Xianxia: My Disciples Are Insane!

Chapter 7 - Investigation Of Demons, The Birth Of A Secret Treasure

Chapter 7 - Investigation Of Demons, The Birth Of A Secret Treasure

Time flew by, and another few months passed.

Everything was the same on Reclining Firewood Peak. Ye Changge signed in every day to accumulate his strength.

In an underground cave dozens of kilometers away from the Hidden Edge Sect, five people formed a circle with a strange bronze cauldron floating in the centre.

"If a strange treasure like the Dark Spirit Cauldron is taken out, the surrounding factions will definitely not let it go."

"After we attract their attention, we can control it to fly to the Hidden Edge Sect. We don't have to worry if they will be greedy. When the time comes to fight over the treasure, the strength of this generation of Hidden Edge Sect will be revealed."

"Only we can afford to spend so much. However, it's a pity that such treasure was taken away by the Hidden Edge Sect."

"A diversion plan. They will be attracted by the treasure, and there will be people who will sneak into the underground again."

"When we find out all the Hidden Edge Sect's trump cards, we can make a move against them. When they are destroyed, we can take back all our investment."

After coming up with a plan, the five of them unleashed their power.

The Dark Spirit Cauldron shook violently, and a brilliant light indicating the treasure shot into the sky, instantly blasting open the cave and the sky.

The surrounding major forces all detected the light belonging to the treasure.

In the nearest elegant city, the pedestrians all raised their heads and stared at the light pillar in the distance.

Countless figures soared into the sky, and teams set off from various mansions.

The Illusory Sword Sect, Hidden Fish Gang, Emerald Moon Tower..

The surrounding major and minor forces that had detected the situation all sent out their manpower.

Soon, many battles broke out.

More and more people gathered, and the battles became more and more intense. However, because they blocked each other, no one had touched the Dark Spirit Cauldron yet.

However, the Dark Spirit Cauldron reacted on its own. It soared into the sky and flew straight towards the Hidden Edge Sect.

"What's going on? No one has touched the divine cauldron?"

"Judging from that direction, it seems to be the Hidden Edge Sect?"

"Oh no, the Hidden Edge Sect is not to be trifled with. If they make a move, we definitely won't have a chance."

"Speaking of which, it's strange. We've been fighting for so long, but we still haven't seen a single Hidden Edge Sect disciple come out?"

"Of course. They must have been observing in secret and only took action to snatch the treasured cauldron when they saw that we were almost done fighting."

In fact, they didn't know that, according to the sect rules of the Hidden Edge Sect, a Dark Spirit Cauldron was not enough for them to participate in this kind of dispute.

Unfortunately, when people were blinded by greed, they were unable to calm down and think carefully about the problem.

Therefore, many people sought help from their respective factions. When the various large factions realized that many people were starting to pressure the Hidden Edge Sect, they became bolder.

In an instant, many people who were far more powerful than before gathered toward the Hidden Edge Sect.


In front of the Hidden Edge Sect's main gate, the gatekeeping disciples watched helplessly as a huge ray of light rapidly approached from afar.

Before they could react, the beam of light smashed into the protective formation of the mountain.

An explosion sounded from afar.

The disciples guarding the mountain lost their balance and fell to the ground one after another.

The patrol team quickly arrived. The leader was an old man with white hair who was riding a flying red sword.

Before he could react, the Dark Spirit Cauldron flew directly into his hand.

"Elder Wu, what's going on?"

Someone from the patrol team behind asked.

Before Elder Wu could answer, nearly a hundred streaks of light sailed over.

"What does the Hidden Edge Sect mean by this? Do you want to take the treasured cauldron that we've been searching so hard for?"

"That treasured cauldron flew directly into his hand. Could it be that he's controlling the treasured cauldron, thereby triggering a war between us, weakening our forces, and solidifying their position among the surrounding forces?"

For a moment, the scene was boisterous, and everyone began to denounce the Hidden Edge Sect.

The more they spoke, the more agitated they became. It was as if they would start fighting if there was a disagreement.

The people from the Hidden Soul Pavilion, who were hidden in the crowd, added fuel to the fire.

"Shut up!" Elder Wu shouted.

"Who is slandering our Hidden Edge Sect? Since this cauldron automatically came into my hands, it is naturally fated to be with our sect."

"When a treasure emerges, those who are virtuous will take it. We won't take the initiative to attack, but who would dare to snatch something that belongs to our sect?"

Elder Wu's words made sense.

Moreover, when this cauldron was in his hands, the light of the treasure was overflowing. One look and one could tell that it was not an ordinary item. Naturally, he was unwilling to hand it over.

In an instant, the conflict intensified. Many people attacked angrily, and the battle at the entrance of the Hidden Edge Sect became chaotic.

Ye Changge had long noticed the abnormality, but after investigating the strength of the incoming enemy, it was nothing compared to the strength of the sect, so he did not pay much attention to it.

His attention was fixed on the Hidden Edge Sect.

Ye Changge raised his eyebrows and said to He Xiuxing, who had just returned with water, "Someone sneaked into the Hidden Edge Sect. I'll go take a look. You cultivate well."

He Xiuxing hurriedly bowed and said, "Yes, Master."

The Misty Cloud Peak was the mountain peak closest to the north of the Hidden Edge Sect.

When the mountain protection formation was activated, the entire attention of the Hidden Edge Sect was shifted to the entrance.

Waves rippled through the air. One with a red ghost face and two with blue masks appeared, riding on a huge, strange insect.

"Ha, the Hidden Edge Sect's mountain protection formation is only so-so. Just by using the Dark Spirit Cauldron to strike it, I was able to sense its ripples. Sneaking in is easy."

"With your tribulation realm cultivation leading us, it's certain that the Hidden Edge Sect's people won't be able to investigate."

"Is that so?"

Just as the other person was about to curry favor with the leader, Ye Changge spoke up.

"Who are you, sir?"

"You sneakily came to our Hidden Edge Sect. You didn't report your place of origin first, but instead asked for the owner?"

The red ghost face said gloomily, "Kid, you're courting death! When you're in my hands, I'll see if you'll have anything to say."

The three-headed giant insect flapped its wings. As it flapped its wings, strange ripples appeared in the air.

"You have some tricks. Is this a technique for confining space? What kind of insect is this?"

The red ghost face retorted, "You have some foresight. You're still so calm despite being surrounded. Are you waiting for a big shot to be sent to save you? Or are you really that reckless?"

As soon as the two blue-masked men finished speaking, they immediately attacked Ye Changge.

Black air currents rose behind him and formed a huge vortex. The power was even more terrifying.

A strange buzzing sound was heard. One could vaguely see the dense insects in the vortex.

"Just like this?"

Ye Changge flipped his palm and slapped it.


With a loud sound, the two fell to the ground and flew backward.

They crashed heavily into the transparent barrier formed by the three strange beetles. It seemed that they would not survive.

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