Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks!

Chapter 270 (END) - Ascending to the Immortal World (end)

Chapter 270: Ascending to the Immortal World (end)


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“Shut up!”

Demon Emperor Li Mengran snorted.

Accompanied by a scream, Chen Youliang felt a huge force coming at him. He flew hundreds of meters away and crashed into a sand dune. It was unknown whether he was alive or dead.

“Demon Emperor, I’m really disappointed in you.”

“However, the gate of Hell has been summoned. It doesn’t make much difference whether you are here or not. hahaha!”

The demon saint laughed wildly. He pulled Su Yan ‘er and the others and was about to escape when he turned around and saw a pair of handsome and delicate faces.

While he was panicking, darkness fell in front of him. The life force in his body had been cut off.

The Demon God sect, which had many disciples, had been completely wiped out.

“Junior Sisters, are you okay?”

After untying the girls, Su Xing revealed a smile that he had not seen for a long time.

“Senior brother, brother Su Xing…”

“I. . . Let Go of me. You’re hugging me until I Can’t Breathe!”

Saving his junior sisters was originally something worth being happy about, but now, there was an even better and more important thing to do.

Su Xing felt that the east barren world’s rejection of him was getting stronger and stronger. He had to seize the time to solve the next matter.

“Junior Sisters, go find master and the others first. The matter here is not completely over yet!”

“Okay, then you must be careful!”

The girls also knew that this was not the time for romantic feelings. After giving a few simple instructions, they wanted to rush to the outskirts of the Thousand Miles Red Cliff.


“Senior, how long do you plan to hold on to him?”Su Xing looked at the two figures who were stuck close together and said half-jokingly.

Wine Sword Immortal’s old face turned red, and he patted Li Mengran’s shoulder lightly. The latter also slowly let go of his hand.

The two of them whispered a few words, then turned around and walked out of the desert.

“Hey! Senior, what do you do after you leave the gates of Hell?”

Hearing this, the two of them stopped in their tracks, then threw out a few rays of light toward Su Xing. Wine Sword Immortal’s ancient voice echoed in the vast Gobi Desert.

“Little friend Su Xing, this is the magic tool needed to seal the gate of the demon race. I’ll leave the rest to you.”

Su Xing looked at the object in his hand and shook his head helplessly.

It was just a thousand years separating two places, couldn’t they just deal with the matter of the Demon Gate before leaving? They had waited for a thousand years, so why would they care about this little bit of time?

“Forget it, I don’t have much time left. Let’s deal with the matter of the demon race first!”

After saying this, Su Xing didn’t think anymore. He poured the immortal energy from his body into the sealed artifact in his hand.

The object that was originally only the size of a finger suddenly magnified by hundreds of times. An ancient bell with a flowing sound, an incomplete sword hilt, a set of shining golden armor, and a large seal that was emitting a dim light!

Four different items surrounded Su Xing, emitting a colorful light. An ancient and simple aura came from it, powerful and pure.

Through the seal carved on it, Su Xing also roughly knew the method to seal the demon gate.

He smiled and controlled the four magical artifacts that were shining with a hundred thousand meters of light to fly into the sky.

The bell rang, and the whistling and angry roars behind the demon gate stopped. The sword chime sounded, and the Devil Qi on the demon gate gradually retreated. A Ray of golden light rose from the armor, and the large seal also emitted a dim light..

In the next moment, four blurry figures walked out.

They looked at the four magic tools in the floating gate of demons, and then looked at the gate of demons standing in the desert. For a moment, they seemed to understand what was going on.

“My name is human emperor, Black Heaven!”

“My name is donghuang, Taiyi!”

“My name is Earth Emperor, Nameless Chen!”

“Haha, and Me!”

Su Xing recognized the last person. It was wine sword immortal who had just left.

A few phantoms looked at Su Xing with admiration. Then, with their respective magic tools in hand, they charged into the huge devil gate.


A huge muffled sound reverberated through the entire desert. The Sturdy Devil Gate was suppressed by the four emperors and slowly disappeared into the void.

After a short moment.

All the light disappeared and the world returned to peace. The Demon Gate and the four sealing artifacts also disappeared without a trace.

“The matter has been settled. It’s time for me to leave!”

Feeling the immortal energy boiling all over his body, Su Xing knew that he could not stay any longer. The world energy in the eastern wastelands was repelling him more and more. If he did not leave now, it would cause a backlash in the eastern wastelands.

With a wave of his hand, the immortal energy turned into a golden light that tore through the void. A spatial crack appeared in front of him. Su Xing seemed to sense a familiar aura in that world.

“Is this the upper realm?”

Su Xing looked at the spatial crack, then turned his head to look into the distance. The entire scene of the east barren was deeply imprinted in his mind. Finally, his gaze stopped on the people of the sunset peak not far away.

After more than a month of cultivation, everyone’s cultivation base had improved by leaps and bounds. Even Li Yiyi, who was the last to enter, had reached the peak of the tribulation transcending stage. In addition to the large amount of resources left behind by Su Xing, it was not impossible for her to break through to the human immortal realm in the future.

“Master, Junior Sisters, we meet again in the upper realm.”

Su Xing muttered. He did not choose to meet with everyone. With a flash, he flew into the crack in space, and the crack instantly closed.

At the same time.

A shocking scene appeared in the Red Cliff.

In the high sky, plum blossoms filled the sky, and a strange fragrance spread in the desert.

Under the sky, a strange light appeared, and tens of thousands of golden lights went straight to the sky. The sound of wind and thunder could be vaguely heard.

What on Earth was going on?

Old Monster Sword and the other patriarchs’eyes froze, and they murmured.

“The phenomenon of Ascension!”

“Su Xing, that kid, actually ascended to the immortal world!”

Huala ~

Everyone was stunned when they heard this, and then there was an uproar.


Ten days later.

On the sunset peak of the mysterious Sky Sword sect.

Bai Xueling was sitting cross-legged in a pavilion, not saying a word.

She looked up into the sky from time to time, as if she could see the familiar figure through the distant horizon.

“Good morning, senior!”

Xue Jian woke up from her sleep in a daze and greeted Bai Xueling.

When she arrived at Su Xing’s small wooden house, she pushed open the wooden door in front of her and asked subconsciously.

“Brother Su Xing, what are we having for breakfast today?”

“Eh? Why aren’t you saying anything? Brother Su Xing is about to get up. The Sun is almost shining on your butt, yet you’re still not getting up!”

The room was filled with the sound of Snow’s bell-like voice, but no one answered.

Su Yan ‘er walked out of the room and couldn’t help but remind her.

“Little Sister Xue, are you confused? Senior brother Su Xing has already ascended to the immortal realm!”

Is that so?

Has brother Su Xing left?

When the young girl Xue saw that she was sizing up every item in the wooden house, her eyes were filled with nostalgia and reluctance. When her gaze swept over the several small bags of different colors on the bed, she exclaimed in surprise.

“Sisters, brother Su Xing left something for us.”

As soon as she finished speaking, several figures rushed into the wooden house.

“Storage ring, and… a letter!”

That graceful handwriting was surprisingly left behind by Su Xing.

“Junior Sisters, the resources in the storage ring are all for your cultivation. I hope to meet you in the upper realm one day!”

“See you later!”


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