Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Elder’s Shock

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“Are you ready? I’m going to start my demonstration.”

Yu Haoming turned around and smiled at Victor.

“I’m ready!”

Victor had a serious look on his face, but deep down, he did not care at all. He even felt like laughing.

Seeing Victor nod, Yu Haoming pulled back his stance and began to use “Thunder Eagle”.

The next moment.

Elder Yu’s fingers slightly bent as he took a series of steps.


Yu Haoming began to wave his arms. His movements were not fast, and every finger would pause slightly.

During a battle, the moves would definitely not follow the normal sequence, so it was difficult for others to secretly learn them during battle.

And during the process of cultivation, one had to follow the sequence of the moves, one move after another, and master them over and over again.

“Iron Eagle Claw” was created by an old senior of the Qingyun clan, who had witnessed the scene of an eagle catching its while fishing on the river.

Thunder Eagle was a finger technique that was improved on the basis of Iron Eagle Claw.

Unlike the vicious claws, the finger technique was more agile and clever.

Thunder Eagle had both.

In battle, even if one managed to block the finger technique on the surface, the second part of the Thunder Eagle hidden in the finger technique was hard to defend against.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he wanted to see if Victor could really learn it after watching it once, Yu Haoming wouldn’t have used it.

In order to let Victor see it more clearly, Yu Haoming used the Thunder Eagle from beginning to end, using ten minutes.

Actually, Victor really wanted to remind Yu Haoming that there was no need to go through so much trouble. He had already learned it long ago.

However, for the sake of being reasonable and to display the effect, he still held back.

As Yu Haoming displayed his Thunder Eagle, everyone, including Yang Mu, looked at it very carefully, afraid that they would miss out on any details.

It was rare for an ordinary disciple to see an elder personally demonstrating techniques.

They did not want to miss out on such a good opportunity to learn.

Victor felt a little emotional as he watched Elder Yu display his Thunder Eagle technique.

As expected of the most talented elder of the Qingyun clan, to be able to create such a profound martial technique.

His movements were also very smooth. His fingers were as light as two butterflies stepping on the piano keys. Countless afterimages seemed to bring out lightning and thunder.

Ten minutes later, Yu Haoming slowly stopped his movements.

Then, he looked at Victor with eyes full of anticipation. His slightly furrowed brows hid some worry.

“How is it? Have you learned it?”

“I’ve already finished playing it over and over again. If you really can learn it through observation, not only will you be able to wash away the injustice of stealing it, I’ll also take you in as a disciple. How is that?”

Yu Haoming said.

“Alright, but if I really can learn with a glance, I want to take the sect master as my master.”

Although Elder Yu was a good person, Victor needed a stronger target to download.

Yu Haoming was stunned.

“You brat…”

Yu Haoming looked at him in surprise. Seeing that he was not flustered and did not speak much, he admired him even more. He nodded and said,

“Good! As long as you can learn it once, I will immediately recommend you to the master and let you be my junior brother. As for whether master will accept you or not, it will depend on your own ability.”

Victor nodded.

Following that, Victor immediately took a stance. His two fingers were slightly bent as he took a series of steps.

In an instant, he took the same stance as when Yu Haoming used the Thunder Eagle Finger.

Yu Haoming was stunned.

All the disciples were also stunned.

Could it be…

This kid really learned it after watching it once?

Victor began to use the Thunder Eagle technique.

He ran back and forth like an eagle flying circling back and forth in the sky. His fingers followed a strange rhythm, like two butterflies dancing around.

Below the stage.

All the disciples were dumbfounded. They were so shocked that their mouths were so wide opened that it could fit an egg, and their eyeballs were about to fall out.

He… actually learned it after watching it once.


Looking at that posture, it was more natural than Yu Haoming’s. It was as if he was the creator of the Thunder Eagle.

The corners of Yu Haoming’s mouth twitched. It was as if a huge rock had been thrown into his heart, causing huge waves.

How was this something that could be learned just by looking at it once?

Was this something that could be learned to the success stage just by looking at it once?

Even the creator was only at the initial success stage.

This fellow… was too monstrous!

Finally, Victor finished performing.

Yu Haoming took a deep breath, concealing the excitement in his heart.

Such a perverted monster, such a perverted talent, if he tricked Victor into becoming his disciple…

Just thinking about it made Yu Haoming so excited that he almost couldn’t control himself.

One had to know that Victor had restrained himself a lot. Otherwise, if he saw the transformation level of Thunder Eagle, Elder Yu would definitely go crazy on the spot.

“Little brother, can you come over for a moment? I have something to discuss with you.”

Yu Haoming controlled his excitement and waved at Victor.


Although he did not understand what Yu Haoming meant, Victor still walked over obediently.

“Little brother, I wonder if you know me?”

Yu Haoming brought Victor to a corner and turned to look around with a mysterious look on his face.

Victor had a strange expression on his face.

He really didn’t know how to answer.

He did know that the person in front of him was Zhang Lingren’s fourth disciple through the system’s scan.

He was also the future second-generation sect master of the Qingyun sect — Yu Haoming.

Seeing that Victor didn’t answer, Yu Haoming wasn’t in a hurry. Instead, he introduced himself with a friendly expression, “I am the fourth disciple of the Qingyun sect’s sect master, Zhang Lingren. My name is Yu Haoming.”

Elder Yu looked at Victor expectantly, hoping to see some ripples on Victor’s face.

“Oh?” Victor nodded calmly.

Seeing that Victor’s reaction was not the performance he had expected, Yu Haoming was a little anxious.

Could it be that my hint was not clear enough?

Elder Yu hurriedly explained, “You said just now that you want to take the sect master as your master. That is a good thing.

“After all, it’s every Qingyun disciple’s dream to be fortunate enough to receive the old man’s personal guidance.

“However, the sect master is already very old now. He needs to constantly cultivate in seclusion and break through to a new realm in order to obtain a longer lifespan.

“As for the matters within the sect, the master hardly manages them. It’s all Senior Brother Song’s responsibility.

“Even the junior brothers behind me are taught by me in place of the master.

“Therefore, even if you can take him as your master, he won’t have the time to teach you.

“When the time comes, you will still come to learn from us.

“Therefore, I think you should just choose one of us.”

Hearing Elder Yu’s explanation, Victor was speechless.

Didn’t he just say that he would recommend him to take Zhang Lingren as his master?

“What do you think of me?”

He was quite experienced in teaching disciples.

At this moment, for some reason, he was actually a little nervous in front of a ten-year-old brat like Victor.

Victor curled his lips and looked at the other party’s enthusiastic gaze. He decisively replied, “I’m not interested in men!”

After that, he looked at him with a strange expression and dodged to the side.

Keeping a safe distance.

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