Xianxia: My Disciples Are Insane!

Chapter 22 - The Tribulation Transcendent Realm Again?

Chapter 22 - The Tribulation Transcendent Realm Again?

The sect leader and a few elders came outside the mountain protection formation.

There were seven black-robed men outside, under the leadership of a middle-aged man.

Seeing the people sent by the Hidden Edge Sect, the middle-aged man said, "Finally, someone came. I thought your Hidden Edge Sect wanted to take my things and pretend to be dead."

Seeing that his words were unpleasant, many elders frowned.

"Who are you? What is the magic treasure you speak of?"

"You still pretend not to know. So many people saw that your Hidden Edge Sect took away my Dark Spirit Cauldron. Are you going to renege on your debt now?"

Elder Wu stepped forward and took out the treasured cauldron. "Are you talking about this?"


"How can you prove it?"

The middle-aged man sneered and raised his hand to conjure a spell.

The treasured cauldron in Elder Wu's hand suddenly shone brightly. Seeing this, Elder Wu knew that this treasure should belong to the opposite party. In any case, the sect leader and the others paused to observe and did not make a move.

Who would have thought that the treasured cauldron would suddenly grow bigger and smash down fiercely on Elder Wu.

Elder Wu was unable to react in time and was immediately pushed to the ground.

Seeing this, sect leader Ding put away his long-winded thoughts about the opposite party. With a wave of his hand, the great formation was activated.

At the same time, the surrounding elders shouted loudly and took out their magic treasures one after another, surrounding the black-robed man.

"What? I'm just punishing the little thief who stole my magic treasure, but your Hidden Edge Sect's reaction is so intense. Do you want to make a move?"

No one answered him, and many disciples had already surrounded him, attacking one after another.

The black-robed middle-aged man snorted. His entire body emitted a powerful aura, and rolling thunderclouds gathered in the sky.

Another Tribulation Transcendent?

The expressions of the members of the Hidden Edge Sect became very unsightly.

There was a potent murderous intent in the heavy air.

The treasure was clearly being used as an excuse to look for trouble.

The members of the Hidden Edge Sect all understood, at this moment, that their sect seemed to have provoked a particular force.

Previously, this cauldron had attracted the attention of other sects and forces to come and besiege it. After that, the sect had been secretly infiltrated.

Fortunately, the sect's hidden great grandmaster of swordsmanship had made a move. Otherwise, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

Now, using this cauldron as an excuse, he had sent another Tribulation Transcendent Realm expert to look for trouble. To have so many experts, the enemy faction must be very strong.

Who exactly was it? Sect leader Ding was puzzled.

He had no choice but to think further. The hand hidden in his sleeve crushed a jade token.

The black-robed man waved his hand, and a huge hand emerged from the void, slowly tearing through the clouds in the sky. It grabbed at sect leader Ding.

It seemed to move slowly, but it was actually very fast. And because the palm was too huge, there was no way to escape the attack range of the palm.


At this moment, a heavy sound came from the Hidden Edge Sect.

A brilliant golden light sailed out from the mountain and dispersed rapidly to receive the attack of the huge palm.

With a loud sound, the huge palm slammed into the golden light. After a violent explosion, the palm slowly dissipated, and the golden light dimmed.

Everyone looked closely and saw that under the golden light was a huge ancient bell.

"Heaven Cry! Isn't this the magic treasure of the previous generation's patriarch? He passed away many years ago, why did this magic treasure come out of the mountain again?"

"Could it be that another expert refined this magic treasure?"

The disciples of the Hidden Edge Sect discussed animatedly.

An old man with white hair and sharp eyes, and wearing a long, navy-blue robe came flying over.

"Fourth patriarch? So the fourth patriarch is still alive?"

"Didn't they hold the sacrificial ceremony a long time ago? So the fourth patriarch is still alive?"

Unlike the surprised disciples of the Hidden Edge Sect, the black-robed man and his group were actually very calm.

It was no secret that the Hidden Edge Sect had a powerful foundation, and it was also an old trick to make the powerful ancestor pretend to be dead and disappear.

The Asura Ghost Region had long been used to this kind of habitual method.

"Who exactly are you? You are so ruthless. Do you want to fight the Hidden Edge Sect to the death?"

"What? You stole my bell, and you won't allow me to teach you a lesson?"

Seeing that the other party was using such words to prevaricate, the four ancestors, who had long been furious, could not be bothered to waste any more words with the other party. The bell once again lit up with a golden light as it swiftly and fiercely attacked the other party.

