Xianxia: My Disciples Are Insane!

Chapter 30 - The Arrival Of A Powerful Enemy Made The People's Hearts Tremble

Chapter 30 - The Arrival Of A Powerful Enemy Made The People's Hearts Tremble

Asura Ghost Region.

"We've received news from Yun Yishiyi. He suspects that Reclining Firewood Peak is a hidden branch of the Hidden Edge Sect. We'll continue to investigate."

"The situation is getting more and more complicated now. I didn't expect the Hidden Edge Sect to have such deep secrets. We have underestimated their strength and foundation."

"That isn't strange. After all, we were defeated by them back then. After so many years, their inheritance hasn't been broken, so it's not strange that their strength has increased."

"Now, we have secretly gotten hold over the Floating Snow Sect. The Qilian Mountain is close to the southern border's Hundred Thousand Mountains, and it's desolate. The Ghost Region's headquarters is stable, so all that's left is the Hidden Edge Sect!"

The Asuran Ghost Lord's dignified voice then sounded. "Those at the headquarters are very displeased now, but they have still advised us not to be anxious. Basically, as long as we have the Hidden Edge Sect, the four great earth vein nodes will be controlled by us, and the seal will be lifted."

"Right now, the Myriad Swords Gate and the Wan Xiang Sect have started to take action against the Hidden Edge Sect. We should all wait."

"Contact the Ten Ultimate Sword Sect. We will send people to hide with them and wait for the Wan Xiang Sect, as well as Myriad Swords Gate, to make a move. It is only right for us to reap the benefits of the others."


As time passed, some news gradually spread throughout the eastern region.


In the Yu family, Faya City.

"Family Head, there has been a rumor going around in the eastern region recently. The Myriad Swords Gate and the Wan Xiang Sect of the central region have both been offended by the Hidden Edge Sect. They are all rushing to send people over."

A middle-aged man wearing a green hat and a long robe was in the study, asking to see Yu Shoushan. He was talking about the news that had been spreading in the eastern region lately.

Yu Shoushan frowned as he looked at his nephew, Yu Heng, "I know about this rumor as well, but what do you mean?"

Yu Heng gritted his teeth and anxiously said, "Family Head, the Myriad Swords Gate and the Wan Xiang Sect are both major powers. They are of sacred lands, while the Hidden Edge Sect is only one of the ordinary sects.

"Although they have already become the top three in the eastern region, the power of the sacred lands is not something this sect can compare to.

"I know that Tianxing has joined the Hidden Edge Sect, but can we have two plans and send out another branch to make other arrangements?"

"You want to split up?" Yu Shoushan's expression was serious.

"I would never dare!" Yu Heng hurriedly kowtowed.

"It's just that the Hidden Edge Sect is in danger now. If it had been before, it would have been fine. But now, they've offended both the Myriad Swords Gate and the Wan Xiang Sect. I heard that they've even killed the Ten Ultimate Sword Sect's holy son."

Swallowing his saliva, Yu Heng continued, "The Ten Ultimate Sword Sect consists of a bunch of killers. A bunch of lunatics. When they fight, they're too vicious, and they'll definitely implicate the innocent."

Yu Shoushan closed his eyes, his expression cold.

He did not want to agree to this nephew of his. In his opinion, those who were on the fence would often end up in the worst situation.

Moreover, after all these encounters, he was full of confidence in the Hidden Edge Sect, and Ye Tiange was an unfathomable person. In the eastern region, even the sacred land might not be able to touch the Hidden Edge Sect.

However, he had previously bet all of his treasures on Yu Tianxing and given up on the Zishan City's foundation. Many individuals had long been dissatisfied.

If the Hidden Edge Sect had killed a number of top-notch experts in the Tribulation, Entry Saint Realm, and other Saint Realms, they would have been able to feel at ease.

Instead, offending the three great sacred lands at the same time had caused many people to be filled with fear.

After all, the sacred lands' reputation had been widespread for thousands or even tens of thousands of years. The sacred lands' strength was deeply rooted in the people's hearts.

"You are allowed to bring along those who are willing to leave with you. You can take away one-third of the family's secret wealth that you brought with you previously."

Hearing this, Yu Heng was shocked.

Back when he heard the news, he had already communicated with a group of his clansmen. In the end, with fear in their hearts, about a third of them had wanted to leave the city.

Yu Shoushan ignored his thoughts and continued, "As a branch family, if anything happens, you will also be considered a branch of the Yu family. Go."

For his deceased elder brother's sake, letting them go was Yu Shoushan's last act of mercy.

However, if Yu Tianxing really grew up in the future, these people would not be able to benefit from it!

Unwilling to speak any further, he waved his hand and chased Yu Heng out.

A few days later, Li Shiyi received news about the Yu family.

"Junior Sister, your family has seemingly been affected by some news and split into different branches. Have you been affected by them?"

Yu Tianxing smiled. "A bunch of cowards, yet they have such poor taste. If they've left, they're gone."

"As for the rest, I don't care about them. What help can they provide?"

"Junior Sister, you forgot again. Master said that identifying yourself as a loner will attract attention and might reveal your identity and trump cards. Hurry up and change your address, or else the master will punish you again."

Hearing this, Yu Tianxing shrunk back.

She had been punished by Master Ye several times, but it was still very difficult for her to change her habits from the past life.

Although as an emperor, she had very strong self control, she was still just a little child, and her strength had yet to recover.

"Second Senior Brother, the Li family is also in Faya City. I wonder, how things are with you?"

Li Shiyi recalled the conversation she had with her father and smiled proudly. "My family has been stationed in Faya City for so many years, so we know a lot about the surrounding forces."

"My father is extremely confident in the Hidden Edge Sect, and he also supports me very much. He's very clear about the master's strength too."

As Li Shiyi thought of something, he curiously asked, "Speaking of which, Junior Sister, have you ever dealt with the sacred lands before? For example, the three sects mentioned in the recent rumor."

"The Wan Xiang Sect is still the same as before. They call themselves investigators of the Heavenly Dao, and they're used to buzzing about, like flies."

Looking at Yu Tianxing's sneer, Li Shiyi thought to himself, 'Only an emperor could mock the sacred land like that.'

Thinking of the emperor's talent and his master's ability, he felt proud. One day, he would also reach such heights.

"As for the Ten Ultimate Sword Sect, they have a long history, and they got their name because they used to fight their way into the Dao. I don't know what has happened over these years for them to become the top ten in swordsmanship.

"Maybe the sect popularized swords? Or maybe it the former Ten Ultimate Sword Sect split up. I don't care about the specifics.

"I don't know anything about the Myriad Swords Gate. I've never heard of it." Yu Tianxing was not interested in such a sect.

To her, these sects did not even have an emperor. Where did they get the face to call themselves sacred lands? They simply did not know shame.

However, the world was changing. She had successfully been reincarnated, so those hidden quasi-emperors that her master had mentioned might awaken as well.

Nevertheless, with her around, a group of old fellows was nothing. With the help of a powerful existence like her master in this life, her achievements would definitely surpass that of her previous life.

When she thought of his master's goal, she wondered how powerful the Saint Realm was.

"Senior Brother, even the Heavenly Mortal Stone Tablet is full of praise for our master. It's our chance to be his disciple. With him around, those sacred places are nothing."

"Hey, it's not the stone tablet, it's the giant pillar!"

"Hehe, I know. When I grow up, I need to seek the Qiankun Pavilion and Hongwu Saint Dynasty to teach them the meaning of reason."

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