Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Elder Yu’s Disbelief

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Just as everyone was wondering what was going on, Victor, who had been standing on the stage, suddenly flashed.

His entire body seemed to be assisted by a strong gust of wind as he charged towards Yang Mu.

“This movement technique… is it the Wind technique?”

“That’s not right. The cultivation technique is divided into eight stages. I’ve been cultivating the Wind technique for eight years, and I’ve only managed to cultivate it to the fifth stage. The success stage… this fellow has at least cultivated it to the sixth stage, the completion stage!”

“F*ck, as far as I know, Victor has only been in the Martial Arts Peak for less than half a year, right?”

“In less than half a year, he’s already able to cultivate our Qingyun Sect’s top-notch cultivation technique to such standards?”

“Isn’t that too abnormal?”


The disciples below the stage cried out in shock.

Even Yu Haoming, who was silently sitting on the roof, stared at Victor with his mouth agape, unable to speak for a long time.

“This guy… Even I have only mastered the Wind technique. This kid has at least reached the completion stage, or even the highest realm, the transformation realm!”

At this moment, Yu Haoming even wondered if he had been living like a dog for the past few decades.

“This is…”

While most people were still in shock, Victor, who was on the stage, did not stop his attack because of this.

The moment he got close to Yang Mu, he casually swung his right arm.

Yang Mu only had time to open his eyes wide. It was as if he had been hit by a huge sword. A huge force mixed with a sword’s energy sent Yang Mu flying.

“This is… using his arm as a sword?”

Yu Haoming almost cried out in shock.

“This guy… must have cultivated the Qingyun Sword technique to the perfection state. Moreover, he has already reached the stage where anything can be used as a sword?”

Yu Haoming was in disbelief as if he was questioning himself.

“He’s only a teenager. Isn’t his talent too terrifying?”

“With this kind of talent, I’m afraid he can even be compared to the sect master.”

“If… If I can take him in as a disciple…”

Yu Haoming’s eyes were as bright as the stars at night, and he was so excited that his entire body was trembling.

On the stage.

At this moment, a loud sound was heard.


Yang Mu’s body crashed into the stage.

On his chest, a half-meter-long sword scar dyed his white clothes red.

Victor’s heavy horizontal heavy sword sweep technique was not made for killing.

Blunt weapons were more focused on dealing damage to the enemy’s body.

Victor had intentionally controlled his strength. Yang Mu’s meridians were all shattered. Even with the aid of medicine, he would not be able to cultivate for the following year.

At this moment, Yang Mu, who was lying on the stage, felt as if his heart had stopped beating.

Whether it was his cultivation, swordsmanship, or movement techniques, Victor was a few levels stronger than him.

This was a youth who had just entered the Martial Arts Peak for less than half a year.

At this moment

His usually arrogant heart was shattered.

“You got what you wanted!”

Yang Mu’s eyes were filled with loneliness and pain.

Although Victor didn’t kill him, he had crushed his heart.

This was worse than killing him.

Yang Mu laid on the arena, as if he had fallen into severe self-doubt. His voice was hoarse as he started to talk to himself.

“Impossible, absolutely impossible. No one could cultivate the Qingyun Sword technique and the Wind technique to such a level in such a short time.”

“He was able to destroy me. He must have reached the perfection realm.”

“Yes, that must be it, that has got to be it.”

Suddenly, Yang Mu, who was lying on the stage with blood dripping, seemed to have thought of something as he cried out in shock like a madman.

“We are now fighting within the sect. Professor, elders, I know that at least one of you is watching nearby. Right now, I seriously suspect that Victor secretly learned a cultivation technique without the permission of the sect!”

As soon as Yang Mu said this, the entire arena went silent for a second.

Then, the entire arena began to boil like boiling water.

“That’s right. How could a previously unknown kid improve so quickly in less than half a year?”

“Furthermore, he only cultivated the Wind technique for about half a year. Even Elder Yu, who was said to be the most talented person in the sect, can’t compare to his cultivation speed, right?”


Stealing martial arts was illegal.

If it was discovered, he would be expelled from the sect, if the punishment was heavy, he would be killed on the spot.

Such cases were common.

The most classic case was the case of the servant disciple of the Jiang Yue Tower more than 100 years ago.

More than 100 years ago, a servant disciple who was in charge of cleaning the tower secretly learned martial arts because he was repeatedly bullied and beaten by his senior brother.

For ten years, this servant accumulated his strength to increase his cultivation level. Finally, one day, this disciple grasped the cultivation technique to the great success stage.

On the annual ascend of the Jiang Yue Tower, he killed many successful disciples and escaped down the mountain.

Later on, he even started a new sect in the southern wilderness called the Moon Tower.

The term Moon Tower meant stepping on the Jiang Yue Tower.

As a result, Jiang Yue Tower had greatly weakened. Many successive disciples were killed, and the sect grew weaker and weaker decades after.

On the roof, Yu Haoming frowned.

“Secretly learning martial arts?”

The sects had zero tolerance for secretly learning martial arts.

“Nonsense, you said that Junior Brother Victor secretly learned martial arts, what evidence do you have?”

Hua Feng heard Yang Mu’s rebuke, and he was a little angry.

No matter what, he was the one who recommended Victor to the great elder to enter the Martial Arts Peak.

Moreover, he did not believe that Victor secretly learned martial arts.

After all, according to what he knew, Victor usually spent most of his time cultivating. He would only occasionally go out to take a few rounds of walk.

Even if he wanted to learn martial arts secretively, he did not have the time to do so.

He firmly refused to believe Yang Mu’s words.

Although he did not believe it, many of the disciples below the stage started to look at Victor suspiciously.

“No wonder he was able to cultivate the Wind technique to perfection in less than half a year. It turns out that he has been secretly learning it since a long time ago!”

“If Victor was secretly learning it, then everything would make sense.”

“Victor secretly learned the cultivation method. He must be severely punished!”

“He must be severely punished!”


At this moment, some of the disciples who supported Yang Mu were so afraid that they did not dare to speak because of Victor’s domineering attitude.

Seeing that Victor had lost everyone’s trust, they immediately started to scream.


At this moment, a white crane like figure appeared on the roof of a building far away from the arena.

After a few leaps, it landed gently on the arena.

On the arena.

Yu Haoming’s face was filled with shame.

As an elder, he had cultivated for decades, but his Wind technique was not as good as a ten-year-old disciple’s.


If it was possible, he really did not want to appear.

At the very least, he did not want to appear when Victor was present.

“Elder Yu…”

“Elder Yu…”

The moment Yu Haoming appeared, everyone immediately greeted him.


Yu Haoming nodded with a serious expression as response.

“You said that Victor secretly learned a cultivation technique? Are you sure? If the evidence is insufficient, your casual guess and slander of your fellow disciples can result in you guarding the cemetery for three years as punishment.”

“I’ll ask you one more time, are you sure?”

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