Xianxia: My Disciples Are Insane!

Chapter 533 - Search For The Heavenly Road And Step Into The Great Chaos World

Chapter 533 - Search For The Heavenly Road And Step Into The Great Chaos World

After death, the soul would be guided by the six paths of reincarnation and would head west.

After passing through the gates of the underworld, the road to the Yellow Springs, the Resurrection Lily, the river of forgetfulness, the bridge of helplessness, and passing Meng Po, it would take one last look at his hometown in the River of Forgetfulness before entering the six paths of reincarnation.

Ten hours had passed since Elder Wan's death, and he had no idea where Elder Wan was.

His enormous spiritual senses were like the might of the heavens, extending endlessly into the entire Netherworld.

On a bridge that was shrouded in clouds and fog, he found Elder Wan's.

"Bridge of Helplessness!"

Ye Changge muttered, and his figure instantly disappeared.

"Senior Ye, wait for me."

Heishan hurriedly followed.

The two of them were like grasshoppers on the same line. When the experts of the Netherworld arrived, they would first make an example of him.

The most important thing for him now was to firmly hold on to this expert.


Bridge of Helplessness.

Countless figures walked on the bridge like walking corpses.

Elder Wan was among them.

"Elder Wan?"

Ye Changge called out twice, but found that she did not respond.

A layer of white light surrounded her body. Ye Changge realized that this looked like the power of six paths of reincarnation.


Under the effect of the power of the void, Elder Wan woke up and said, "Fellow Daoist Ye!"

"Where are we?"

She looked around in confusion. Her surroundings were all white.

It looked very strange.

"You're already dead, but you don't have to be afraid. I'll bring you out of here."

"What big words."

As soon as Ye Changge finished speaking, a voice came from afar.

Under the leadership of the Hebai Wuchang, they surrounded Ye Changge.

"Senior Ye."

Elder Wan called out worriedly.

The other party had the advantage in numbers, so she was worried that Ye Changge was no match for them.

Ye Changge protected Elder Wan, pushing her behind him and said coldly, "If you don't want to die, then leave."

"Hmph, death is at hand, and you still dare to be stubborn.


Many ghosts swarmed forward. Ye Changge struck out with his palm, forming an intense whirlwind in the air, and instantly knocked them out.

"Ten Thousand Devil Palm!"

Hebai Wuchang joined forces and struck out a palm technique, covering the sky and covering the sun as it enveloped Ye Changge.

Ye Changge's fist emitted a green light, and instantly broke through his power. The enormous force sent Hebai Wuchang flying.

Their realms were originally at the intermediate stage of the Void Realm, and they were on par with Ye Changge.

But their battle prowess was far inferior.

Without any suspense, Ye Changge directly killed two people.

Then, he brought Elder Wan and flew towards the entrance of the Netherworld.

The Netherworld was not without experts. Although he was confident that he could escape unscathed, it would undoubtedly waste a lot of time midway.

He could afford to wait, but Elder Wan did not have much time.

Fortunately, he did not encounter any danger along the way.

Heishan followed behind him and scratched his head in puzzlement.

This should not be the case.

Hebai Wuchang was only a mid-level combat power in the Netherworld Realm. For example, the five ghost emperors and the ten ghost kings did not appear.

It was really too strange.

However, what he did not know was that they were in a secret hall.

The people he was thinking about, which was the high-level combat strength of the Netherworld, were all here. Not a single one of them was missing.

In front of these people, Ye Changge's previous scene was playing.

"Lord Fengdu, don't tell me we have to watch him leave just like that!"

The western ghost emperor was filled with puzzlement.

He was not the only one. The others also had puzzled looks on their faces. This person was only at the mid-stage of the Void Realm. None of the people present were weaker than him.

Why didn't Fengdu make a move?

"We're no match for him. Forget it, just let him go."

His statement had a huge reaction.

Was he really that powerful?!

None of them were his match. They subconsciously thought that it was impossible.

But this person in front of them was Emperor Fengdu, the supreme ruler of the underworld.

He would not lie to deceive them.

In other words, this person really had the ability to sweep through the Netherworld.

Fengdu swept his gaze across the crowd and knew that this matter was indeed a little unbelievable.

"Did you guys see his attack clearly just now?

"It was the fist that was emitting green light."

Emperor Fengdu switched the scene to that scene.

The crowd sized it up carefully, but they did not find anything different.

"Isn't this just an ordinary attack? It's just a little too powerful."

"There's nothing special about it. Could there be some secret behind it?"

The others discussed animatedly.

They did not understand what Lord Fengdu was talking about.

Fengdu looked at the green light quietly, and his eyes shone with a misty luster.

He remembered an ancient book he had read before -- the power of the Great Dao, the Green Lotus of Chaos.

If he had guessed correctly, this was the power of the Great Dao that was above all other powers.


The power of the Great Dao.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.

Hadn't the power of the Great Dao already disappeared?!

In the universe, the power of the Great Dao was a supreme existence. They had never thought that he would actually control such a powerful force.

No wonder he could easily counter-kill Hebai Wuchang.

It was indeed as Lord Fengdu had said. If he had the power of the Great Dao, it would be a piece of cake to defeat them.


Ye Changge brought Elder Wan out of the Netherworld Realm.

The moment his figure completely disappeared, Heishan heaved a sigh of relief.

"This Netherworld pressure is too strong."

He wiped the cold sweat off his head, and his tensed body finally relaxed for a moment.

Recalling the scene just now, he could not help but feel like his heart was about to burst.

This was a peerless killing god.

On the way here, he was really afraid that Ye Changge would be unhappy and kill him too.


Under Ye Changge's handiwork, Elder Wan recovered.

She gratefully bowed to Ye Changge.

If it were not for him, she might have really died.

After everything was ready, everyone left the Abyss.

However, what surprised everyone was that the sculpture in front of the mountain wall had mysteriously disappeared.

Ye Changge did not care and returned to the Snow God Palace.

In the following months, he successively helped the other sacred lands seal the array formations.

It was worth mentioning that the Tian Wei Sword Region and the Archaic Soul Hall had actually set up a large array formation to sneak attack Ye Changge.

However, the final result was that the two sacred lands were destroyed.

In the courtyard of the Supreme Oblivion Palace, Ye Changge raised his head to look at the misty sky.

After thinking about his next preparations, it was time to search for the so-called Heavenly Road.

These few months, his cultivation had not fallen behind. Naturally, he had reached the peak of the Void Realm.

"Master, when are we going to the Death Realm?"

"Sister Manman, Brother Ye said that if you don't cultivate properly, he won't let you go."

Bai Aoxian teased from the side.

"Hmph, Master won't abandon me."

She pulled on Ye Changge's arm and shook it.

Ye Changge smiled helplessly. It had been almost a year since he came to the central plains region.

Time did not wait for anyone. He had to find the Heavenly Road as soon as possible and head to the Great Chaos World.

He wondered how his parents on earth were doing.

Two kind faces appeared in his mind, and his body was filled with infinite power.

He started a new journey to rush to another distant mountain peak.

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