Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Changes in the Qingyun Clan

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Qingyun clan, outside Zhang Lingren’s secret chamber.

Victor sat cross-legged on a large rock outside the room. His long robe fluttered even with the absence of wind. It was as if he had entered a unique world.

As if he was isolated from the current world.

At this moment, Victor’s entire mind was immersed in cultivation, he would not be able to sense what was happening in the outside world.

Half an hour later.

The cultivation process gradually entered a good state. All of the pores and vessels in his body seemed to have their own life.

He began to activate his true qi on his own, carrying out a harmonious life activity.

Although Victor has had mental preparations, when he started to recuperate and shift his true qi, he was still shocked.

This speed… was almost ten times faster than when he had a Xuan-grade talent.

In other words, under the same conditions, having a beginner Earth-grade talent was ten times faster than having a beginner Xuan-grade talent.

“With this speed, if I continue to cultivate steadily, I will be able to directly advance from the second-rate realm to the first-rate realm in a few days?”

Victor was amazed by his own guess.

Although the actual cultivation speed could not be calculated like this.

After all, he could not live without sleeping, eating or drinking.

He had not entered the innate state yet, so he could not achieve such a level.

However, it would take a few years for an average person to go from the second-rate realm to the first-rate realm, and it would also take a lot of time to break through the barriers between realms. It would take at least a few months, or even up to a year and a half.

However, this was not a problem for Victor.

With his current enlightenment ability, such a low-level barrier was nothing to him. He had the feeling that as long as he reached a breakthrough, he could enter a first-rate realm with just the right mentality.

Having such cultivation speed, such talent in enlightenment made Victor extremely happy.


Victor took a deep breath and quickly calmed himself down.

After all, one could not be too hasty in cultivation.

Looking at the heavy wooden door that was still closed, Victor guessed that Zhang Lingren would not be able to come out during this period of time.

“If that’s the case, I should make use of this time to continue,” Victor muttered to himself and gradually closed his eyes.

Slowly, Victor’s robes fluttered again.

At the same time.

Qingyun clan’s martial arts training peak, martial arts arena.

At this moment, the arena was filled with people and sounds of discussions.

“Junior Brother Victor actually rejected Elder Yu’s offer to take him as a disciple?”

“What is this kid thinking? He actually rejected it. If I were to receive such an invitation, I would immediately kowtow and acknowledge him as my master.”

“That’s right. Elder Yu is the strongest elder among all the elders.”

“Haven’t you heard? After rejecting Elder Yu, Victor even rejected the first and second elders…”

“I heard that all the elders put aside the matters at hand and didn’t even go to the sect master’s reappearance after seclusion. They were all fighting to take in Victor as their disciple.”

“It seems like they even started fighting…”


“Junior Brother Victor actually has that great of a reputation? ”

“Hehe, if you can be like Junior Brother Victor and have the ability where you can learn a martial arts technique with just a glance and instantly master it to perfection, then you will also receive such treatment.”

“Uh… I think so too. It’s not like you can’t see Victor’s performance a few days ago. He’s really too strong.”

“I remember that Elder Yu only used the Thunder Eagle once, and Victor was able to use it perfectly. It was even more natural than Elder Yu’s. Even Elder Yu himself was shocked.”

“Your news is too outdated. Junior Brother Victor, no, I should call him Senior Victor or even Elder Victor now. ”

“Yesterday, Senior Victor rejected Elder Yu’s request to take him as a disciple because Victor wanted to become the sect master’s disciple.

“Moreover, I also know that the sect master didn’t reject Victor’s request to become his disciple. In other words, the sect master has tacitly agreed. When the time comes, the grandmaster will officially take Victor as a disciple.”

“Ah… that’s impossible, right? The sect master is almost 300 years old now, and he’s usually in seclusion.”

“Hehe, if you don’t believe me, you’ll know when the time comes.”

“Stop arguing, Victor played go with the sect master all day yesterday, and they even had a meal together.”

“The most unbelievable thing is that the sect master originally came out of seclusion, but after hearing what Victor said, he immediately went back to seclcusion.”

“What did Victor say exactly?”

“I was lucky and had served the other six elders. From the elders’ mouths, I heard some strange terms like ‘New Path’.”

“However, I couldn’t understand it. Even the elders present didn’t understand what Victor said.”


Hearing this, all the disciples present were shocked.

“Senior Victor is too amazing. If this news spreads, Victor will definitely become famous!”

“The current Victor is no longer that ordinary servant disciple from before. Instead, he can talk to the sect master and have the same status as the elders.”


As Victor’s deeds were constantly discussed by the crowd, the disciples of the entire Qingyun clan felt an inexplicable shock in their hearts.

These days, Victor had brought upon many surprises.

Ever since his name started to pass around, up until the current situation.

It was truly one wave after another, without stopping.

On this day, many disciples of the Qingyun clan viewed Victor as their idol, as a goal to pursue.

Immediately after, the matter of Victor cultivating diligently and even during the martial arts competition was once again exposed.

The entire Qingyun clan was suddenly filled with a flourishing scene of hard work and cultivation.

Even the usually lazy disciples were now working hard to cultivate martial arts whenever they had the time.

In their words, even though Senior Victor was already so outstanding, he was still working hard. If people with little talent were to continue wasting their time, they might as well give up on martial arts and return home.

Seeing the disciples suddenly become so crazy, the Great Elder Song Xiuwen, who was handling the daily affairs of the sect, was shocked again.

He couldn’t imagine that all of this was caused by Victor alone.

“Great elder!”

In the great hall of Qingyun Mountain, the Great Elder Song Xiuwen was drinking afternoon tea when a young Taoist priest who had been accompanying Song Qianqian walked in.

“Zixuan, what’s wrong? Is Qianqian being disobedient and wants to play outside again?”

Song Xiuwen had been busy managing the affairs of the Qingyun clan all these years and didn’t have much time to discipline his own daughter.

Once, when he saw that Zixuan and Qianqian were close, Song Xiuwen arranged for Zixuan to look after and control Song Qianqian.

However, Song Xiuwen knew his own daughter best.

Although Song Qianqian was obedient, she was too playful and did not like to practice. Moreover, she could not endure hardship. She would cry with a slight bump.

“I’m really worried!”

Song Xiuwen said helplessly.

“Sigh… If Qianqian is half, no, even if it is one-tenth as hard-working as Junior Brother Victor’s hard work, I would have no other comments.”

In fact, Song Qianqian’s performance was not bad. At least, her talent was ahead of most of the disciples on the martial arts peak.

However, people were afraid of comparison.

Compared to the other disciples, Song Qianqian could be said to be very outstanding.

But compared to Victor, whether it was talent or hard work, it was far from being comparable.

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