You Are My Unforgettable Love

Chapter 674 - Public Display of Love, Forget Chuan is Mrs. Shen (19)

Chapter 674: Public Display of Love, Forget Chuan is Mrs. Shen (19)

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Qiao Lian: …

She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at his remark.

She looked at Shen Zihao, who was now frowning deeply. He said, “Don’t look at me like that. Even though he’s my brother, I do think he’s in the wrong.”

“So far, he has not made a statement clarifying whether or not Forget Chuan is his mistress. This itself is not right! Even if he’s trying to create publicity, he shouldn’t do it through such scandals.”

He snorted and muttered, “All these underhanded means.”

Qiao Lian admitted defeat and truly bowed to this guy’s IQ.

She cleared her throat and said, “Well, isn’t there a press conference today? I’ll be going.”

Upon hearing this, he frowned and said after a moment, “Since I have time today, I’ll go with you.”

Qiao Lian raised an eyebrow in surprise. “Why would you want to go?”

“To see what that Forget Chuan looks like. To see what sort of vixen has such a hold on my brother!”

Then he looked at Qiao Lian with a haughty but tender expression. “Don’t overthink it. It’s just that I’m afraid you might get bullied.”

Qiao Lian: …

That gesture revealed a side of Shen Zihao that he had always attempted to hide and she found it extremely adorable.

And now she had discovered it.

Although outwardly he seemed like an awkward person and was unaffectionate towards Xia Yehua, in reality he was an extremely accommodating person.

He would not allow his friends and family to be attacked or taken advantage of by others.

Thus, a wave of warmth came over her as she realized that Shen Zihao was not as hopeless of a person as she had first thought.

She nodded and said to him, “Fine, let’s go together then.”

On their way to the conference, in the car.

Since she had some free time, Qiao Lian picked up her cell phone and went into Weibo.

She had been meaning to log in and have a look for the last two days, but she hadn’t had a chance because of how busy she had been with Shen Zihao’s and Xia Nuannuan’s marriage.

When she logged in, she saw that after a few days of brewing, the amount of flaming and caustic remarks that she had received had shot through the roof. This matter had gone beyond red hot.

Many of these people demanded an explanation from her.

Reading through the comments, Qiao Lian felt no anger and could only find Shen Liangchuan’s fans quite adorable.

They berated her for using him to gain attention, but did not say a single nasty word to him.

They were sure that it was all fake news.

Their Best Actor Shen would never cheat!

As she read the comments, she couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

After thinking for a brief time, she went into Weibo and, unable to control her own mischief, posted a message:

[Forget Chuan: It seems like I’ve become your mistress? @Shen Liangchuan]

The moment the post was released, it immediately caused a pandemonium on the Internet.

Very quickly, the post was shared and circulated around. Many celebrities spoke up and chided her for being arrogant.

Qiao Lian looked at the flurry of posts and bit her lip.

As she was doing so, she heard Shen Zichuan, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, exclaim with fury, “Damn! Forget Chuan is really too arrogant!”

He turned around to look at Qiao Lian in the back seat and asked her, “Have you seen Weibo? Forget Chuan is actually going over the board!”

“Do you have a Weibo account? Here, pass me your cell phone, I’ll help you respond to her!”

Qiao Lian: …

She grimaced. As a joke, she shook her head and said, “No, I don’t have one.”

Shen Zihao berated her with frustration, “How could you not even have a Weibo account?”

He picked up his cell phone and started to dial Shen Liangchuan’s number, “I’ll call him and ask him what this is all about! He has to respond to this immediately.”

However, before he could even make the call, he froze as Shen Liangchuan had now just posted a response on Weibo.

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