You Are My Unforgettable Love

Chapter 1765 - It Is Hard to Speak of One’s Troubles (45)

Chapter 1765: It Is Hard to Speak of One’s Troubles (45)

Qiao Yiyi’s words stunned Liang Liang, he was really speechless.

In the ward, Lu Qingtian was staring outside. When she saw Liang Liang and Qiao Yiyi whispering, she frowned and asked the butler, “Do they know each other very well?”

The butler spoke insinuating something, “Mr. Liang seems to have a special feeling for Madam. That day he got drunk, he insisted on Madam talking to him.”

Lu Qingtian looked speechless. “Does Nanze not care?!”

The butler laughed bitterly. “Mr. Lu knew but didn’t object to it.”

“This is absolutely nonsense!” Lu Qingtian actually had really strict morals. “No matter what, since she’s married to Nanze, she’ll be Nanze’s for the rest of her life. She’s the Madam of the Lu family. If word spreads out, it’d be terrible! I know that Nanze doesn’t like her, but the woman Nanze likes has already married someone else. How can he still not forget about her?”

The butler sighed. “I know, right? But I don’t dare to tell Sir that. Yes, Sir seems to be unsatisfied with Madam too.”

Lu Qingtian frowned. “In a family like ours, if they divorce, it would be really bad for our reputation. Besides that, I think that other than being a little stupid, Qiao Yiyi is actually alright. After teaching her, she might be just fine.”

The butler was stunned. “Don’t you hate her?”

Lu Qingtian was also stunned. “Why would I hate her?”

The butler didn’t speak.

However, Lu Qingtian instantly understood it and said, “That’s just another matter. Tell me, if someone gets to escape, why wouldn’t they call to inform their family? If she had called to inform, wouldn’t Nanze be safe? But look at how stupid she is!”

As she said so, she got angry again.

But after calming down, she started staring at the door again. “Looking closely at this Qiao Yiyi, she actually looks decent. Now that Nanze is injured, do you think asking her to take care of Nanze will spark some feelings between them? Also, it’s not like every relationship needs love. Even if they don’t have feelings for each other, after spending a lot of time together, they will still care for each other.”

After saying so, she coughed and walked to the door.

Just as Qiao Yiyi wondered how to get away from Liang Liang and escape, the door was suddenly opened.

She turned her head immediately and saw Lu Qingtian walking towards her.

Qiao Yiyi stood up instantly and stared at her warily.

The woman had just slapped her when she hadn’t been on guard. But she would no longer allow others to touch her.

If Lu Qingtian still wanted to hit her, she would dodge it.

As she thought so, Lu Qingtian started speaking in a weird tone, “Nanze is already so sick, but here you are, bantering happily with another man. Qiao Yiyi, do you have a heart?”

Qiao Yiyi: …

Hadn’t she banned her from entering?

And bantering happily?

In what way were they bantering happily?!

Qiao Yiyi was really speechless, but she couldn’t argue at all. She lowered her head and stood rooted on the spot.

Lu Qingtian mocked Qiao Yiyi, but she kept silent. Due to her silence, Lu Qingtian felt that it was meaningless.

But when Liang Liang heard her words, he realized that what he was doing wasn’t appropriate. Thus he took a step backwards and explained, “Aunt Lu, it isn’t what you think, me and her—”

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