Xianxia: My Disciples Are Insane!

Chapter 9 - The Decadent Li Shiyi

Chapter 9 - The Decadent Li Shiyi

Faya City was the largest city near the location of the Hidden Edge Sect. The area's safety was greatly guaranteed thanks to the sect.

The place had naturally become the largest commercial city in the vicinity because all kinds of materials were circulated there.

Over at the Li residence, a young man was drunk on the bed in a side room.

His beard was unkempt, and his hair was disheveled. He looked very old.

This young man was called Li Shiyi. He was the young master of the Li family.

The head of the Li family, Li Yunlan was full of anger as he woke Li Shiyi up.

"You're still not getting up? How much longer are you going to be depressed?"

Li Yunlan shook him violently, but there was no reaction. Li Yunlan then took out a pill and stuffed it into Li Shiyi's mouth.

Not long after, Li Shiyi burped a few times and woke up. "What time is it now?"

"The sun has already set, and it's already dark."

Li Shiyi was shocked, as he did not expect to receive a reply.

He raised his head and saw his father looking at him angrily.

"A big incident recently happened in the Hidden Edge Sect. A Tribulation Transcendent broke in without permission and was killed with a sword.

"What did you tell me before? You said that you were sealed, but you didn't tell me the specific reason. You only said that you might need a top-notch sword grandmaster to help you.

"Now that someone is able to kill a Tribulation Transcendent with a single sword, how powerful do you think that person's sword technique is?

"Hurry up. I've packed your luggage for you. Get lost and go to the Hidden Edge Sect to greet your master. In any case, you've already been chased out of an academy. Now, you're just an empty vessel."

Hearing the family head's words, Li Shiyi's face was filled with shock.

Unlike his father, he had gone to the central region to explore and understand the concept of a Tribulation Transcendent of the Nature Dao.

The eastern region was not the only powerful force, the central region was too. Someone from there would not easily make a move...

Not to mention be killed directly.

Moreover, the killer had only used one sword? What kind of concept was that?

At least, as far as he knew, the Heavenly Dao Academy in the central region did not have such a powerful swordmaster.

Perhaps the sacred place of swordsmanship in the central region, the Indigo Sword Pavilion, had such an existence. However, how could such an expert help him?

After he made up his mind, Li Shiyi leaped up and bowed before the Li family head. "Thank you, father. I have been unfilial, and I have made you worry!

"I will set off for the Hidden Edge Sect now."

"Wait." Li Yunlan stopped Li Shiyi. "Look at your appearance. Your hair is disheveled and your beard is unkempt. If you go and face your master like this, you might be chased out by the others!"

With a pale face, Li Shiyi, whose heart had dropped, quickly went down to wash and tidy up.

The next day, an excited Li Shiyi packed up his luggage and set off early in the morning.

He put the treasures he had collected from his adventures in the central region into his storage ring and carried it with him, hoping that the items could function as greeting gifts.

Otherwise, how would his sealed cultivation base be able to catch the eye of an expert?

At the Hidden Edge Sect, the disciples who guarded the mountain were changing shifts as usual.

From afar, a group of travel-worn people rushed over.

A handsome young man with a look of anticipation promptly dismounted.

"I am Li Shiyi from Faya City. I admire the prestige of the Hidden Edge Sect and have sincerely come to acknowledge you as my master."

The disciples, who were guarding the mountain, looked at each other and were not surprised at all.

Ever since a Tribulation Transcendent appeared and got killed by the sect's mysterious sword path grandmaster, countless people had come to acknowledge him as their master.

As a result, the Hidden Edge Sect had no choice but to change the rules and add many trials for taking in disciples.

Although many people admired the swordmaster's strength and hoped to come to the Hidden Edge Sect to learn the way of the sword, no one had actually seen the true face of the mysterious swordmaster.

So naturally, no one had succeeded in getting him as their master.

"Please follow me. The disciples of the sect are currently waiting in the temporary guest room. Once there is a certain number of you, you can go in together for the trial."

When Li Shiyi heard this, the pressure in his heart doubled. His cultivation had been sealed by someone, so he did not have enough confidence to complete the trial.

However, he had been dispirited for several years. This was the only opportunity he knew, and he had to seize it.


A few days later, Li Shiyi, who was covered in scars, passed the trial with other fellow disciples in his batch. He arrived in the sect's main hall to be accepted as a disciple.

All the first seats of the eight paths were present, and Ye Changge represented his path.

The moment Li Shiyi saw Ye Changge, his body began to tremble violently.

He was born with the Green Lotus Sword Bone, and his talent in swordsmanship was outstanding. With it, Li Shiyi's strength had improved rapidly.

Unfortunately, after he had provoked a powerful enemy and gotten sealed, he could only muddle through.

The Green Lotus Sword Bone in his body was his only hope of breaking the seal. Hence, he had always wanted to find a swordsmanship grandmaster to trigger the sword bone in his body.

Sadly, even in the central region where experts were as common as clouds, there were very few swordsmanship grandmasters who could trigger the Green Lotus Sword Bone, much less in the eastern region.

After all, the Green Lotus Sword Bone was of very high quality. Although many experts used swords, their cultivation was built up by brute force. Their own swordsmanship cultivation was not high.

Due to his desperation, Li Shiyi had been getting drunk for several years.

He did not expect someone to trigger a reaction from the sword bone the moment he entered the disciple selection meeting!

Whether or not this person was the swordsmanship grandmaster who had killed the Tribulation Transcendent with one sword strike, his cultivation in the sword path was very strong.

There was hope! Li Shiyi was full of fighting spirit!

The first seat of the first path looked strangely at Li Shiyi who was waiting to make his choice. He did not know why his aura had suddenly erupted.

However, his sharp sword qi still made many people's eyes light up.

The second boy might be able to comprehend sword intent!


"Scanning for an SS Grade prodigy!

[ Name ] : Li Shiyi

[ Age ] : 20

[ Innate Bone ] : SS Grade

[ Aptitude ] : SS Grade

[ Cultivation ] : Pulsing Realm, Level 1

[ Talent ] : Green Lotus Sword Bone

[ Affiliation ] : Elegant Li family

"Remarks: seems to have been sealed by the Five Elements Suppression technique. His actual cultivation is in the Primordial Spirit Realm!

"Mission issued, disciple accepted!

"Mission requirement: Potential SS Grade!

"Mission Reward: Brilliant Sword Spirit!

"Mission Duration: Seven days."

Hearing the system's notification, Ye Changge turned to look at Li Shiyi.

He gave the system an order in his mind, 'System, what is SS Grade?'

"Emperor aptitude!"

In the entire Heavenly Mortal World, the cultivation level did not go beyond the Boundary-Breaking Realm, and the Emperor was an existence above it.

To think that the system would scan him there and immediately take him in as a disciple.

Furthermore, he was born with the Green Lotus Sword Bone. That was an extraordinary talent.

People with such an aptitude were naturally suited to use swords. They were built for fast swords or many flying swords.

Thinking about it, Ye Changge became interested in Li Shiyi.

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