Xianxia: My Disciples Are Insane!

Chapter 27 - Qi Sword

Chapter 27 - Qi Sword

"Haha, it seems that your Hidden Edge Sect has extraordinary strength, and your Sword Dao inheritance is also extraordinary. There's actually a Sword Dao expert who can kill the Saint-level Lu Changming with just one Qi Sword?"

Shi Jian also stood up. "Our Myriad Swords Gate is also home to a sacred land of Sword Dao. Although we despise the Ten Ultimate Sword Sect's Sword Dao, we are very clear about the power of their sword techniques."

The atmosphere instantly became tense.

Sect Leader Ding's face also darkened.

"It's fine if you don't believe it. In any case, we can't take out that light sword right now. We can also be sure that it's definitely not the one you're talking about. Everyone, please leave!"

Chang Jian never thought that Sect Leader Ding would actually dare to speak about their sacred land in such a manner.

Could it be that after they killed Lu Changming, they felt like they did not have to look at the sacred land?

As his name suggested, Shi Jian's personality was relatively calm. Seeing that the situation was gradually becoming tense, he proposed a method.

"Since that's the case, how about the Hidden Edge Sect sends out disciples to spar with the disciples of our Myriad Swords Gate? Let us see the sword cultivation of the Hidden Edge Sect's disciples."

Chang Jian also felt that this method could suppress the Hidden Edge Sect's arrogance. "It's just sword cultivation, not other cultivation levels. You can send out your disciples of sword cultivation to spar with the disciples behind me.

"Take your pick."

Another sparring session! Sect Leader Ding was helpless.

These people from the sacred land were all made of the same mold. They thought that they were right, but they were aggressive when they had a certain intent in their hearts.

Once they did not agree to their wishes, they would not listen to reason.

Moreover, they all liked to start with a competition between the disciples.

Unfortunately, it had not been the people from the Ten Ultimate Sword Sect who had visited the last time, so the elders and leaders would have to fight a few rounds later.

Sect Leader Ding was too lazy to play such tricks and was about to reject them.

However, the disciples of the Myriad Swords Gate were eager to try.

Among them, a young man in white walked forward. He pointed one finger at Li Shiyi, who was standing at the side and trying his best not to make his presence felt.

"Li Shiyi! As a former student of the Heavenly Dao Academy, you have returned from the central region and joined the Hidden Edge Sect. We haven't seen each other for a long time. Why don't we have a fight?"

As a powerful academy in the Central Region, the Heavenly Dao Academy had close ties with all the major forces.

Many of the sects' disciples would go to the Heavenly Dao Academy for training when they were young.

Hence, many disciples of the Myriad Swords Gate recognized Li Shiyi, who had shone brilliantly in the past. They all clearly knew that Li Shiyi had been sealed.

Li Shiyi had not been on the same level as them back then, and many people wished that they could fight with the former protege.

Moreover, the Hidden Edge Sect was a sect from the eastern region. Even if they had attained some glory recently due to the sword cultivation matter, how could they compare to the true Sword Dao of a sacred land like the Myriad Swords Gate?

"Have I seen you before?"

What made the disciple of the Myriad Swords Gate's face stiffen was that Li Shiyi had no impression of him at all.

As the young genius who had suppressed the younger generation of the most powerful experts in the various sacred lands, he had no impression of ordinary sacred land disciples at all.

"I'm Zhou Mengxi!" The young man's face was flushed red as he growled.

"Oh," Li Shiyi replied without any movement.

Zhou Mengxi thought that Li Shiyi would step forward to compete with him, but there was no other reaction. Zhou Mengxi felt that he had been greatly insulted.

"What do you mean? Why aren't you coming forward to spar with me?"

"I'm not interested."

When Zhou Mengxi heard this, the sword aura around his body became turbulent. It was obvious that he was extremely angry.

Li Shiyi's disregard aroused the anger of all the Myriad Swords Gate disciples. They all stood up and challenged Li Shiyi to a duel.

They did not expect such an unexpected turn of events. The sect leader and the elders all looked at Li Shiyi in surprise.