"What? A Tribulation Transcendent Realm junior dares to be so arrogant?"

After the black-robed man finished speaking, his aura rose once again.

A powerful pressure descended, and the entire mountain protection formation of the Hidden Edge Sect began to shake violently.

Just by relying on his aura to shake the formation, his strength far surpassed that of the Tribulation Transcendent Realm!

Entry Saint Realm!

With such a shocking thought in mind, many disciples felt a wave of panic in their hearts.

Sect leader Ding was also shocked, but he did not panic.

The four ancestors had already made their move, and the other three ancestors in the secret room must have also been paying close attention to the movements of the outside world.

Especially the fifth ancestor, a long-browed ancestor, who had successfully transcended the Thunder Tribulation with the help of an immortal pill not long ago and had also advanced to the Entry Saint Realm!

With his help, the other party was not that much of a threat.

The black-robed middle-aged man attacked again, and the huge palm appeared again. He gathered his fingers into a fist and smashed down fiercely at the four patriarchs of the Hidden Edge Sect.

At the same time, a green sword light shot out from the Hidden Edge Sect and slashed directly at the huge hand. The fist was cut into half.

The attack was once again blocked, but the black-robed middle-aged man, whose entire palm was cut open, remained calm.

"Why? The old fellows of the Hidden Edge Sect are coming out one by one. Why don't they come out directly?"

"Or do you like this kind of game where you cower like a turtle? Must you come out bit by bit?"

Hearing his mockery, the Hidden Edge Sect disciples were all furious.

Seeing the black-robed middle-aged man's calm expression, sect master Ding felt uneasy for some reason.

The long-browed patriarch had a bad temper and couldn't listen to such words. Without saying anything else, he condensed his sword light again, and the powerful sword qi exploded in the direction of the black-robed man and his group.

What was surprising was that the black-robed middle-aged man did not attack again. Instead, a young man stood out from behind him.

He raised his hand and waved it. The air contracted strangely and a huge black hole appeared. A powerful suction force pulled everything surrounding it toward it.

The long-browed patriarch's sword light was directly taken away.

This person actually had the highest cultivation of the Entry Saint Realm!

"I heard that there is a powerful swordsman in the Hidden Edge Sect. I thought it was you, but your attack power is also weak."

No wonder the other person was afraid that the long-browed patriarch was the powerful sword cultivator who had killed the Scarlet Flame Ghost Lord.

As if very disappointed, the young man shook his head and pointed at the Hidden Edge Sect, calling for a battle.

"I heard that the Hidden Edge Sect has an expert in the way of the sword. His sword momentum is fierce and his sword qi is powerful! Lu Changming of the central region's Ten Ultimate Sword Sect wants to fight!"

The Ten Ultimate Sword Sect was an evil sect of the central region. Their teachings were filled with murderous intent. It was said that there was once a quasi-emperor level expert who cultivated the Great Dao of slaughter and who became a calamity for the cultivators of the mortal world.

Lei Ting and the others who had yet to leave Hidden Peak Sect were shocked.

A small sect of the eastern region was actually so powerful.

First, there was a Tribulation Transcendent Realm expert, and then there was an Entry Saint Realm expert. According to what Lu Changming said, there was also a Sword Dao expert?

This could be considered a first-rate force in the central region. Although it was still a distance away from being called the world's sacred place, it was definitely not at the middle-class level of the ten sects of the eastern region.

The Wan Xiang Sect, whose highest cultivation was only at the Tribulation Transcendent Realm, thought of the provocation they had just made in the main hall, and they broke out in a cold sweat.

Although the forces they belonged to were all sacred lands, they were so far away from here. If the Hidden Edge Sect really wanted to kill them, the sects far away in the central region would not be able to save them at all.

Moreover, they did not expect that the Hidden Edge Sect would actually attract two mighty figures to look for trouble. One of them was even at the peak of the Entry Saint Realm!

Lu Changming! This name was well-known even among the people of the sacred land.

This was the head of the previous generation of the Ten Ultimate Sword Sect. His status was equivalent to that of the sacred land's sacred sons.

When he was born, he was decisive in his killing. Even among the sacred land's forces, his existence was powerful. Many sacred sons and sacred daughters had been defeated by him!

After the battle, Lu Changming saw that no one appeared to accept the challenge. He shook his head, "It seems that you are not showing me respect. In that case, I'll kill these two old guys and see if you'll come out."

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