rest assured Lin Xia-jie. I am merely curious. I have not made any concrete plans to start training yet.” Lin Dong replied with a smile, he knew that Lin Xia was merely looking out for him.

“Alright, you best take care of yourself. Don’t delay your training because of this. Those bastards from Lei and Xie Family have been eyeing us for a while, and so far, we have frequently clashed with their younger generation members.”

As she mentioned this fact, traces of anger flashed on Lin Xia’s cheeks. Immediately, her expression turned slightly dark as she sighed: “However, the matter of the fact remains that those bastards are indeed stronger than us. Every time we clash, we have came out on the losing end. Furthermore, as it is inappropriate for adults to intervene in these matters, they can only stand aside helplessly…”

“Who is currently the strongest amongst the younger generation in Lei and Xie Family?” Lin Dong asked as he gently nodded his head. He was not surprised by this fact, after all the two families were very well-established in Qingyang Town. In comparison, the Lin Family definitely felt like an outsider.

“Among the younger generation in the Lei Family, the strongest fellow should be Lei Li. Based on my knowledge, he has already advanced to Tempered Body 8th Layer four months ago. Right now, he may have perhaps even reached 9th Layer…”

“As for the Xie Family, it should be Xie Yingying. She should be at Tempered Body 8th Layer.” When Lin Xia mentioned this name, she gritted her teeth. Evidently, there was some bad blood between them.

“Lei Li, Xie Yingying…”

Lin Dong silently recited their names as he lamented the fact that the Lei and Xie Family were indeed much more well-established than theirs.

“What about the Raging Blade Dojo?” Lin Dong suddenly recalled the faction that had advanced even more rapidly than the Lin Family, even though they had arrived later at Qingyang Town.

“For the Raging Blade Dojo, the strongest fellow should be Wu Yun. Right now, his strength seems to be approximately at Tempered Body 8th Layer. However, he is constantly squabbling with the other two from the Lei and Xie Families. In fact, he fought with Lei Li before, though he was defeated in the end.” Lin Xia replied.

“Indeed a fearsome bunch…” Lin Dong lightly smiled, involuntarily tightening his grip on the dark-colored martial art manual. There was no point for him to compete with Lin Hong and the rest anymore, instead, he should contend against these reputable figures from the younger generation of Qingyang Town.

“Yeah, in comparison, the younger generation in Lin Family is definitely weaker.”

Lin Xia sighed, however, her spirits promptly lifted as she stared at Lin Dong and happily proclaimed: “However, things are going to change. With a dark horse like you around, our Lin Family will definitely excel in the upcoming “hunt”.”

“Lin Xia-jie, you speak too highly of me. After all, my current strength is similar to yours. Compared to these three fellows, I still have a long way to go.” Lin Dong shook his head, a smile on his face.

“Quit acting coy. You merely started training less than one year ago, don’t you know how much earlier I started training? At your current speed, you can easily overtake Lei Li and become the top younger generation member in the whole Qingyang Town.” Lin Xia retorted as she rolled her eyes.

“However, let me warn you first. Once you become stronger than Lei Li, you must help me take care of that b*tch Xie Yingying. Or else, I will never forgive you!” As if she recalled something, Lin Xia’s suddenly threatened Lin Dong.

Lin Dong was shocked as he witnessed the terrifying glint in Lin Xia’s eyes, it was as if he was looking at a small female tiger. Immediately, he nodded his head, and replied with a dry laugh: “ Since Lin Xia-jie has requested this favor, I will definitely fulfill it. However, why must I bother with Lei Li to deal with Xie Yingying?”

“That is because Xie Yingying is that bastard’s fiance. If you are dealing with her, you must get past Lei Li too.” Lin Xia explained.


Lin Dong was taken back, though soon after, he nodded his head.

“Alright, it’s getting late. Time to leave. After you register, you can bring this incomplete martial art manual home.” Lin Xia nodded in satisfaction before she turned and walked away. As she placed her jade-like hands behind her back, her pony tail extended towards her slender waist, swing back and forth in tandem with her gait, giving off the impression of a lively girl.

As he followed behind Lin Xia, Ling Dong quickly registered and then left the Martial Arts Library with the incomplete Wonder Gate Seal martial arts manual in hand.

After he left the Martial Arts Library, Lin Xia and Lin Dong chatted for a while before she finally left. Lin Dong heaved a sigh of relief as he swiftly proceeded back home. He was extremely eager to see if the mysterious glowing shadow could fully restore this incomplete Wonder Gate Seal martial art…

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