The other Hidden Edge Sect disciples were even more surprised. They had only thought that this disciple was handsome and that it was a pity that he had joined the Reclining Firewood Peak branch.

They never anticipated him to be a powerhouse of the central region's Heavenly Dao Academy.

Judging from the situation, he was also a famous figure.

"Why are you so arrogant? Although you used to be powerful, you behaved too arrogantly and offended the Qiankun Pavilion as well as the Hongwu Holy Dynasty. Now, you're just a piece of trash."

"You should know your place. The Qiankun Pavilion and the Hongwu Holy Dynasty should have taught you about the sacred land's dignity. How dare you come and provoke our Myriad Swords Gate?"

A commotion erupted.

Li Shiyi was calm and collected in the face of their provocation.

This group of people was too weak. He had fought with the holy sons of the sacred land, so he was not interested in this bunch.

After learning about the existence of Saints from his master, he understood his master's goal. These weaklings no longer concerned him.

As the conversation became increasingly noisy, Zhou Mengxi's heart was filled with more and more fury.

It was because Li Shiyi was too calm. It was as if he was looking at the air without stirring.

As a disciple of the sacred land, the sense of superiority he felt from coming to the eastern region sect made it increasingly unbearable for him to endure such disregard.

Finally, with his face flushed red, he drew his sword. Numerous sword rays appeared in the air and surrounded him as he tried to charge at Li Shiyi.

Shi Jian and Xin Jian were shocked when they witnessed the scene.

They did not expect their disciples to do something so sensible. Regardless of the outcome of their attack, the other party would have a reason to go on the offensive.

Although the Myriad Swords Gate did not take the Hidden Edge Sect seriously, they had killed an Entry Saint Realm powerhouse there. Could they really send out an Entry Saint Realm powerhouse just because of a junior?

They gathered their strength and pounced forward in an attempt to stop Zhou Mengxi.


Several of the Hidden Edge Sect's elders who were close by could not tolerate the act of fighting at a high altitude. They moved to stop him.

However, Li Shiyi was faster than them.

A green lotus appeared in a flash, and a few green qi swords flew out. They were swift and dangerous.

One sword struck!

Zhou Mengxi flew backward, and the qi swords that surrounded his body disappeared completely. His body was covered in tiny wounds.


The surrounding disciples sucked in a cold breath.

The disciple of the sacred land had been defeated in one strike!

Shi Jian caught Zhou Mengxi, who was flying backward, and after examining him, he was shocked.

If Mengxi had been an ordinary person, he would have been crippled by such a serious injury.

Fortunately, Zhou Mengxi's family was powerful, and he was one of the top younger generations of the Zhou family. He should have a way to recover from his injuries.

However, the price he would have to pay would probably be very high.

Chang Jian narrowed his eyes slightly.

In his field of vision, Li Shiyi's actual sword was not even pulled out. He only used his hand to move forth a qi sword and defeated a Myriad Swords Gate disciple.

Even though Zhou Mengxi was not considered a top expert amongst the younger generation, he was still considered skilled.

He stretched his hand out and waved it. The Cloud-Splitting Sword technique manifested and floated beside him. Then it flew toward Sect Leader Ding, stopping not far in front of him.

"My disciple was reckless. This Cloud-Splitting Sword technique jade slip can be used in the stead of an apology."

"However, since we have already sparred, you don't need to decline any further, Sect Leader Ding. Let our disciples have a good spar. Is that okay?"

Sect Leader Ding stood up with a serious expression. "If I say no, are you going to make a move? Or do you plan on using your identity as a sacred land to threaten me?"

Chang Jian heard this and smiled. "A sacred land is a sacred land, after all. I think this disciple of yours knows the meaning of these words very well."

After he said that, he looked at Li Shiyi with a smile.

Sect Leader Ding absorbed the jade slip into his hand and casually threw it before Li Shiyi.

"I accept this sword formula as an apology. As for the battle, no, it is not allowed. Get lost! If you are not satisfied, feel free to make a move!"

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