Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: The Eight Desolation Sword

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After communicating with Victor for some time, Zhang Lingren understood that now was not the time to be anxious.

Researching the method of seeking immortality requires a lot of time, simultaneously, he needed to verify it step by step.

After understanding this point, Zhang Lingren’s heart calmed down gradually.

“Hmm? Victor, your strength has broken through again?”

From the moment he came out of seclusion, Zhang Lingren had been obsessed with the matter of the spiritual energy in the universe, so he did not notice the change in Victor at all.

Looking at it now, his eyes instantly widened in surprise.

In half a month, which was the time he was in seclusion, Victor actually broke through from the second-rate realm to the first-rate realm.

With such a cultivation speed, even when he was at his peak, he was not as fast as Victor.

This caused an enormous shock for Zhang Lingren.

“Yes, I broke through right when you came out of seclusion,” Victor said with a slight nod.

“Not bad.” Zhang Lingren’s mouth twitched slightly and he nodded.

However, his voice seemed to quiver.

Zhang Lingren was relieved when he saw that Victor did not seem to notice his peculiarity.

What a little monster!

According to this speed of cultivation, it would take a few years for him to catch up with Xiuwen, Hao Ming, and the others.

It was no wonder that my disciples, who had extremely high standards, would take a fancy to Victor and even set up an arena to compete.

“Even I, the sect master of the Qingyun sect, can’t compare to this kid’s talent.”

Mo Hong, who was far away, was secretly laughing.

“I didn’t expect master, who has always been calm and collected, to have such a shocking behavior!”

Mo Hong was originally disheartened because he was ignored, but when he saw his master’s shocked expression, he couldn’t help but laugh.

However, Zhang Lingren’s senses were so sharp that Mo Hong’s movements couldn’t be hidden from him.

He was aware that he did not control his emotions properly just now. Zhang Lingren immediately glared at Mo Hong, scaring him, causing his expression to freeze, not daring to make a single sound.

Of course, Victor did not notice these small actions. He was more focused thinking on entering a new realm faster.


At noon that day.

Zhang Lingren, who had originally planned to pick a good day, for some unknown reason, suddenly called for a disciple recruitment meeting.

As soon as the news was announced, except for the disciples who had gone down the mountain to do some work, all the disciples of the Qingyun clan, whether it was the martial training peak or the servant hall, all came to the Qingyun Hall to watch the disciple-accepting meeting of the sect master, Zhang Lingren.

Outside the Qingyun Hall.

At this moment, there was a vast amount of people.

“Before this, I always thought that this was a rumor. I didn’t expect that the sect master really wanted to take Victor as a disciple!”

“In other words, Victor really rejected all the other elders’ requests to accept him as a disciple?”

“Now, we should call him Senior Victor, or Elder Victor!”

“I didn’t expect Senior Victor to be so powerful that the sect leader actually agreed to accept him as a disciple.”

“What do you know? I heard that the sect leader planned to accept Victor as a disciple on his 300th birthday, but for some reason, it suddenly became urgent.”

“Uh… There’s such a thing?”

“Also, I heard that just this morning, Senior Uncle Victor successfully broke through to the first-class realm.”

“F*ck, really?”

Hearing this news, everyone present sucked in a breath of cold air. They felt their scalps go numb, and their hearts shook.

“It’s absolutely true!”

“Didn’t Senior Victor just break through to the second-rate intermediate realm half a month ago?”

“Yeah, it only took him half a month to go from the second-rate realm to the first-rate realm. This kind of cultivation speed… is simply terrifying!”

“Do you think… The sect leader’s sudden change in the time of accepting disciples is related to Victor’s sudden breakthrough?”

“Yes… I think it’s very likely!”


Finally, the auspicious time had arrived.

The moment Victor appeared in the Qingyun hall, everyone present could sense the aura of a first-rate expert that Victor had intentionally released.

The news was true!

Everyone’s gazes were fervent as they looked at him, their eyes filled with disbelief.

Especially Hua Feng, who was closest to Victor, at this moment, he could sense Victor’s true power.

Hua Feng’s gaze was complex and uncertain, there was shock, envy, and a trace of relief.

A few months ago, when he first saw this junior brother, he had already sensed that this junior brother was unordinary.

What he did not expect was that Victor would show him surprises, one after another. Until now, it could be considered a shocking matter.

Victor actually directly became an elder and became his junior elder.


After Victor officially completed the ceremony of apprenticeship, Zhang Lingren kindly helped him up.

Looking at the teenager in front of him, Zhang Lingren could not stop smiling.

Looking at Zhang Lingren’s happy expression, the elders standing in a row beside him also laughed happily.

“Victor, to be able to take you as a disciple is the greatest blessing in my life.”

“I have been in seclusion in the sect all these years and have never left the mountain. I don’t have anything good on me to give you.”.

“However, I recently learned something from cultivating in seclusion and created a palm technique. I call it the Eight Extreme Palms.

“Today, I will give you the Eight Extreme Palms as a gift.”

Zhang Lingren looked at Victor kindly and said.

“Eight Extreme Palms?”

Upon hearing the name of this technique, a strange expression appeared on Victor’s face.


Noticing the strange expression on Victor’s face, Zhang Lingren thought that Victor was disappointed to hear that there was no gift.

“No, master. I was thinking that since you created Eight Extreme Palm, your talent in swordsmanship should be more powerful than palm techniques. So I was wondering if you would create a sword technique in the future, the Eight Desolation Sword. Maybe it’s not bad!”, Victor smiled and said.

After all, in the introduction of the ‘World of Immortal Martial Arts’, Zhang Lingren’s strongest talent was swordsmanship. The Eight Desolation Sword was his strongest swordsmanship technique, and it was also the world’s top swordsmanship martial arts technique.

“Eight Desolation Sword? Sweeping across the eight desolations, what a good name!”

Zhang Lingren’s eyes instantly lit up, Victor’s words were the same as what he himself had thought before.

When he had just created the Eight Extreme Palms, he always felt that he was missing something. He felt that there should be more potential in this palm technique that he could tap into.

Now that he heard Victor’s words, some inspiration suddenly developed in Zhang Lingren’s mind.

Then, he looked at Victor with more and more amazement.

He even suspected that this kid was the son of heaven. The questions that had been bothering him all this while were all easily solved when he met Victor.

It seemed that God still favored Zhang Lingren, to let this kid come before him when his time was almost up.

Moreover, he had opened a brand new path, giving this old guy a chance to peek into the secrets of the heavenly premise.

He had even become a pioneer of this path. If he could really succeed, this kid would take great credit!

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